Important problems it would be good to fix in 7.0

46013 uvm uvm fault in printf_nolog() on MP Xen instance
45933 wapbl fsck_ffs can't find wapbl journal on 4k-block disks
49031 security(5) /etc/security tries to track /var/log/authlog
48638 gcc gcc 4.8 does not support MKREPRO
30756 gdb gdb not usable for live debugging of threaded programs
43063 misc Please delete __NetBSD_Prereq__() from <sys/param.h>
46512 install sysinst: cannot return from installation of binary packages
45734 . DIAGNOSTIC causes 3x performance drop for sequential/random creation of files, as well as stat(2) (ffs fs)
48166 . struct in_pktinfo incompatible with all other systems
48280 . IP_PKTINFO without sendmsg() support probably harmful.
48987 . Kernel crashes on using ATmega32u4 Arduino on USB

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015