Unsorted drivers

33779 [?] system freezes permanently on hpcarm with 2gb kingston CF
33843 [?] Patches and documentation on how to use the Kyocera EVDO card under NetBSD-3.0
34105 [?] NetBSD 3.0.1 kernel goes back on mousescroll quirk required for Apple's Mighty Mouse
34450 [?] PowerNow on an HP Pavilion ze4500 doesn't work.
35074 [?] IPSELSRC doesn't work with xvif
35551 [?] bt3c support broken on hpcarm
36248 [?] ADM5120 kernel trap when writing to serial device.
36363 [?] Can't mount Flash disk device - system block
36628 [?] cdhdtape image panics with memory management trap on Jensen
36666 [?] (dM) dev/hpc/hpcfb.c space optimization code incorrectly clears areas sometimes
36873 [?] boot takes a long time when there are offline "disks"
37198 [?] NetBSD has limited hardware support for IBM x3755
37248 [?] Key Press During Boot Disables Keyboard
37249 [?] Prism HOSTAP will not do WEP on mini-PCI card (ISL3874)
38285 [?] EP9315 raster engine driver plus critical fix for running on rev. E Armadillo-9 boards.
45445 cxgb(4) cxgb(4) is undocumented
19025 sm(4)? 3COM 3CXM756 (XJack modem) doesn't work

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