Compatibility and binary emulation

41152 compat_native netbsd-3 inet fails with netbsd-5 kernel (kqueue issue ?)
44582 compat_native 5.1's /sbin/sysctl fails to understand time_t and bool on current kernels
38949 compat_netbsd32 under emul_netbsd32 on sparc64 some applications die with segfault
45297 compat_netbsd32 wscons ioctls are not compat_netbsd32 friendly
48968 compat_netbsd32 Man page documentation for COMPAT_NETBSD32 is out of date
15334 compat_linux/amiga COMPAT_LINUX on amiga appears to be broken.
19972 compat_linux linux emulation does not support socket(PF_PACKET)
29127 compat_linux linux emulation: netscape-4.80 stopped working
31368 compat_linux Linux compatibility raw inet protocol handling changes
35276 compat_linux linux compatible /proc cannot readlink(): breaks java
37840 compat_linux No OSS compatibility through netbsd32/linux32 emulation
38204 compat_linux Linux CDROMREADRAW ioctl is not emulated
39594 compat_linux acroread8 doesn't work in linux32 emulation
40335 compat_linux compat_linux UDP? regression in netbsd-5
43376 compat_linux linux32-compat failed to compile in kernel without SYSVSEM and SYSCSHM
48584 compat_linux Linux emulation doesn't seem to support epoll
48666 compat_linux acroread9 core dumps
41288 compat_freebsd FreeBSD emulation stop working
3711 compat_ibcs2 ibcs2 emulation lacks sysfs()
16468 compat_osf1 OSF/1 emulation lacks msg*() and friends.
25664 compat_osf1 OSF dynamically linked executables no longer work
26116 compat_osf1 netscape does not run due to unimplemented osf1 system calls
26580 compat_svr4 COMPAT_SVR4_32 depends on COMPAT_43
43833 compat_svr4 SVR4 compat support missing for amd64

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015