USB controllers
49019 dwctwo(4) RPI: interrupt storm when url0 is up
25683 ehci(4) Hard resetting a system supporting EHCI can cause non-ehci enabled kernel to fail to detect USB devices.
26069 ehci(4) kernel panic when ehci(4) unplugged: NEC USB Host Controller
27157 ehci(4) ehci not working on ThinkPad X31
28731 ehci(4) ehci behaves oddly with some umass controllers
30757 ehci(4) ehci causes complete system lockup upon device insertion
34161 ehci(4) -current GENERIC cannot use ehci on NForce4
34711 ehci(4) ehci(4) won't talk to iPod Nano
35553 ehci(4) azalia hangs an Optiplex 745: really ehci/uhci issue
37050 ehci(4) EHCI USB port disabled if hub plugged in at boot
39093 ehci(4) usb doesn't work anymore on IBM T43p
40056 ehci(4) ATI SB700/SB800 USB ehci problem with an uhub
41570 ehci(4) HP Pavilion a430n hangs at "ubub2 at usb2: vendor 0x10de EHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00 addr 1" using NetBSD 5.0 CD
43686 ehci(4) EHCI problem: system reboots after attach/extract/attach a pendrive
44706 ehci(4) USB mouse does not attach at boot
44907 ehci(4) crash due to race in ehci.c
46596 ehci(4) ehci interrupt storm
13360 ohci(4) ohci and/or ulpt go catatonic
22646 ohci(4) Panic in ohci_add_done()
24665 ohci(4) power cycling printer wedges machine
26545 ohci(4) ohci can miss interrupts
26546 ohci(4) ohci can cancel timeouts before transfer have finished
26547 ohci(4) ohci can cancel timeouts before transfer have finished
32153 ohci/pcmcia 3.0RC3 freezes when inserting Option Globetrotter GT 3G QUAD PCMCIA Card
33454 ohci(4) The USB OHCI code is incorrectly using hccaDoneHead when WD is clear
35379 ohci(4) ohci_abort_xfer is broken and causes infinite loops
39356 ohci(4) DMA memory leak in Ohci Driver (USB)
41156 ohci(4) USB bluetooth hangs NetBSD 5.0_RC3
41285 ohci(4) ohci suspend/resume floods dmesg with 'scheduling overruns'
45407 ohci(4) extent_alloc_region panic during boot (ohci problem?)
45529 ohci(4) ohci: scheduling overruns
46334 ohci(4) ohci(4) can apparently be brought down by some USB devices
47717 ohci(4) interrupt problem when starting an Acer Labs M5237 USB ohci controller
47682 ohci(4) panic in ohci_free_std
11018 uhci(4) VIA VT83C572 UHCI USB controller does not work
13202 uhci(4) uhci does not work on MIPS
32199 uhci(4) GENERIC kernel uhci USB ports unreliable, Dell Precision 380
34855 uhci(4) Panic trying to restart apcupsd using a Prolific USB -> Serial adapter
41349 uhci(4) uhci does not resume after suspend
41400 uhci(4) uhci_poll_hub "c->c_magic == CALLOUT_MAGIC" assertion failure
47871 uhci(4) yds, uhci shared interrupt hangs system on audio access
USB client drivers
22517 aue(4) aue0 interrupt errors on Soekris Net4801 (see 25445)
25445 aue(4) USB Ethernet diagnostics are too noisy (see 22517)
41235 aue(4) aue(4) driver addition: SMC2008USB/ETH
30080 axe(4) floppy install problem with USB LinkSys Compact USB 2.0 10/100 Network Adapter (USB200M)
36924 axe(4) axe interface compatibility with Linksys USB 1000
46076 axe(4) ukphy(4) in conjunction with axe(4) doesn't work properly on 5.99.65/macppc
46118 axe(4) pppoe(4) via axe(4) triggers locking-related panic (missing kernel lock)
47245 axe(4) Add AX88772B support to axe(4), e.g. for DLINK DUB-E100 C1
47538 uatp(4) races in uatp(4)
13002 ucom(4) ucom hangs in TIOCSETAW changing baud rate
23981 ucom(4) vodafone(JP) V801 not recognized as ucom
27201 ucom(4) The "ucom" driver doesn't support PPS, most serial drivers do.
46616 ucom(4) Copy, echo, cat to /dev/ttyU0 ends badly, with "cp: /dev/ttyU0: Invalid argument"
40105 uep(4) no calibration in uep(4)
21547 ugen(4) Reading short block from ugen device can lock up USB
25960 ugen(4) ugen(4) isochronous handling correction and tx support
28360 ugen(4) usb ugen reads hang when talking to APC UPS
37934 ugen(4) Extra clfree() crashes kernel in ugenclose() for interrupt ugen devices
41754 ugen(4) Attach/detach of generic USB device causes crash
43159 ugen(4) ugen(4) isoc highbandwidth data loss
43753 ugen(4) write-timeout in ugen(4) cannot be set
40747 ugensa(4) anydata gprs modem does not work, unlike in linux and openbsd
39075 uhmodem(4) uhmodem(4) fix
42633 uhmodem(4) uhmodem: suspend/resume impossible with built-in modem
47080 uhmodem(4) E-mobile D02HW is not attached to uhmodem driver
30927 uhid(4) no way to flush input queue on uhid devices
19333 ukbd(4) On some adapters, keypresses take about 1/4 second
25905 ukbd(4) wsscons scrolling doesn't work with ukbd
34100 ukbd(4) keyboard not working on my Compaq Presario V2658US notebook
37683 ukbd(4) ukbd: new useful mappings from usb to at keycodes
41780 ukbd(4) boot -c (userconf) does not work with USB keyboard
45896 ukbd(4) usb keyboard broken in ddb
46826 ukbd(4) C-A-ESC to enter ddb with ukbd triggers uhci mutex_owned kassert
44192 ulpt(4) Kernel panic while printing with USB printer
33192 umodem(4) umodem0: Could not find data bulk in
33241 umodem(4) Nokia 6230i umodem device stopped to work in 3.0
33603 umodem(4) panic on inserting a umodem on usb hub on cardbus card
39044 umodem(4) spurious '\n' received from USB-Modems
39068 umodem(4) first character (sometimes) not transmitted by the usbmodem driver
41443 umodem(4) umodem causes panic
48237 umodem(4) NetBSD 6.1 failed to detect USB 1.x full-speed device (umodem)
48715 umodem(4) Please support more USB modems
20667 umass(4) Disk changes not noticed on USB card reader
29866 umass(4) USB camera offline when it's not
30602 umass(4) archos detects improperly, and isn't accessible in 3.0_BETA
31003 umass(4) umass(4) panic provoked by Plextor portable hard disk drive
32626 umass(4) ehci + umass + stress = umass stall cycle
35061 umass(4) Umass digital camera doesn't work. Drive offline
37369 umass(4) Unmounting mass-storage causes umount to freeze
37480 umass(4) minolta dimage a2 camera, usb umass, fails with device problem, disabling port
38618 umass(4) HP iPAQ 514 in umass mode is not usable and could panic the machine
39793 umass(4) crash on umass disconnect
40720 umass(4) USB Thumb drive dies during writing to it
41133 umass(4) Connecting an USB mass storage device locks up the kernel
41429 umass(4) uhmodem dies on umass
41717 umass(4) graceful recovery from USB disk error
41747 umass(4) Problem whith umass device
42752 umass(4) Silicon Motion, Inc. Generic USB SDHC reader umass error
42225 umass(4) can't read data from SuperTop IDE Bridge (umass)
43182 umass(4) Reboot due to system crash (probably umass)
43315 umass(4) dkctl causes illegal request with umass
44228 umass(4) Can't use 4G USB flash medium
44252 umass(4) umounting ntfs-usb-disk after timeouts crashes system
46547 umass(4) umass: sd crashes when synchronizing cache while trying to suspend
48270 umass(4) umass / ehci effectively hangs system during stresstest
48463 umass(4) umass alloctes memory from interrupt
40287 ums(4) ums doesn't support absolute axis device
44980 ums(4) ums(4): Z-axis not working for Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000(+fix)
46391 ums(4) ums.c doesn't support digitizers or touchscreens
46736 ums(4) Keyboard and/or mouse do not work with UHCI and OHCI enabled, mouse still does not work with OHCI
48441 ums(4) ums(4) flapping with recent logitech mice
40607 uvideo(4) uvideo(4) queues too many xfers to uhci / ohci
24788 uvisor(4) uvisor/ucom can hang a system
36806 uvisor(4) uvisor inaccessible, diagnostic kernel crashes
39408 uvisor(4) uvisor prevents successful suspend after usage
USB general
12812 usb Patch needed to add support for Microtech USB-SCSI-HD50 usb scsi adapter
17135 usb ES40 gets swamped by interrupts when USB is enabled
19378 usb Some multiport USB hubs aren't working anymore.
19803 usb usbd_alloc_buffer fails often
21472 usb USB device interferes with IDE device; interrupt lossage
21618 usb palm Tungsten C cradle/USB cable does not attach
22150 usb USB hotsync fails for Sony Clie T615C
22218 usb using a USB isochronous endpoint freezes kernel
23819 usb USB controller occasionally (randomly) dies.
24636 usb potential invalid memory access in usbd_transfer (not triggered in existing code)
26075 usb disklabel/fdisk takes garbage from USB floppy
26445 usb USB Hub initialization failure
26537 usb accessing usb memory stick sd0 takes minutes
26727 usb recurrent panics when usb flash stalls
28857 usb Can't get files from Kodak CX7300 digicam using USB
28992 usb usb-related kernel panic
29050 usb USB unplug makes kernel panic
29771 usb Some newer USB memory don't work
30331 usb kernel panic somethimes with USB printer
31938 usb NetBSD/alpha GENERIC kernel miss USB serial adapters
32011 usb usb HC detach race condition
32172 usb USB network drivers sleep in interrupt if stalled
32354 usb Recent patch breaks usb for some device/controller
32564 usb Support DWL-122 USB wireless NIC
32755 usb Some keys generate wrong keysyms on USB-keyboards in console
32838 usb USB 2.0 harddrive not recognized.
33057 usb NetBSD 3.0 kernel panic when switching on my USB printer
33177 usb USB devices seem to freeze the system
33341 usb Pluging in camera into USB port freezes system
34452 usb Freecom USB HDD which worked with 2.x doesn't work with 3.1_RC1, 4.0_BETA or 4.99.1
35420 usb ATI USB not working / ASUS laptop
36110 usb ulpt problem with HP Laserjet 1022nw
36276 usb ucycom causes kernel panic when accessing Delorme USB Earthmate LT-20 GPS
36676 usb USB stops responding after disconnect while active
36984 usb USB keyboard no longer works in -current
37009 usb unable to use swap partition found on USB drive
37523 usb mount_msdos gives an error when trying to mount USB drives on
37403 usb USB tape drive Illegal Requests for any use
37459 usb USB device issues on suspend/resume
37569 usb On a machine with USB keyboard only, the kernel hangs on entry for a considerable time
37736 usb Attaching USB devices stops working
38411 usb ibm X31 looses USB ports across SUSPEND (S3) state
38462 usb Sun Type-6 USB keyboard not supported
38716 usb usb discovery messages spill over /etc/rc and sysinst
38827 usb DIAGNOSTIC kernel crash with USB floppy/cdrom
39125 usb unable to install new HDD in USB enclosures
39275 usb HEAD amd64 kernel hang at uhub5 at usb5 vendor 0x1002 EHCI ...
39332 usb USB quirk UQ_ASSUME_CM_OVER_DATA is not a quirk
40030 usb USB Keyboard not recognized, intermittently works
41107 usb panic: config_attach: duplicate uhub1
41024 usb usb causes file system corruption, triggered with wapbl
42667 usb rum(4) is not detected on HP Pavilion Slimline s5210uk Desktop PC
46648 usb disconnecting usb mouse crashes system
47786 usb usb 3.0 doesn't work

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