Userlevel libs
16983 ld.elf_so is lame about how it handles program sections
18294 make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on powerpc
18295 make ld.elf_so handle unaligned relocs on sh3
21748 ld.elf_so crashes when running tcl-expect on vax
32946 Unifying managment via environment variables and bonus debug levels
39959 ld.elf_so doesn't work with old perl
40220 LD_PRELOAD with dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "stat") recursion
42420 $ORIGIN undefined on NetBSD
47509 ld.elf_so does not expand variables (such as $PLATFORM) in LD_PRELOAD
7493 libc strptime(3) does not implement %U and %W
7933 libc,kern brk/sbrk user<->kernel interface is weird
7934 libc/doc misc. problems remaining in brk/sbrk main page
7937 libc/doc malloc/sbrk interaction poorly documented
10279 libc Large File Summit API is not supported under NetBSD
10466 libc getpass() without a /dev/tty
10582 libc namespace pollution in Alpha profiled libc (symbol "mcount")
10803 libc,gcc NetBSD does not provide a C99 conformant environment
10955 libc xtos patch for getpass(3) (signals)
11546 libc setlocale(LC_ALL, "fi_FI") does not have any effect
12049 libc make regress failure in lib/libc/ieeefp/except
14628 libc getnetgrent(3) fails on null netgroup entry
15802 libc libc encodes/decodes wrong rpc packet of RPCBPROC_GETSTAT.
16651 libc fts(3), as used in base system, breaks on directories that do not contain `..' entry (see 14470)
18521 libc printf(3) does not support the ' flag character
20931 libc patch to fix NIS support in getusershell(3)
21659 libc Estonian translation of libc messages
22525 libc rpc library/NIS code does not handle fd > FD_SETSIZE
27222 libc mislay dlerror status in nsdispatch.c cause error check in some application to fail +FIX
29937 libc Second argument of humanize_number(3) shouldn't change function behaviour.
31113 libc want malloc option like 'A' but allow out-of-memory
33125 libc POSIX, const char parameters for telldir and iconv
33295 libc ieeefp/except regression test fails on soft-float userlands
34506 libc libc.a missing some -msoft-float routines (__floatsisf, __fixsfsi, __gtdf2)
34842 libc rpc_control(3) is undocumented
36214 libc NetBSD strptime doesn't support "%Z" and "%z" format modifiers
36528 libc strptime(3) doesn't fill in the 'tm' structure fields correctly
36914 libc printf(3) doesn't support %ls
37170 libc deadlock between atexit and jemalloc
37734 libc inappropriate tests against _XOPEN_SOURCE in some #include files
38014 libc bswapXX() is now exposed
38290 libc IXANY Incorrect Feature Test Macro (IEEE Std 1003.1)
38677 libc memory leak in getnetnamadr.c
38767 libc make src/lib/csu WARNS=4 pass
38883 libc Replace the algorithm used by random (3) by the Mersenne Twister (mertwist.c)
39347 libc *wscanf bug
39389 libc crypt(3) has a little buffer overrun
39422 libc missing guards for wcslcat(), wcslcpy(), wcswidth() & wcwidth()
40387 libc Serious bug in regular expression library (regex) affected sed
40723 libc alphasort incompatibility after 64bit ino_t change
40728 libc expanding NIS-Netgroups for users and groups is very slow
41039 libc ISO 14652 LC_TIME extensions
41837 libc tempnam(3) doesn't return at least {TMP_MAX} unique file paths
42405 libc libc: getaddrinfo() should perform T_A lookups before T_AAAA lookups
42466 libc vsnprintf_ss() causes infinite loop
42469 libc recursive acquirement of __environ_lock
42596 libc getopt_long(3) manual does not mention + and - leading character in optstring parameter
42879 libc rewinddir(3) doesn't reset the stream
43222 libc alphasort(3) confusion
43899 libc setenv(3)/unsetenv(3) memory leak
44514 libc Buffer underflow in RPC library for non-blocking TCP sockets
44549 libc apache1 crashes with segmentation fault cause of changes in libc between 2010-30-11 and 2011-05-02
44777 libc NetBSD lacks AI_ADDRCONFIG and others
44915 libc getaddrinfo() error code usage
44921 libc <errno.h> needs updating
44977 libc strnvis(3) incompatibility
45288 libc tsearch()/tfind()/tdelete() shall accept key=NULL
45587 libc rewind(3) errno lossage
45994 libc ld(1) warnings when building profiling binaries (also see 47104)
47293 libc innetgr(3) failed to match correctly
47384 libc Document return value of realloc(3) when the size parameter is zero
47428 libc malloc locking is trouble with threads anad fork
47545 libc librt + static libc triggers linker warning
47757 libc mktemp(3) mangles the pathname if not given an absolute path
47929 libc macro CIRCLEQ_REPLACE in queue.h is incorrect
48039 libc <err.h> brings in <stdarg.h>
48145 libc newlocale problems
48183 libc Example in man write(2) causes endless loop
48379 libc resolv.conf symlink changes not picked up by resolver
48397 libc Use rfc2152 for citrus_utf7.c
48475 libc "options edns0" in /etc/resolv.conf (or RES_OPTIONS=edns0) is broken
48497 libc realpath() does not conform to POSIX 2008
48881 libc /etc/hosts file parsing broken (since Aug 2013)
21036 pthreads libpthread/arch/arm/pthread_md.h misuses __APCS_26__
25563 pthreads pthread crash in signal handler with sigaltstack
30749 pthreads pthread_create ends in abort if stacksize limit over 4088k
32157 pthreads infinite loop calling pthread_create() hangs netbsd
34722 pthreads pthread can use unlimited amount of stack
37169 pthreads libpthread doesn't support PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
38442 pthreads pthreads lack _POSIX_THREAD_PROCESS_SHARED support
38482 pthreads C compiler can generate non-restartable code within a RAS.
39465 pthreads threads stack is not aligned properly for gcc on i386
39537 pthreads programs compiles with -pthread and -pg segfault
41645 pthreads pthread_cond_timedwait(3) doesn't timeout if NULL is given as abstime argument
42900 pthreads pthread_create(3) deadlock in pthread_atfork(3)'s handler
44756 pthreads pthread_cond_timedwait() sometimes returns error code 3 (ESRCH)
45146 pthreads sigwait() cancellation point
45435 pthreads PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX et al. missing in <limits.h>
45588 pthreads Switching many pthreads causes segv
46278 pthreads gcc -pg with pthread does not work on 6.0_BETA/i386
46581 pthreads Continuous pthread_create may fail on amd64
46661 pthreads libpthread shouldn't provide __res_state()
46985 pthreads sem_post does not validate arguments
47104 pthreads -pg -lpthread warns about xdr symbols and __findenv (also see 45994)
47105 pthreads compiling with -pg, linking with -lpthread & without -pg -> core dump
47904 pthreads Segfault in pthread_getspecific()
48407 pthreads NetBSD miss pthread_mutex_timedlock
49006 pthreads thread specific storage not always initialized to NULL
49017 pthreads vfork does not suspend all threads
20035 curses libpanel missing
23910 curses libcurses: bug in redraw()?
26176 curses curses(3) says Curses complies with X/Open Curses but it doesn't
26660 curses libcurses 'curscr' contains the wrong information
30978 curses curses library doesn't draw in bottom right cell
41123 curses Missing functions in libcurses
41257 curses curses: getyx + wmove violates least astonishment past end-of-line
41223 curses libcurses: curs_set and move do not cause refresh on getch
43909 curses getcap(3) is missing from curses(3).
44109 curses curses does not support full colour
44110 curses curses does not support all four playing card suit characters
47398 curses Cursor positioning in a curses form depends on the last refreshed window
47402 curses wresize(3) loses window colour attributes
48827 curses libcurses issue with embedded newlines
28402 termcap reset command does not work (termcap problem)
42636 termcap (dM) t_getstr potential memory overrun
47397 libform set_field_back(3) does not set background
47376 libmenu libmenu doesn't show menu_mark
47399 libmenu menu(3) positions the cursor strange when menu is larger than item array
37957 libbfd non-critical buffer overflow in libbfd
17163 libedit libedit leaks memory
30552 libedit small bug in libedit might cause abnormal program termination
30747 libedit libedit is missing remove_history()
33625 libedit allow using t_puts inside of libedit
43648 libedit libedit history wide char inconsistencies
44600 libedit libedit does not properly handle UTF-8 when glyphs are multiple Unicode characters
44601 libedit libedit does not properly handle right-to-left languages
44603 libedit editline el_gets drops many UTF-8 characters
44707 libedit libedit does not allow for non-blobking operation
44888 libedit (patch) libedit read.c: fix logic
46059 libedit libedit readline doesn't reset el_infile/el_outfile
46935 libedit editline(3) (libedit): faulty errno handling, faulty reuse of val in wrong context
46943 libedit editline(3): add EL_RESTART_READ.
47539 libedit libedit EL_PROMPT_ESC literal text does not print in sequence with cooked text
47858 libedit libedit widechar version mishandles EOF
47983 libedit libedit segfault at character decoding error (sh autocomplete)
48427 libedit libedit shouldn't require ISO 10646
48429 libedit libedit doesn't handle terminal resize events properly
48821 libedit libedit EL_SETTY doesn't work
48957 libedit Broken rl_callback_read_char() in libedit's readline emulation
36649 libkvm ps -M causes core in libkvm
40695 libm C99 violation: Macro NAN in /usr/include/math.h in not constant.
43138 libm C99/POSIX long double functions missing from math library/<math.h>
43228 libm static linking can fail on netbsd-5 due to conflicting definitions of finite() and scalbn()
43807 libm libm minor enhancements
44202 libm NetBSD lacks some c99 math functions: llroundl() and probably others
44545 libm Argument to INSERT_WORDS in nexttoward.c is wrong.
45372 libm A bug in pow(3)
45391 libm pow(3) wrong result for x = 0.0 and y < 0
46301 libm log(3) bugs with positive infinity
46319 libm fpsetmask(3) bugs
47122 libm libm missing lrintl
48751 libm lrintl() and llrintl() missing from libm
48767 libm nearbyint() and friends missing on macppc (others?)
48955 libm NetBSD is missing frexpl(3) in libm
34822 libossaudio libossaudio ignores mixer class
16518 libpcap some fixes to libpcap
41326 libpcap libpcap error message not printing useful information
41367 libpcap pcap_lookupnet() returns wrong netmask
43825 libpcap p->cc can go negative in libpcap
37055 libradius libradius: rad_create_request(3) does not clear authentic_pos
46773 librpc librpc segfaults when out of memory
17250 libskey RFC 1760 specifies that skey seed is followed by space or newline
14432 libstdc++ Torek stdio and gnu/lib/libstdc++ clear() method problem
48291 libstdc++ locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid
46899 libutil memory leak in libutil - getfsspecname()
13953 openssl crypto(3) has bad cross references
36789 openssl openssl command man-pages referenced incorrectly
41879 openssl openssl ocsp -port uses as signed short
43177 openssl OpenSSL manual pages render badly into HTML
45639 openssl STARTTLS fails sometimes with builtin OpenSSL
46878 openssl connection to some https site using openssl causes freeze
47465 openssl lack of openssl pkg-config files
47908 openssl OpenSSL SSL connection fails with unaligned access error with SHA256
30326 pam pam_krb5 doesn't set up credentials anymore.
34223 pam pam_radius fails to load with certain applications
38198 pam Problem with pam_group
38276 pam openpam treats sufficient as optional in "prelim" phase making pam_ldap fail
40599 pam MKKERBEROS=no without MKPAM=no yields a broken system
42380 pam nss_ldap + pam_ldap + sshd = hang, *unless* you type the wrong password first
46577 pam Old PAM problem with -DNO_STATIC_MODULES has come back.
47269 pam Fixes broken pam module on 5.2/6.0, i386/amd64
36494 proplib proplib/ioctl namespace problem
38732 proplib proplib has locking issues
39729 proplib prop_*_externalize* references the Apple DTD but doesn't support all element types
42462 proplib proplib should give a parse error on <real>
44090 proplib proplib has a duplicate RB-tree implementation
44094 proplib proplib has redundant locking
46723 proplib proplib: new prop_array_add_cstring{,_nocopy} util funcs
8004 zlib zlib.h typedefs "free_func" and "alloc_func", which are not uncommon names in user-supplied code, e.g. OpenSSL

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