Installer issues

9900 install sysinst only uses 1 drive
9904 install sysinst sometimes doesn't store network config
13746 install sysinst does not allow remote upgrades
17348 install sysinst should set network defaults if netbooting
17593 install suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling
17792 install Install process order - network verses disk
17801 install sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount points or conflicting mount points
18161 install Installation fails in newfs with segfault/disk full
18366 install Installing 1.6 messes with things in /var
18633 install sysinst corner case builds bad system (disk misnumbering problem)
20041 install sysinst->upgrade says it has done things that it hasn't (and shouldn't)
20261 install sysinst assumes only a single installation per drive
21293 install boot partition too full, cannot install
23180 install next68k should have a RAMDISK kernel with sysinst
24004 install epsv4 default option prevents ftp from downloading files during the installation
24675 install Sysinstall: swap not configured when sets unpacked
24889 install install failed
25238 install 2.0_BETA sysinst does not show any timezones in utility menu
25245 install/alpha sysinst on alpha leaves rc_configured=NO even if "use net-config"=yes
26202 install miniroot installer can't partition or newfs a drive
28675 install installation doesn't notice read errors
28841 install sysinst core dumps on invalid extended partition (mbr)
28842 install sysinst left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing
32863 install/amiga miniroot install fails on Amiga
34649 install Danish translation of msg.mbr.da and msg.mi.da for sysinst
34676 install sysinst can't step back
36497 install Installation fails after the disk has been formatted
36552 install sysinst attempts to create a partition which ends beyond the end of disk
36559 install sysinst does not allow selection of SCSI disk to upgrade if IDE disk is available
36808 install NetBSD not installable from a second disk
37415 install sysinst should be available after installation
37433 install openpty() failed in a netboot install: sysinst unusable
38294 install sysinst upgrade installation may be improved
38419 acorn32 Sysinst terminates at "Password cipher" screen
38571 install sysinst runs "postinstall fix"
38943 install/x86 i386 floppy installation now prompts for each floppy twice
39352 install sysinst enhancement suggestion: file browser
40463 install sysinst doesn't persist boot flags to /boot.cfg
40464 install right terminal not selected after install
40500 install sysinst complains/warns that it cannot open cd9660.kmod
41105 install postfix mail not setup
43700 install NetBSD-5.1_RC3 install, suggestion to mark a partition as active fails
44264 install sysinstall creates a NetBSD slice that extends past NetBSD partition
44569 install sysinst doesn't understand dkwedges
44616 install Signed int overflow in the installer when 2TB drive is being partitioned (can be worse soon)
45798 install sysinst upgrade needs to handle X in /usr/X11R7 as well as /usr/X11R6
45972 install sysinst source sets menu seems confusing
45976 install incomplete sysinst msg translations
46226 install legacy password cipher is not updated by sysinst
46257 install sysinst complains about missing libkrb5 when setting password
46258 install sysinst doesn't work with wedges/gpt
46482 install wrong directory to pkgsrc tarball in sysinst
46512 install sysinst: cannot return from installation of binary packages
46646 install sysinst should configure fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities automatically if you choose to install pkgsrc
46647 install Menu borders in sysinst appear as characters with diacritical marks instead of graphics characters
46769 install sysinst is not clear on filesystem type change
46893 install sysinst(8) sets up an invalid disk layout
47583 install NetBSD sparc64 sysinstall partition "none" translation german
47755 install Disklabel failing to create partition in sysinst at second try
47756 install Not enough inodes to extract the pkgsrc tree with sysinst
47774 install sysinst(8) should handle ptyfs itself
47812 install sysinst source sets fetch should be moved to post-inst config menu
47842 install NetBSD will not install on 'whole disk' if there is something in the MBR it doesn't like
47966 install sysinst should be able to install debug set if it exists
48348 install Post-install config menu item "Enable installation of binary packages" works incorrectly
48365 install sysinst installs /usr/pkgsrc with invalid ownership and group
48697 install Sysinst compute illegal disk geometry and newfs is bound to fail.
Install media contents
10411 install/alpha Insufficient cd devices in /dev, and no MAKEDEV
16093 install If installing from the wi0 device the installer does not offer way to set the encryption (nwkey)
24337 install problems installing nbsd-current from a CD: /sbin/newfs_lfs is absent
32437 install hpcsh installation kernel forces terminal speed to 9600
39697 install no raidframe support in sysinst
43298 install (dM) 4.0.1 installer: partition overlap is a fatal error
43357 install initial security run output is too large
43361 install no IPv6 network installation on some boot media
46702 install port-atari sysinst networking configuration doesn't support dhcp
47962 install/vax NetBSD VAX 6.1 does not set up the RA* disks for install
48818 install put vi on install CDs
Install directions
12769 install clarify the upgrade notes for when the sets are on /usr
13532 install the HTML generated for INSTALL.html is atrocious
13533 install there should be a PDF version of the INSTALL notes
16131 install INSTALL.html doesn't give a path name for one-fs local install
32555 install Some links in INSTALL.html TOC don't work
46753 install INSTALL documents should mention how to use USB images
46307 install /usr/ pkgsrc fails due to unknown compression

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015