Documentation issues needing writerly/editorial attention

20108 kern KERN_LWP sysctl documentation missing
38979 kern Document syscalls of src/sys/kern/sys_sched.c
39327 kern incoherent socket man pages
46240 ddb options(4) and/or ddb(4) should mention ddb_vgapost
45277 vfs vfsops(9) and internals guide miss several functions; XXX cleared for internals guide
45711 vfs integrity properties of file systems are badly documented
46730 nilfs Improve mount_nilfs.8 (-current, netbsd-6)
32844 unix(4) unix domain sockets documentation is incomplete (and see 38993)
22522 net connect(2) may fail with EINVAL
46447 net No documentation for kernel sockets - socreate sobind soclose etc.
47457 net link address related ioctls are undocumented
38078 ipf IPFilter lacks documentation almost completely
43348 autoconf driver(9) man page has strange examples
44759 autoconf CFATTACH_DECL* macros should be better documented
44761 autoconf More autoconf(9) functions should be documented
6536 wscons/doc wsconsctl metaesc setting is undocumented
46883 wscons wsdisplay(4) documentation needs improvements
32830 sd(4) sd(4) contains incorrect & incomplete information
43706 ral(4) ral(4) man page error for mediaopt syntax, Ad-Hoc or IBSS operation
47170 wskbd(4) wskbd(4) should document what's read(2) from the device
45480 apc(4) apc(4) is not documented
45445 cxgb(4) cxgb(4) is undocumented
42596 libc getopt_long(3) manual does not mention + and - leading character in optstring parameter
47384 libc Document return value of realloc(3) when the size parameter is zero
48183 libc Example in man write(2) causes endless loop
8282 make PSD for make not in sync with program and manpage
36243 cgdconfig cgdconfig manual page correction: document -n flag; add -V to -g case; omit -n in -g case
14578 sh(1) sh(1) doesn't explain emacs editing mode
40554 sh(1) >& -operator incorrectly documented in sh(1) man page
46142 cpio(1) The cpio(1), pax(1) and tar(1) manpages need improvement
45446 cvs(1) cvs init command is not documented
44173 dump(8) dump(8) format is not documented
47559 fold(1) Unknown standard abbreviation `-p1003.1-2008' in fold(1)
47554 last(1) NetBSD-6 wtmp format change was not adequately documented
47726 patch(1) The patch(1) man page could use improvements, especially regarding its backup methods
46067 savecore(8) savecore man page fails to document kernel fakery
47675 top(1) top(1) man page missing information
39428 wpa_supplicant wpa_supplicant.conf(5) describes `ap_scan' option vaguely
12769 install clarify the upgrade notes for when the sets are on /usr
48671 docs Add description how to convert from tsleep(9)/wakeup(9) to condvar(9)
46012 www particularly unhelpful documentation
44127 . bus_space_mmap(9) "int prot" is not documented
41820 . pppd man page and ip-up and DNS
42284 . dlfcn(3) doesn't document dlinfo
42929 . Add quickstart guide to the documentation for newbies
43583 . cpuctl(8) man page miss intr/nointr commands documentation
43926 . lwres(3) and lwresd(8) refer to resolver(5) which does not exist
45186 . install quirk documentation
45418 . There's no ntp.conf manpage in NetBSD 5.1
47157 . No Howto for Xen/NetBSD 6.0
47205 . expand.1 man page enhancements
48471 . Minor enhancements to the hier.7 man page
48741 . Patch to improve BUILDING documentation

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015