PR contains a patch (not comprehensive)

29937 libc Second argument of humanize_number(3) shouldn't change function behaviour.
33625 libedit allow using t_puts inside of libedit
46546 rc(8) powerd script fails due to environment variable passed from rc
37944 gzip(1) gzip cannot preserve utimes() because it first sets chflags()
47726 patch(1) The patch(1) man page could use improvements, especially regarding its backup methods
11223 ps(1) POSIX.2: ps -G <grouplist> not supported (committable patch)
44733 test(1) (PATCH) Have test accept "==" as a synonym for "="
49001 tests use _exit instead of exit to be async safe in threaded code
49002 tests t_nice: mark signo in handler __unused
49003 tests t_once/t_sem: missing explicit #include <sys/time.h>
49004 tests t_sigqueue: mark unused variables in functions __unused and explicitly test with getpid()
49005 tests t_truncate: use /etc/motd instead of /usr/bin/fpr
49011 tests t_link: uses LINE_MAX; missing #include for limits.h
49012 tests t_dup: missing stdbool.h #include for false/true per POSIX and has a redundant static declaration for check_mode
49013 tests t_exhaust: put an explicit cap on memory for program to avoid test timeouts on systems with more RAM
45599 pkg audio/esound add bin/esddsp for NetBSD (Pidgin Festival)
34519 pkg audio/toolame: patch for big-endian platforms
44143 pkg chat/bitlbee: Add otr and libpurple
47472 pkg chat/weechat is broken with options wide-curses
42211 pkg multimedia/mplayer: faad option does not work
30837 pkg net/jigdo: add `nogui' option
34671 pkg net/net-snmp 64-bit fix and some enhancements
42267 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp: quick exit if pkg is installed already
38417 pkg/freebsd devel/libsigsegv does not build on freebsd/amd64
37920 pkg/freebsd editors/abiword doesn't build on FreeBSD
34817 pkg/freebsd emulators/suse100_base does not install on FreeBSD 6.1
38364 pkg/irix devel/gmp build patches for IRIX
36568 pkg/macos devel/glib2 linker error on MacOS X with certain linker flags
30341 pkg/solaris devel/nbitools assumes Sun C compiler on Solaris
44611 pkg/solaris multimedia/libvdpau fails to build on SunOS
34503 pkg/macos pkgsrc change to use sparseimages on MacOS X 10.3+/Darwin 7+
48479 pkg ghostscript-cidfonts doesn't switch correctly ghostscript-agpl and -gpl
47427 pkg pkgsrc pkgtools/pkg_comp fixes / enhancements (proposing update: 1.37 -> 1.38) (patch)
26673 [?] Add aes-192-cbc and aes-256-cbc support for openssl cryptodev h/w engine from OpenBSD
48537 . add FreeBSD support to tests/bin/expr/

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015