19684 acpi mouse attach is confusing with acpi
25208 acpi,pckbc pckbc0: unable to establish interrupt for aux slot
27027 acpi SIS 5597/5598 hangs - siside0:0:0: DMA missing interrupt
32953 acpi Repeated keystrokes under X using ACPI kernel
36727 acpi more acpi interrupt routing problems
37538 acpi The BIOS on Dell D400 laptops routes interrupts properly, but doesn't report it to the ACPI tables.
37574 acpi Turning off fan
37891 acpi Lack of interaction between ACPI power resources and pmf
38410 acpi ibm X31 goes into SUSPEND (S3) state with backlight on
39092 acpi 4.99.69 won't boot with ACPI enabled
39951 acpi amd64 won't boot SMP due to interrupt storm on int19
40067 acpi HP BL680c is unable to boot NetBSD with SMP enabled
40385 acpi acpi interrupt storm
40556 acpi NetBSD-5.0-RC1 often doesn't power off
40982 acpi lenovo T61: wakeup after suspend doesn't turn screen on
41066 acpi (ACPI) pckbc0: unable to establish interrupt for aux slot
41212 acpi NetBSD no longer suspends to disk
41213 acpi NetBSD locks up on resume from suspend
41381 acpi acpi does not work in HP6515b laptop
41584 acpi NetBSD 5.0 (Jibbed liveCD) won't boot on Compaq Presario laptop unless ACPI + SMP both disabled
41703 acpi hangs during powerdown
41882 acpi ACPI errors encountered on NetBSD 5 on an LG X110
41910 acpi interrupt routing problems with Dell 1850
41961 acpi ISA devices should not attach to acpi0
42108 acpi Old Compaq Presario: Keyboard trouble with ACPI
42112 acpi 5.x/-current ACPI hangs machines which worked under 4.x
42123 acpi Machine can't boot with ACPI enabled
42305 acpi Brightness problem
43481 acpi ACPI "buttons" on TP380Z don't work
42843 acpi High interrupt load
42956 acpi netbsd-5 with acpi gives stuttering audio and uhub: device problem, disabling port
43770 acpi sdhc not detected when acpi is enabled. also, no SMP without ACPI
43935 acpi Can't boot with acpi
44366 acpi ACPI poweroff doesn't work
44231 acpi NetBSD 5.1 amd64 don't work correctly on Intel S3200SHL with ACPI
45139 acpi bugs in ACPI(CA) serialization
45350 acpi acpi errors on dell pe1850 with -current
45628 acpi acpicpu(4) changes between 5.99.55 and 5.99.56 break amd64
46036 acpi ACPI Error: (ECPU) Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND
46870 acpi acpi support for panasonic toughbook computers.
47212 acpi Enabling ACPI causes hang on boot for HP Proliant DL580 G2
47309 acpi NetBSD 5.2 hangs at boot in a QEMU VM when ACPI is enabled.
47312 acpi ACPI crash on Thinkpad T61
47438 acpi boot hangs after acpi0 on HP dv7-3060us notebook
48165 acpi ethernet interface interrupt misconfigured(?) with ACPI
48494 acpi After ACPICA 20131218 update, uhub topology is misunderstood
Legacy APM issues
10329 apm APM_ALLOW_BOGUS_SEGMENTS doesn't map data area right if outside ISA hole
14587 apm i386 ddb apm interactions can be poor
17179 apm apm dosn't show different battery levels
24874 apm NetBSD can't suspend if it is used for a long time
33353 apm apm_thread spins forever after panic reboot
36525 apm unsupported APM device ID now causes a uvm_fault()
42236 apm cannot start apmd if kernel configured APM device as apm1

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