Network and protocol (non-driver) issues

AF_UNIX sockets
32844 unix(4) unix domain sockets documentation is incomplete (and see 38993)
39108 unix(4) Proposal for unix(4) LOCAL_PROC/SCM_PROC
Network stack
4360 net specific IP address UDP ports don't get broadcasts
4785 net directed bcasts sysctl bikeshedding
5992 net sysloging of "arp info overwritten" needs a throttle
7285 net Ethernet drivers return ENOBUFS for I/F queue full error
7302 net cannot set multicast interface addr. of p2p interface
7586 net denial of service from mbuf exhaustion.
9137 net udp and spec issues
9444 net netbsd doesn't send gratuitious arps when an interface comes up
9548 net disallow interfaces with all 1's mac address
9818 net Router Alert RFC2113 has not been implemented.
9929 net pcap_lookupdev picks up interfaces that are not attached to BPF
10286 net list of network protocols not CMSG_*() correctly
10314 netatalk netatalk forces inclusion of if_arp.c
10319 net NFS_BOOTDHCP fails if DHCP relay honors IP TTL
11288 net NetBSD's IP stack leaks information in the ip_id
12448 net MSG_OOB state not cleared after reception
12608 net Need to F_SETOWN a socket before O_ASYNC works
13385 net Network stack assumes aligned payload from devices
13905 net Our ESP "NULL" cipher doesn't interoperate with the one in Win2K even in configurations where DES and 3DES do.
15360 net NetBSD emits erroneous IPv6 neighbor solicitation packet.
17367 net Activating 'tcp.cwm=1' can dramatically decrease network performance
17421 net local TCP connection hang
17616 net accept on a tcp socket loses options
18102 net Network i/f does not receive VLAN-tagged packet w/ VLAN id 0.
20426 net accesses to ifindex2ifnet array has to be protected
20461 net Incorrect handling of MSS with RFC 1323 timestamp option
21633 net changing IP address on interface does not flush routing table
22522 net connect(2) may fail with EINVAL
23221 net Multicast packets sent to inappropriate sockets (patch)
26562 net mbuf leakage
25096 net kernels with options DIAGNOSTIC can't use rarp to boot with some network drivers
26939 net some network drivers don't generate an RTM_IFINFO route(4) message when link-detect changes
28362 net need proper error recovery path for network drivers getting EAGAIN for DMA maps
28976 net pool ipqepl: putting with none out, panic: pool_put, in tcp_reass() (netbsd-1-6)
29126 net tcpdump leads to packet loss
29199 net msghdr parsing incorrect in kernel for v6 options
29282 net TCP connections should fail on soft error (ICMP)
29476 net Kernel panic: m_copydata
30057 net FAST_IPSEC, large MTU, and strict alignment don't get along
31827 net ieee802.11: station won't associate with access-point
34686 net IPv6 neighbour discovery going wrong
34748 net our tcp stack can enter fast recovery due to DSACKs
35168 net probable double free panic in net80211
35196 net sockets should die if addresses vanish
35224 net daemons freeze in mclpl condition after lot of net traffic from netbsd-2 through netbsd-3
35448 net memory management fault trap during heavy network I/O
35962 net sokcet leak when socket on the pend queue (so_q) rcv'd a RST
36337 net a memory leak in nd6.c and nd6_nbr.c
36390 net struct ifreq has sockaddr, but ifreq ioctls use sockaddr_dl
37429 net More than one network restart with ifconfig.if and INET6 doesn't act right.
37548 net WPA link go down when opening connection to some hosts
38245 net system lock up with pf.o module on amd64 (might be old amd64 lkm issues)
38485 net possible kernel-level optimization for bind
38631 net panic: free: addr %p not within kmem_map
38905 net Soekris net4501 running NetBSD 4.0_STABLE crashes
38992 net kernel requires incorrect alignment for cmsghdr cmsg_len field
39018 net ipsec code doesn't handle specific icmp codes (semi-stuck really - needs testing before pullups)
39038 net missing backward compaatibility in pf(4)
39084 net carp preempt does not failover other interfaces when one fails.
39417 net Crash with hostapd and EAP
39429 net improve IEEE 802.11 documentation
39520 net IPNAT fails to consistently handle FTP sessions
39572 net ARP resolution fails when MSG_DONTROUTE flag is set
39794 net panic (in4_cksum: bad mbuf chain) when using ftp
39854 net tcp_new_iss1 is used for both ipv4 and ipv6
39880 net ioctl with SIOCGIFFLAGS fails on -current (in GNUstep gdomap)
39919 net no access to ipip_allow kernel variable via sysctl
40174 net ndp: deleting non-exsistent entry may delete cloning route
40661 net kernel: page fault trap by IPV6_PKTINFO
41005 net kernel failed to select correct outgoing address for Multicast packets
41075 net options IPSEC+IPSEC_ESP broken
41088 net xen3 domu kernel panic (probably related to ipsec)
41169 net RC3 page faults every few hours
41177 net sppp only ever sends one PAP retry
41286 net netbsd5-rc4 crash caused by pim6sd
41304 net ipsec + ipnat don't work in some cases
41378 net ifa_addr == NULL causes panic in ip_input
41472 net IPv6 Path MTU Discovery doesn't work in rare case.
41588 net panic: m_copym: m == 0, off 904
41912 net Kernel panic when adding and activating a link-layer (MAC) address if interface is not down.
41974 net panic in cpu_in_cksum
42089 net NetBSD 5.0.1 panics in tcp6_input -> tcp_input -> m_freem
42187 net rtadvd + vlan(4) + /etc/rc.d/network restart triggers assertion
42248 net in_cksum: out of data
42331 net ICMP6 causes crash (supervisor page fault)
42547 net cannot establish connections after setting net.inet.tcp.recvspace sysctl to 256K
43071 net IPSec doesn't work with link-local addresses
43100 net 'pr->ndpr_refcnt' should be inclemented in in6_ifattach_linklocal()@sys/netinet6/in6_ifattach.c
43137 net should be pass 'rt->rt_gateway' and 'rt->rt_flags' to 'rtrequest(RTM_DELETE, ...)', which is in nd6_free() @sys/netinet6/nd6.c
43462 net tcpdrop(8) causes kernel panic
43510 net kernel reply TCP-RST for bad checksum TCP-SYN packet
43708 net multicast binding issues
43840 net panic: kassert "so->so_head == NULL" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/kern/uipc_socket.c", line 703
43893 net Under moderate squid + dansguardian use, machines frequently lock up (only responding to DDB)
44403 net TUN_PREPADDR works only with AF_INET
44423 net ALTQ uses own option for IPSEC - should use IPSEC and/or FAST_IPSEC
44424 net IP_IPSEC_POLICY is set-option only - get-option not active
44463 net FAST_IPSEC may send icmp-error message for expanded IPCOMP-tunnel packets
44473 net (FAST-)IPSEC processing comsumes too much CPU in interrupt processing
44506 net ieee80211_match_bss matches all different SSIDs of the identical length
44508 net (dM) ICMP_UNREACH_NEEDFRAG uses wrong mtu
44536 net struct syn_cache is too big
44697 net tcp_output maxburst seems broken with tso
44843 net IPSEC in kernel make IPPROTO_ESP and IPPROTO_AH unusable
44943 net 2002::/16 (6to4) addresses are preferred over native IPv6 transport
45251 net Kernel panic on nfs server
45910 net setsockopt/MRT6_ADD_MIF
46304 net TCP can incorrectly update the advertised window (tp->snd_wnd)
46305 net RFC6056 implementation looks incorrect
46447 net No documentation for kernel sockets - socreate sobind soclose etc.
46528 net kernel diagnostic assertion "rt != rt->rt_gwroute" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/net/route.c", line 860
46602 net rfc6056 sysctl names are odd
47100 net IPv6 temporary addresses are broken (RFC 4941/RFC 3041)
47457 net link address related ioctls are undocumented
47749 net NetBSD 6.0 Only Replies to First ICMP Echo (ping)
47912 net nd6_storelladdr: sdl_alen == 0
48231 net no "esp.h" headerfile in /usr/include anymore in 6.1
48390 net wifi signal strength always reported as zero
48452 net tcp_input() doesn't always verify tcp checksum
48733 net deadlock in if_output() with interrupt on KERNEL_LOCK
48812 npf npftest cannot be built without optimisation
21209 ipf ipfilter should see ipsec packets after decryption, not before
25810 ipf ipf4 ftp proxy has problems with long 221- lines
26265 ipf ipmon fails to start with ioctl(FIONREAD) Operation not supported, when started before dns is available
26773 ipf ipf assumes mbufs are always writable
27084 ipf ipsec_proxy functionality was broken by other IP changes
27164 ipf ipfilter 'keep state' blocking legal connections
29268 ipf ipfilter should be allowed to specify additional flags.
29531 ipf Active FTP support with NAT causes panic
34588 ipf ip filter does not allow traffic to hosts at the base address of a subnet
35525 ipf panics with ipnat and isakmp proxy
38078 ipf IPFilter lacks documentation almost completely
38390 ipf "keep state" rules block matching packets that belong to an existing state
38457 ipf ipf doesn't handle IPv6 fragments
39274 ipf ipfilter loses state of FTP mget transfer sessions
40382 ipf ipfilter NAT misidentifies packets as FTP
40443 ipf panic in ftp proxy in ipfilter
41887 ipf wrong mode selected in ipf program for hash-entries
43484 ipf wrong length in "larger" icmp packets when IPF enabled
44070 ipf ipf outgoing NAT can panic with divide by zero
45929 ipf ipnat does not remove rules with -r
46436 ipf ipfilter ipv6 route-to issue
47665 ipf IPF only works by chance on some archs
47850 ipf ipfstat does not list all the rules anymore
47859 ipf ipfs support in 6.1 is broken -- causes kernel panics
48109 ipf ipf: mixed directions in same group rules may cause panic
48674 ipf ipfilter send TCP-reset packets for non-TCP packets with return-rst
48920 ipf ipfilter: source routing does not work with NAT
48956 ipf ipv6-icmp ipfilter keep state issue
29839 pf kernel panic (with the help of pf) on diskless sun4m
33194 pf Packet Filter support breaks kernel compilation (with altq)
35247 pf pf drops packets on connections with high window scaling
43541 pf Unaligned access in pf_normalize_tcpopt()
44059 pf panic in pf_modulate_sack after receipt of an TCP segment specifying invalid options
44211 pf Problem with pf (kernel freezes)
44511 pf cleanup in pf_osfp.c .
45846 pf pf(4) re-directs broken
46982 pf system crashes with PF
47001 pf pf + IPv6 forwarding broken
48377 pf pf "synproxy state" hangs connections to local services
48789 pf Sudden reboot; apparent crash in pf
48790 pf pf sometimes blocks incoming udp

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