Only applicable to 6.x

46955 tmpfs process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize - rename bug in tmpfs ???
37353 gpt gpt migrate fails if a NetBSD disklabel partition exists
48715 umodem(4) Please support more USB modems
48310 kue(4) kue(4) cannot receive multicast packets
47757 libc mktemp(3) mangles the pathname if not given an absolute path
49006 pthreads thread specific storage not always initialized to NULL
46715 binutils Relocation in .text section in vax does not work
34796 ftp(1) ftp(1) hangs indefinitely on unresponsive servers
47311 rtadvd rtadvd(8) crashes when RA arrives on a newly created interface
32519 ypbind(8) ypbind spams syslog if it loses connectivity
48937 . Please update root.cache
49230 build If user chooses to install man pages, the installer should install /usr/bin/mandoc
49292 install Unexpected failure installing src sets from media
49371 . ipv6 routes missing netmasks

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015