Pullups needed, but not yet filed

45393 kern core dumps are unilaterally prevented by unmounted cwd or MNT_NOCOREDUMP even if corename will be valid
43376 compat_linux linux32-compat failed to compile in kernel without SYSVSEM and SYSCSHM
46955 tmpfs process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize - rename bug in tmpfs ???
39904 cd(4) Unreadable CD may lead to panic (integer divide fault trap in cdstrategy)
48310 kue(4) kue(4) cannot receive multicast packets
44190 rnd(4) Kernel crash when using ioctl(RNDADDDATA) on /dev/random
39347 libc *wscanf bug
34796 ftp(1) ftp(1) hangs indefinitely on unresponsive servers
40274 newsyslog(8) newsyslog(8)'s "P" flag stops rotating log files.
47311 rtadvd rtadvd(8) crashes when RA arrives on a newly created interface
42261 sed(1) sed(1) command parser bug with long lines
40057 tcpdump(8) tcpdump(8) should document what packets are saved when using -w
48315 xserver undefined PLT symbol crashes X server on i810e
42607 pkg pkg_add hangs in ftp when there are dependencies (multiple packages)
48831 . Synaptics Touch pad (ClickPad) and Klick-by-tap-gestures do not work
48937 . Please update root.cache

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015