Audio drivers

New driver:
9196 newdriver OPTi93x audio (new driver)
32651 midi(4) Drivers that busy-wait MIDI output if they don't have to
39204 pad(4) pad(4) device doesn't emit PCM data
44677 pad(4) NetBSD-5 pad(4) output always 2-channel
46545 pad(4) pad(4):Support for fullduplex playback/recording polling and nonblocking mode
46600 pad(4) Kernel panic when interrupting process reading from pad(4)
32481 audiocs(4) audiocs(4) mixer does not label inputs correctly, does not control output ports
37540 audiocs(4) audio is confused after boot
45580 audiocs(4) paths(3) test failures on sparc due to audiocs(4)
24872 auich(4) can't resume if auich(4) is used
33066 auich(4) ich5 NetBSD-i386-3.0 freeze
33118 auich(4) auich0: suffers fifo underrun
34309 auich(4) auich: lag when playing sound
39652 auich(4) auich: can't map codec i/o space
47334 auich(4) NetBSD 6 installation on ThinkPad X24 fails
35038 auixp(4) ATI IXP AC97 audio (auixp) is not working on HP nx6125 laptop.
32406 auixp(4) installing netbsd on laptop with auixp driver read_codec time out
35051 aumix(4) aumix seems to be somewhat defective
28459 autri(4) autri driver hangs for 30 seconds on close
30898 auvia(4) auvia(4) plays audiofiles to fast and distorted
37411 auvia(4) Hard reset when playing audio (1394 vs. audio?)
38096 auvia(4) Regression with auvia in 4.0 (OSS sound is choppy)
46638 auvia(4) auvia0 stalls boot on Everex laptop booting from USB
40054 awacs(4) powerbook g4/500 titanium with netbsd-5 kernel and awacs audio can no longer produce builtin speaker output
35060 azalia(4) No audio output with azalia
35961 azalia(4) azalia_mappage() is unimplemented, applications requiring mmap() access do not work, a lot of audio drop-outs or excessive latency, etc.
36389 azalia(4) azalia(4) (ALC260) output not working
36645 azalia(4) Sound loops on a VT8237A/VT8251 HDA controller
36672 azalia(4) azalia can not map 64-bit bar on 32-bit platform
36883 azalia(4) azalia device doesn't sense plugging of the headphones.
38859 azalia(4) azalia record does not work on Analog Devices AD1984
41927 azalia(4) azalia(4) fails on input/output on Vaio VGN-SZ340P
45776 btsco(4) audio freezes on when skipping audio on btsco with mplayer sun audio output
48459 btsco(4) Using btsco(4) causes kernel panic
16817 cmpci(4) SPDIF fixes for cmpci
23803 cmpci(4) audio device dies (cmpci)
21024 eap(4) eap driver consuming too much CPU
20711 emuxki(4) emuxki rear channel and tone control support
28150 emuxki(4) emuxki hangs when trying to play music
34891 emuxki(4) Volume controls do not work on SB Audigy 2 ZS
37613 esa(4) esa doesn't work after resume on Compaq Evo N600c
9751 eso(4) eso driver does not work after the resume on ThinkPad240
47451 gcscaudio(4) gcscaudio(4) reproduces samples too slowly via Sun audio(4) interface but not via ossaudio(3)
35465 guspnp(4) GUS PnP audio device's still faulty
41957 hdaudio(4) azalia crashes during boot - uvm_fault; hdaudio fails
42028 hdaudio(4) hdaudio: mplayer can't change volume
42055 hdaudio(4) hdaudio doesn't work on Dell Inspiron 6400
42110 hdaudio(4) No mute control on hdaudio(4)
42315 hdaudio(4) hdaudio: Very low volume on laptop speakers on Dell XPS M1330
42356 hdaudio(4) Analog CD input not working with hdaudio
42407 hdaudio(4) No jack sense on Pavilion dv2899ef with hdaudio(4)
43053 hdaudio(4) hdaudio doesn't work on Abit AL8-V onboard
43509 hdaudio(4) stranges hdaudio(4) mixer values and not jack sense
44484 hdaudio(4) No output with hdaudio(4) on MacBook(4,1)
44654 hdaudio(4) No sound with hdaudio(4) and hdaudioctl(8) panic (Realtek ALC260)
45778 hdaudio(4) sysbeep cannot be heard after hdaudio attaches
45862 hdaudio(4) more hdaudio/mixer failure data in -current
45918 hdaudio(4) No sound with -current hdaudio(4) on Realtek ALC892 but works with netbsd-5 azalia(4)
46114 hdaudio(4) Recording problem with hdaudio on ICH8 with 6.0 BETA
46927 hdaudio(4) audio(4) doesn't attache to HDMI hdaudio
47236 hdaudio(4) hdaudio/mixer initialization badly wrong on Thinkpad X61s
48495 hdaudio(4) no sysbeep on speakers on Panasonic Toughbook mk5 after hdaudio attach
48792 hdaudio(4) hdaudio(4) doesn't support mmap
37168 neo(4) neo0 hangs boot process
21518 sb(4) sb(4) does not work since the changes made from 1.6R -> 1.6S
16523 sb(4) make the sb driver support Avance Logic ALS007
43345 uaudio(4) uaudio(4) cannot attach Griffin iMic: NULL pointer dereference
44585 uaudio(4) uaudio panic while attaching GN 2000 USB
48394 uaudio(4) uaudio trouble setting recording parameters sample rate etc.
14065 wss(4) Record DMA not supported in the audio driver isa/wss_isa.c
15165 yds(4) yds not configured when rebooting from Win2K
39259 yds(4) yds driver is broken with the "new" pmf

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015