Index of PR lists

By tags

Probably easy to handle
PR contains a patch (not comprehensive)
Probably ready to close
Documentation issues needing writerly/editorial attention
All stuck PRs
All suspended PRs
Pullups needed, but not yet filed
Only applicable to 5.x
Only applicable to 6.x
Important old PRs we would like to finally get fixed
Other old PRs we would like to finally get fixed
Critical problems for 7.0
Important problems it would be good to fix in 7.0
Other stuff to consider for 7.0

By topic/classification

Kernel issues
General kernel (non-driver) issues
Compatibility and binary emulation
File and file system (non-driver) issues
Network and protocol (non-driver) issues
Driver frameworks
Low level and MD stuff
Device drivers
Storage drivers
Network drivers
Audio drivers
Miscellaneous/other drivers
Unsorted drivers
Userlevel libs
Userlevel bins
Miscellaneous and unclassifiable
Build issues
Installer issues
pkgsrc bugs
Documentation and web pages/htdocs issues
Newish and unfiled

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