Documentation and web pages/htdocs issues

Miscellaneous docs
9627 docs Manual pages sometimes aren't well cross referenced.
21345 docs Many i386 device man pages are missing
29875 docs NetBSD Guide chap-net-{practice,misc} patch commit request
35466 docs more history in hier(7) would be nice
37981 docs shell builtin manpages are for csh(1) only...
38887 docs manual pages should describe basic realtime info better
36350 docs Many man pages missing on amd64
48671 docs Add description how to convert from tsleep(9)/wakeup(9) to condvar(9)
Web pages/htdocs
23407 www Hide E-Mail Addresses on mail-index and online PR database
32221 www NetBSD's web documentation is not valid HTML
35004 www Could an MI aperture driver be added to the web site's list of contrib projects?
35501 www Update request for supported hardware page (www)
39024 www Renovated lacks "overview by date" page
40398 www RSS news feeds should include content
41010 www FTP Mirror list is outdated
41802 www The add disk in the guide is bad.
42383 www Developer PGP key signing example is wrong for gpg 1.4.9
44811 www NetBSD WWW hardware support list should split out NICs by network type
46012 www particularly unhelpful documentation

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015