Userlevel bins

Broad issues
21156 bin Potential misuse of ctype functions (bc and elsewhere)
36543 bin internal username field lengths should be consistent
39546 bin Username restrictions are too short (16 characters)
rc framework
12311 rc(8) machine does not abort boot if /usr fails to mount
12752 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/ipfilter status is nonstandard
15536 rc(8) not all rc.d scripts handle 'status'
17328 rc(8) rc.local is called in alphabetical order, not at the (nearly) end of rc process
18120 rc(8) rc.d scripts should report if command is missing or not executable
21882 rc(8) rc.d/wscons and wscons.conf do not allow other devices
22289 rc(8) rc_fast_and_loose issues
25330 rc(8) new rc.d script, writecache which disables hdd write-cache
27274 rc(8) Keep RCS backups of dmesg.boot
27393 rc(8) Logging capability for rc and rc.shutdown
29657 rc(8) /etc/wscons.conf should list all available keyboard maps
30074 rc(8) proposed changes to RAIDframe related rc.d scripts
30087 rc(8) rc.d/postfix should support KEYWORD: chrootdir
30298 rc(8) isdnd: no accounting information written on '/etc/rc.d/isdnd stop'
31060 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/ntpdate and virecover have "status" commands when they shouldn't
34693 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/ enhancements (patch supplied)
35225 rc(8) there is no automation in rc.d for ftp-proxy(8)
35274 rc(8) rc script for seeding /dev/random
35530 rc(8) rc.subr: ${name}_ulimit
36232 rc(8) add backward compatibility to wscons rc.d script (patch supplied)
37352 rc(8) hostapd rc file does not include requring it to start before dhcpd
39236 rc(8) Network interface order problem: /etc/ifconfig.bridge* is started too early
39250 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/named:named_precmd() should add entries to /etc/mtree/special.local
39893 rc(8) rc.d/ntpd cannot reliably use pidfiles
40418 rc(8) should have a way to configure processor sets at boot
40707 rc(8) ntpdate starts later then ntp
40988 rc(8) ippool.conf is not loaded by the ipfilter rc.d script
41224 rc(8) a number of pseudodependencies in /etc/rc.d are not CAPITALIZED
41231 rc(8) rc scripts don't kill daemons
41594 rC(8) record rc messages
42300 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/syslogd assumes file names always match a variable in the file instead of reading the variable
42642 rc(8) /etc/rc.subr fails to recognize daemons started with #!/usr/bin/env
43173 rc(8) rc.d/ipsec has bad dependencies
43313 rc(8) /etc/rc.d/mountall should REQUIRE mdnsd
43905 rc(8) fsck_root fails spectaculary trying to check a clean FS on a read-only block device
44270 rc(8) startup order for ntpdate and named is broken in 5.1
45679 rc(8) aggravating behavior of rc scripts
46546 rc(8) powerd script fails due to environment variable passed from rc
47899 rc(8) xen block script does not create vnd devices when needed.
48702 rc(8) early entropy does not get loaded
Periodic scripts
14825 daily(5) setting of rebuild_locatedb=YES in daily.conf does not do anything
20272 daily(5) No daily checks for disk quotas
23389 daily(5) /etc/daily needs lockfile
29173 security(5) nightly find for world-writable material
40977 security(5) /var/backups/work/device.current is overly sensitive to ls(1) columnar alignment
49031 security(5) /etc/security tries to track /var/log/authlog
37376 periodic /etc/{daily,weekly,monthly} attempt to "dot in" {}.local
37399 periodic useless mail from crontab scripts
33052 binutils ld rejects "-Tdata"
40401 binutils ld --gc-sections should not discard .note.netbsd.ident
46715 binutils Relocation in .text section in vax does not work
48329 binutils objdump broken on arm
48637 clang clang does not support MKREPRO
29211 config(1) Old partition name limits on kernel "config" directive
31063 config(1) config should check conflicts and dependences
32714 config(1) config(1)(9) doesn't know about prerequisites
38280 config(1) config(1) should emit devsw.h for devsw declarations in devsw.c
36444 flex(1) flex generates bad C++ code
22515 gcc lint (actually, cpp) cares too much about comments
28368 gcc re-add/reimplement -Wnetbsd-format-audit
33178 gcc/m68k Compiler error w/ -O2 building x11/gtk2 pixops.c on m68k archs
34527 gcc Crosscompiling userland with MKSOFTFLOAT requires GCC --nfp configure
34553 gcc gcc -msoft-float with long double doesn't duplicate hard-float
36164 gcc G++ 4.1.2 internal segfault (ICE)
39153 gcc/arm gcc can't generate code for arm thumb instruction set
39205 gcc gcc-4.1.2 shifting a boolean may cause bad sign extension
40468 gcc/powerpc Optimizer bug suspected -- porting devel/libffi to NetBSD/powerpc
40694 gcc gcc tail-call vs. volatile bug
41220 gcc gfortran is not in the compiler set
43337 gcc/vax gcc ICE with optimization on vax
43381 gcc gcc allows duplicate member names in anonymous unions
44057 gcc tanh() function doesn't preserve the zero sign
44084 gcc/vax gcc internal compiler error (vax gcc 4.1)
44155 gcc/vax GCC doesn't implement C++ exceptions for VAX
45439 gcc/m68k gcc generates out-of-range branch insn for m68k
45573 gcc/sparc64 internal compiler error when building f2c on sparc64
46033 gcc/vax vax gcc miscompiles tcl config test (but not when crosscompiling)
46385 gcc/sparc64 gcc internal error compiling boost-libs on sparc64
46978 gcc internal compiler error building qt4-libs
47051 gcc/amd64 gcc-4.5.4 breaks opencv on amd64
47301 gcc/vax Miscompilation by bundled GCC (gcc41 on vax)
47417 gcc/vax compiling print/web2c (web2c-2012nb3) crashes gcc on NetBSD-6.0.1 vax
47798 gcc/arm gcc -fipa-sra generates broken binaries on arm-netbsdelf
48501 gcc/sparc64 sparc64 GCC 4.5.3 gets stuck compiling "libvpx" package
48603 gcc/i386 gcc internal error while building emulators/qemu0
48638 gcc gcc 4.8 does not support MKREPRO
48696 gcc/mips gcc crashes on loongson when optimizing
48712 gcc BUGURL for gcc is incorrect
48731 gcc internal compiler error (wip/gambatte; g++/bits/basic_string.tcc)
4590 gdb/mips mips gdb can't do stack traces on stripped binaries
8156 gdb/arm32 step/next in gdb do not work on arm32
9678 gdb/mac68k gdb fails to debug kernel core dump on mac68k
16284 gdb running function in stoped gdb causes signal 93
16799 gdb/m68k gdb can't set breakpoint on remote m68k target
23364 gdb "(gdb) info auxv" doesn't work
24098 gdb/alpha GDB can't backtrace through Alpha kernel traps, despite intent
24218 gdb/alpha gdb stack trace doesn't work always on alpha
29597 gdb gdb EOF-handling bugs
30756 gdb gdb not usable for live debugging of threaded programs
34778 gdb gdb6 doesn't work on OpenBlockS266
35597 gdb cross-gdb does not grok NetBSD target kcore/kvm
37061 gdb threaded program stopped in debugger cannot be continued
38185 gdb gdb does not step properly.
40197 gdb gdb set osabi command can't specify NetBSD ELF
40298 gdb NetBSD/alpha can't reboot from gdb
40300 gdb 'target kvm' doesn't work on alpha
40647 gdb (dM) gdb breaks under a non-readable directory
42372 gdb gdb dumps core on line edit
45309 gdb gdb doens't understand native format (N32) on mips64
48250 gdb gdb confused by -pie executables
48743 gdb gdb: quitting after attaching to process doesn't work
5370 make Make adds dependencies from implicit rules even when there is an explicit rule
8282 make PSD for make not in sync with program and manpage
14615 make make with MAKEOBJDIR set behaves strange on sub-makes
14980 make .WAIT logic has no dependency handling
15122 make make is slow; also the recursive find-myself search
15163 make make(1) looks for angle-bracket include files in unsuspected places
15164 make sub-optimal handling of .PHONY targets in make(1)
15167 make make(1) needlessly tries to resolve dependencies on system object files.
15178 make make(1) looks for `.include' files in wrong places
15179 make make(1) no longer uses its file caches effectively
15263 make make(1) is willing to pick up .depend from too many locations
15264 make make(1): inconsistencies involving MAKEFLAGS inheritence.
20993 make .USE rules don't mix with .SUFFIXES
22868 make .MADE doesn't work with suffix rules
23821 make make's chdir to ./obj is undocumented
34934 make make sometimes fails to handle multiple targets on the left correctly
36128 make CRLF handling for make
41700 make :tr modifier for NetBSD make (PATCH)
41804 make deeply nested bmake wastes too many lines on error
42465 make bmake doesn't check for unclosed curly brace in ${VARNAME
43132 make make(1) improper variable expansion
43502 make make failes to stip suffix if target is phony
43534 make make does not set $* for PHONY targets
43669 make another problem parsing conditionals in make
43821 make make: oldstanding bug with loop variables
45027 make make: yacc/mkdep build race
45226 make add make(1) option to reverse/randomize sequences between .WAIT
45356 make make .SILENT doesn't work with "-j"
45620 make the '-' prefix is too promiscuous in make -j mode
46115 make make: bug in :M (dash inside brackets)
46139 make irregularities in backslash handling in make
46750 make make oddity expanding variables assigned to with +=
47458 make make stale .depend message should include the path of the depend file
47524 make make(1) loops in Job_CatchOutput()
47888 make make(1) mishandles empty() inside loops
48856 make make dumps core on invalid assignment
48907 make make issues fatal errors as warnings
25467 objcopy objcopy fails to hand link_set sections correctly
41208 objcopy objcopy -S -O binary aborts w/ BFD internal error
FS management bins
21123 newfs UFS2 newfs(8) mismatch with disklabel(5)
26637 newfs newfs reads/writes blocks smaller than the sector size
32102 newfs newfs -O 0 does not respect the 4.2BSD inode format for uid and gid
36613 newfs newfs: wrong value used for loop max when initializing the first 2 blocks of inodes
41439 newfs(8) (dM) mildly extreme newfs arguments produce cryptic failure
41652 newfs(8) newfs neither respects nor updates the block and frag sizes in disklabel
37417 newfs_msdos newfs_msdos is terribly slow when writing to an external disk
40526 newfs_udf following newfs_udf example causes a kernel panic
40557 newfs_udf newfs_udf often fails transiently with EIO
48391 fsck(8) fsck -T option handling
28559 fsck_ext2fs fsck_ext2fs disagrees with Linux (fc2) fsck
28722 fsck_ext2fs fsck_ext2fs dies with "bad inode number 0 to ginode"
42322 fsck_ext2fs ext2fs support incomplete enough for a core dump or two
45072 fsck_ext2fs fsck_ext2fs dosn't work well with ext2fs's without alternate superblocks
47681 fsck_ext2fs Suspect code in fsck_ext2fs
40636 fsck_ffs fsck_ffs doesn't remove truncated symlinks
41126 fsck_ffs fsck_ffs does not check for Cylinder Magic and gets confused
38182 fsck_msdos fsck_msdos requires too many resources
44205 resize_ffs resize_ffs does not handle UFS2 file systems
44204 resize_ffs resize_ffs(8) problems shrinking 64K blocksize ffsv1 < 1cyl
Device config/control bins
39041 bioctl(8) Pull-up of bioctl(8) support for Areca ARC-1220 from -current to 4.0
26835 cgdconfig cgd.conf handled incorrectly in case cgd on cgd
28624 cgdconfig cgdconfig with no keygen entry fails silently
28627 cgdconfig cgdconfig -g is unreliable
34236 cgdconfig(8) some problems with CGD-device creation similar on "race condition" problem
35547 cgdconfig add timeout to cgdconfig
36243 cgdconfig cgdconfig manual page correction: document -n flag; add -V to -g case; omit -n in -g case
45112 cgdconfig cgdconfig can return -1 from main
26741 raidctl(8) "raidctl -S" doesn't always work as expected
42489 raidctl(8) raidctl status output can not cope with 2^31 sectors
44972 raidctl(8) raidctl -R doesn't seem to work
45162 raidctl(8) raidctl does not complain on unsupported setup (RAID 1 with >2 components)
21207 scsictl(8) add fibre channel wwn information gathering to scsictl
29165 scsictl(8) new scsictl(8) {get,set}errrecov commands
41029 srtconfig(8) srtconfig is located on /usr filesystem but needed during startup when /usr is not mounted
33944 usbhidctl(8) usbhidctl -l does not flush stdout when input events are printed
23948 wiconfig(8) wiconfig(8) accepts too large encryption keys
26484 wiconfig(8) wiconfig -D failures can cause a kernel panic due to stack to overflow
32410 wiconfig(8) wiconfig(8): "SIOCGWAVELAN: Operation not supported" message
33833 wiconfig(8) 'wiconfig wi0' dumps core
26378 wlanctl(8) wlanctl reports devices in the reverse order of ifconfig
47110 wsconsctl(8) wsconsctl(8) parsing bug
47945 wsconsctl(8) wsconsctl: WSDISPLAYIO_GMSGATTRS: Operation not supported by device
41810 vnconfig(8) vnconfig is in /usr/sbin
sh: sh -e
17514 sh(1) /bin/sh `set -e' does not exit on command not found
29861 sh(1) sh eval weird behaviour
32282 sh(1) set -e - difference between /bin/sh and /bin/ksh
37493 sh(1) /bin/sh exits if shift fails, but shouldn't
38736 sh(1) /bin/sh: several problems with 'set -e'
sh: parser
19832 sh(1) /bin/sh has internationalization issues
35423 sh(1) /bin/sh cannot open files whose name contains the characters 0x81 or 0x88
38004 sh(1) /bin/sh truncates a message for unobvious reasons
48489 sh(1) sh(1) allows trailing && and ||
48498 sh(1) sh(1) parser oddity
48631 sh(1) sh synerrs case where list to execute is entirely redirections (+FIX?)
sh: other
14578 sh(1) sh(1) doesn't explain emacs editing mode
16226 sh(1) Prompt expansion for /bin/sh
23729 sh(1) sh (and ksh) try to run non-exec'able binaries as scripts
35227 sh(1) /bin/sh does not clean up zombies under certain circumstances
36532 sh(1) fix for a core dump in /bin/sh dotrap()
37494 sh(1) /bin/sh doesn't expand * in filenames for input redirection.
39195 sh(1) /bin/sh tilde expansion doesn't take place on 'export=~/foo'
39466 sh(1) /bin/sh: eval and bad redirections
40554 sh(1) >& -operator incorrectly documented in sh(1) man page
40639 sh(1) /bin/sh doesn't expand PS1
40640 sh(1) /bin/sh tab completion doesn't handle commands
41654 sh(1) sh(1) hangs collection output for "eval $(cmd)"
41761 sh(1) sh(1) doesn't provide the $LINENO builtin variable
41836 sh(1) jobs -l %% doesn't work when called from a script
41954 sh(1) "sh -i" regressed in 5.99 (under emacs23)
42184 sh(1) /bin/sh: stderr vs. command not found
42641 sh(1) sh fails to handle set -o emacs properly
42829 sh(1) Almquist shell does not perform parameter expansion on ${ENV}
43255 sh(1) sh -n -c doesn't work
43469 sh(1) tests/util/sh/t_expand:strip fails
43639 sh(1) sh allows user to source a directory
44347 sh(1) sh does not respect editrc
45390 sh(1) more sh/$PWD follies
46327 sh(1) sh background commands have old return value
46455 sh(1) /bin/sh: set -C breaks 2>/dev/null redirection
48201 sh(1) +noclobber option not POSIX compliant
48729 sh(1) Bug with /bin/sh and its 'wait'
48843 sh(1) dot commands mess up scope nesting tracking
48844 sh(1) git rebase is broken because dot commands are broken in sh(1)
48499 sh(1) sh(1) doesn't allow the POSIX command(1) -pv
48138 sh(1) sh(1) wait(1) builtin fails after bg job was SIG(STOP|TSTP|CONT) controlled
48875 sh(1) possible ash backgrounding bug
Misc bins
24849 MAKEDEV(8) MAKEDEV doesn't create all of cd{0,1}{a-h}
45514 MAKEDEV(8) MAKEDEV doesn't create /dev/tty20 and over
43121 acpidump(8) acpidump(8) does not output all SSDT entries
19611 amd(8) amd(8) does not manage well removable media
41259 amd(8) amd(8) cannot handle high demand
46255 apropos(1) apropos(1) sometimes report unrelated results
47701 apropos(1) apropos doesn't work
48440 apropos(1) apropos(1) doesn't work on NetBSD 6.99.28
41758 at(1) at(1): print more user friendly message when empty jobs file is given
41759 at(1) at(1) doesn't print job's datetime upon job submission
41762 at(1) at(1) fails to submit job if time has passed
32902 awk(1) awk rejects FS=""
38127 awk(1) awk's: regexps should treat { and } as {n,m}, but as regular characters
39135 awk(1) /usr/bin/awk: formatting issues in printf
39759 awk(1) NetBSD awk/nawk is 14 times slower than GNU awk
42320 awk(1) LC_NUMERIC in awk is not POSIX compliant
42463 awk(1) Bizarre behavior in awk with invalid numeric constants
47643 awk(1) awk close() function does not report errors when closing pipes
47840 awk(1) awk string comparison of integer constant
19121 calendar(1) calendar patch (to support NIS)
30771 calendar(1) patch to add -m option to calendar(1)
9746 cdplay(1) cdplay(1) works weird when entering/leaving interactive mode
38493 cdplay(1) no good audio with cdplay
40698 cdplay(1) No sound with cdplay while playing a cd
41020 cdplay(1) cdplay info only works once after reboot
45652 cdplay(1) cdplay doesn't work
45678 cdplay(1) cdplay produces no sound
9786 chat(8) Previous fix to chat(8) broke it.
5285 chfn chfn et al do not support YP.
24702 chsh(1) chsh incorrectly changes login name
17504 chown(8) POSIX.1-2001: chown -RP doesn't affect symlinks
19849 compress Race conditions in compress
22272 config(1) config dependency problems
48571 config(1) config(1) ioconf is insufficient for pseudo-devices
40336 cp(1) cp(1) -p man page detail out of sync with present reality
41497 cp(1) diff against cp(1) to copy sparse files
29225 cpio(1) cpio -pdm does not work
44303 cpio(1) /bin/cpio doesn't accept combination of options '-i -t'
46142 cpio(1) The cpio(1), pax(1) and tar(1) manpages need improvement
17238 cron(8) jumbo patch for cron
20663 cron(8) temporary system errors can cause cron jobs to hang forever
33994 cron(8) Implement a XXX comment in job.c
36539 cron(8) jumbo patch for cron
45453 cron(8) add /etc/cron.d functionality
46219 cron(8) crontab changes do not take effect on the following minute
47362 cron(8) cron is too restrictive on file permissions
48648 cron(8) cron fails to run job scheduled during change to summer time
17826 csh(1) {t,}csh backquote/braces expansion bug
35270 csh(1) globbing/redirection bug in csh
45084 csh(1) csh's "shift", applied to "path", doesn't update $PATH
45365 csh(1) csh's time builtin doesn't work in pipelines
6204 ctags ctags gets confused by typedef int (*f_t) ...
41560 cu cu can put but not take
24253 cvs(1) broken pipe race condition in CVS pserver
25472 cvs(1) cvs -u option is not documented in the man page or info.
33877 cvs(1) cvs(1) doesn't document "tag" and "rtag"
42961 cvs(1) cvs near-silently throws away local mods
45182 cvs(1) "cvs init" refuses to create a cvs repository locally
45446 cvs(1) cvs init command is not documented
46213 cvs(1) cvs import does not accept -F message-file option
46542 date(1) date does not work too welll far in the future.
39254 db(1) db(1) doesn't work properly anymore since the upgrade to 1.15
36541 df(1) cleaner df(1) output, and another output format option
46467 df(1) df reports 8 times what it otherwise does when used with -P flag
11102 dhclient netbooted dhclient causes hang when moved to other subnet
13005 dhclient dhclient swaps aliases on DHCPNAK/DHCPDISCOVER sequence
22418 dhclient dhclient does not always (never?) update default route
23933 dhclient dhclient is gratuitously noisy
23949 dhclient dhclient fails to release leases when sent SIGTERM
39163 dhclient Minor mistakes in ISC dhcp-options(5) and dhclient-script(8) manpages.
39292 dhclient dhclient running amok, sending hundreds of requests per second
40122 dhclient dhclient-script uses ineffective ping to test router reachability
36697 dhcpd(8) unexpanded variable in dhcpd.leases(5)
44958 dig dig(8) busy-loops
5277 disklabel(8) disklabel -i lacking
20277 disklabel(8) NetBSD disklabel(8) destroys label written by Solaris
45749 disklabel(8) disklabel(8) uses wrong boundaries for several values, destroys disklabels
24181 dump(8) files created by dump(8) are too big
25967 dump(8) dump -a not continuing after end of media
27179 dump(8) dump(8) goes into loop, never finishing dump
29855 dump(8) dump(8) fails on large filesystems
30816 dump(8) large blocking factors cannot be used with dump
44173 dump(8) dump(8) format is not documented
16775 ed(1) ed documentation is unclear regarding \< and \>
42425 envstat(8) envstat(8) does not update temperature after 100C
47956 etcupdate etcupdate asks for questions it can derive
48066 etcupdate etcupdate(8) does not update NIS domain Makefile(s)
23663 factor(6) factor(6) fails regression test
10021 fdformat(1) fdformat gives an unhelpful error when disk write-protected
31503 fdisk(8) fdisk on i386 will fail to setup new empty disks
37846 fdisk(8) fdisk default argument is sometimes wrong
38352 fdisk(8) Bad CHS addresses with fdisk for inner extended partions (EBR)
41655 fdisk(8) fdisk -i doesn't initialize the mbr
35943 file(1) file(1) reports regular binaries as X11/NeWS bitmap fonts
36084 file(1) ambiguous file(1) "magic" mis-identifies files
38427 file(1) file(1): more magic patterns for BitTorrent files
14470 find(1) find fails with an error on certain (invalid) CDROMs (see 16651)
46158 find(1) find(1) lies
17142 fingerd(8) Fingerd filters out international characters
48351 flock(1) flock(1) -x, -s and -u options don't work
48861 flock(1) make flock default like linux (-x)
24014 fmt(1) fmt's ispref() steps only its first variable, leading to wrong results.
47559 fold(1) Unknown standard abbreviation `-p1003.1-2008' in fold(1)
42694 fortune(6) make /usr/games/fortune configurable
42744 fortune(6) fortune doesn't format long lines
42745 fortune(6) fortune doesn't handle extended characters very well
45037 fstat(1) Content of net.bpf.peers is available to non-root via fstat(1)
48925 fstat(1) netbsd-6 fstat(1) pmisc descriptor number mismatch
7733 ftp(1) ftp retry option doesn't retry when it probably should
10375 ftp,ftpd ftp connection is lost when client detects an error
10897 ftp(1) ftp doesn't play nice with some servers
13259 ftp(1) When issuing "proxy reget" ftp attempts to use local file.
15451 ftp(1) usr.bin/ftp macro behavior non-intuitive
16132 ftp(1) ftp's 'ls' to a file is interactive, even in a script
17544 ftp(1) FTP in proxy mode has timeout on server connection
23033 ftp(1) ftp(1) doesn't seem to support SSL/TLS connections
34796 ftp(1) ftp(1) hangs indefinitely on unresponsive servers
38718 ftp(1) large ftp4/6 transfers stall
47920 ftp(1) ftp(1): FTPS support
12667 ftpd(8) ftpd respond to "LIST -al /dir/name/." command with null list.
13541 ftpd(8) ftpd unable to "LIST" filenames that begin with hyphen
13747 ftpd(8) ftpd doesn't deal with LIST " "
18947 ftpd(8) ftpd lacks a per host limit of simultaneous connections
26266 ftpd(8) ftpd check of /etc/shells obsoleted by ftpd.conf, ftpusers, etc.
44188 gcov(1) gcov sucks
35255 gettext Hardcoded references to DESTDIR found in some files
30295 getty(8) getty accepts too few letters after username prompt
3126 gomoku(6) ./gomoku runs out of memory and segfaults
43454 gpt(8) gpt(8) and disklabel(8) conflict with each other
44218 gpt(8) gpt(8) cannot "modify" a partition
8681 grep(1) grep may bomb out with "memory exhausted" on long lines
40080 grep(1) grep's --color switch won't work with -i option
48688 grep(1) When using grep with -i and -o options together, -i is ignored
36271 groff /usr/share/groff_font/devhtml/DESC is missing a required parameter
39547 groff doc2html can't handle font changes using \f
46414 groff default setting for groff's devps device should be changed
39419 groupadd(8) default group range cannot be specified for groupadd
32368 gzip(1) NetBSD's gzip(1) usage message should be more accurate
36268 gzip(1) NetBSD gzip error message mismatch with GNU gzip
37944 gzip(1) gzip cannot preserve utimes() because it first sets chflags()
40749 halt(8) halt -d does not work
32438 hpcboot hpcboot doesn't pass the serial console speed in bootinfo
42067 httpd(8) use of stderr from cgi script does not work
47925 httpd(8) bozohttpd does not authenticate redirects and creates broken redirects
47971 httpd(8) httpd bogusly %-encodes redirects
48174 httpd(8) bozohttpd certificate chain support
48810 httpd(8) httpd does not use cgi handler for index
47740 httpd(8) libexec/httpd rfc3986 encoding of location header
47813 iconv(1) iconv(1): Inappropriate ioctl for device
10911 ifconfig(8) ifconfig requires address to set netmask, broadcast
30694 ifconfig(8) ifconfig(8) brings the interface up when assigning an IP, even when "down" is also specified
31940 ifconfig(8) ifconfig behaves unexpectedly
7958 indent(1) indent doesn't word-wrap
16451 indent(1) indent doesn't grok // comments
4617 inetd inetd -l option is too broad a brush
11146 inetd built-in TCP wrapper in inetd does not protect UDP or internal services
12823 inetd wanted: run-in-foreground option
15011 inetd patch for new options/config for inetd
20817 inetd inetd doesn't accept tcp,rcvbuf=16384 et al.
20829 inetd identd from inetd loops due to libwrap
23049 inetd inetd hangs, and does not exit when passed a non existent config file
32358 inetd inetd.conf sndbuf/rcvbuf parser is fragile
33796 inetd inetd should be less fussy with resolved addresses in inetd.conf
40343 inetd inetd vanishes after syslogging "fcntl (F_SETFD, 0): Bad file descriptor"
24319 init(8) init doesn't re-initialize window command from /etc/ttys
48195 install(1) wrong position of __MKTEMP_OK__ in src/usr.bin/xinstall.c
34163 installboot installboot uses ffs_findstage2 for all FS types on RAID.
39728 installboot installboot doc issues
39736 installboot installboot sometimes ignores stage2 file
40432 ipcs(1) ipcs is broken (time_t related?)
36763 ipf(8) outdated manual page for ipf(8)
46404 isdnd(8) isdnd will fail to setup muitiple controller and dumps core wiht '-P'
46411 isdnd(8) isdnd(8) crashes if dialout failed
46403 isdnd(8) isdnd.rc manual dos not describe rtprio and tinainitproc keywords
33289 isdntrace(8) isdntrace does not work
46513 kdump(1) kdump segfaults
8377 ksh(1) Problem with pdksh, ^Z, and backquotes
22846 ksh(1) ksh does not complete names with square brackets properly
31377 ksh(1) ksh: cannot set limit indicated by ulimit -H
32500 ksh(1) ksh (emacs-mode) has problem deleting words with ESC+d
33693 ksh(1) pdksh in 2.0 and newer violates de facto standard Ksh startup behaviour
34724 ksh(1) ksh prompt line wrapping is often unreadable
35904 ksh(1) Odd behaviour of ksh in emacs mode
37165 ksh(1) The ksh has an off-by-one error when changing the history size
39792 ksh(1) /bin/ksh bug: 'eval', 'if' and 'set -e'
39888 ksh(1) ksh & autocomplete & noclobber is no good
39604 ksh(1) /bin/ksh + TAB-expand $VAR = misplaced cursor
41764 ksh(1) ksh has suffered serious regressions in the past few years
43148 ksh(1) /bin/ksh vs. rxvt terminal
47795 ksh(1) ksh(1): unset(1)ting a readonly variable stops evaluation of startup script
20048 ktruss(1) ktruss exits with error leaving program running
43611 ktruss(1) kernel-trace (via ktruss) reports wrong parameter/result values
47554 last(1) NetBSD-6 wtmp format change was not adequately documented
34890 ldd(1) ldd(1) receives SIGSEGV when called for certain files
45311 ldd(1) ldd doesn't work on n32 binaries on mips64el
30542 less(1) Patch 385-cl3 to version 385 of the "less" paginator (pager)
14531 lint(1) lint misses conversion warning.
18290 lint(1) lint has no lib equivalent of -d includedir
20264 lint(1) lint(1) has problems with named member initialization
22119 lint(1) lint segv on malformed function pointer cast
22500 lint(1) lint breakage for named initializers
34766 lint(1) Changes for xlint
36668 lint(1) bogus complaints about sys/endian.h code when running lint -aa
38542 lint(1) lint does not grok complex designated initializers
43234 lint(1) lint warns about perfectly good casts
44235 lint(1) lint1 fails when compiling mesa for sparc
45098 lint(1) Cross build on Mac OS X 10.7.0 fails
45417 lint(1) lint(1) in c99 mode do not understand declarations anywhere in blocks
21545 locate(1) added -i to locate(1)
11907 lpd(8) Default /etc/printcap file needs more modern samples
28593 lpd(8) lpd is handling jetdirect/direct tcp printers not properly
36381 lpd(8) No accounting in lpd(8) for remote printing
43751 ls(1) ls -L returns wrong exit code
44722 ls(1) ls(1) behaves incorrectly with a low descriptor limit
4239 mail.local Adding user quota support to mail.local
13729 mail.local Home directory delivery patch for mail.local
1880 mail(1) mail has a too-limited implementation of string quoting
40617 mail(1) (dM) mail(1) handles an interrupt oddly
47121 mail(1) mailx(1) can be fooled to join messages
47453 mail(1) Mail (mail, mailx) does not recognize messages which have RFC 822 format dates.
47577 mail(1) Mail(1)/mail(1)/mailx(1) gets stuck when current folder becomes accessible
48445 mail(1) mail(1)/mailx(1): put ambigious $USER/-u user/xy handling, um, straight
48444 mail(1) mail(1)/mailx(1): relaxation of memory pressure
24723 makefs(8) makefs -s and blocksize
33924 makefs(8) feature request: makefs(8) should output blocks used by each file
36827 makefs(8) Order of -t and -o arguments matters to makefs
41079 makefs(8) makefs ffs size calculation inaccuracy
47392 makemandb(8) Fix a comment in makemandb.c to reflect reality
46642 makemandb(8) When makemandb has an error, it doesn't say what the error is.
46178 makemandb(8) makemandb(8) crashes while indexing manual pages
47448 makemandb(8) makemandb(8) segfaults on certain manpages
1904 man(1) cleanups for man/apropos/whatis
5502 man(1) getNAME does not support manual pages in languages other than English
9745 man(1) mdoc's .Li is indistinguishable in nroff
18685 man(1) man -a displays both
35460 man(1) man(1) and catman(1) don't honour '\" first line comment
39448 man(1) Bug in man.conf -> Manual page paths longer than 3 main subdirectories are ignored
41775 man(1) `.St -ieee1275-94' not documented in mdoc.samples
42222 man(1) man when viewing file not using tbl
42196 mdnsd(8) Parser for "/etc/resolv.conf" in "mdnsd" considered harmful
40997 mmcformat(8) mmcformat -B -O /dev/cd0d fails
11219 more(1) less(1) is not compatible with POSIX.2 "more"
28492 more(1) more(1) doesn't handle NUL data blocks well
3344 mopd mopd does not include ECOFF support for DECstations
10554 mopd mop server implementation not suitable for non-VAXen
19248 mopd mopcopy command doesn't work on ELF boot loader for VAX.
8431 mount(8) mount should have option to not return failure error code if already mounted
15262 mount(8) mount -u and mount -o update take different actions
42767 mount(8) mount(8) changed behaviour when mounting CD media
28923 mountd(8) mountd fails to resolve names (maybe rcordering?)
46790 msgs(1) Error delivering mails to msgs(1)
7392 mt(1) mt(1) does not decode status information for TMSCP tapes
9840 mt(1) mt erase defaults to full zeroing of tape
17213 mt(1) NetBSD's mt won't report fileposition with Exabyte 8500-85Qanx0
12900 mtree(8) mtree: dev/tty: Device not configured
14214 mtree(8) mtree gets confused with symlinks
37488 mtree(8) mtree does not check for getlogin() returning null in spec create
48514 mtree(8) nmtree segfaults on "malformed mtree files"
39606 mv(1) mv acts funny when copying to msdosfs
30420 named(8) chrooted named does not work out of the box.
36684 named(8) named crashes soon after start with a INSIST failure.
37275 named(8) bind9.4: some arch does not match configured 'platform.h'
38638 named(8) named(8) spams syslog
41201 named(8) net/bind9 should not use home grown rwlock on NetBSD
41252 named(8) named pid file has moved
42306 named(8) chrooted named can't write to namedb
43877 named(8) named hangs with 5.99.39 kernel, 5.99.27 userland
22546 netstat(1) "netstat -in -f inet" behavior is not in sync with document
27265 netstat(1) netstat -s doesn't count traffic from pppoe0
36195 netstat(1) netstat: kvm_read: Bad address
41979 netstat(1) netstat -s reports tcp6 stats when INET6 is not configured
47744 netstat(1) netstat -s stops output prematurely when ipsec is not compiled in
47704 netstat(1) netstat ignores L option
5686 newsyslog(8) newsyslog doesn't rotate wtmp nicely
40274 newsyslog(8) newsyslog(8)'s "P" flag stops rotating log files.
49028 newsyslog newsyslog(8) mishandles rarely-changing binary logs
5258 ntpd(8) xntpd boots to weird state if link is down
17899 ntpd(8) ntpd says connection re-estabished, even if server is unreachable
32261 ntpd(8) ntpd and leap seconds
48541 ntpd(8)/arm ntpd dies on earm
13578 ntpdate(8) ntpdate stuck in the 1930's
28954 ntpq ntpq does not fall back to IPv4
29719 passwd(1) confusing passwd(1) warning w/ short password and PAM
42160 patch(1) patch incorrectly thinks a patch is reversed
42619 patch(1) patch(1) misfuzzes hunks
47367 patch(1) patch(1) mishandles Oops.rej
47726 patch(1) The patch(1) man page could use improvements, especially regarding its backup methods
9647 pax(1) pax(1) can't read multi-volume archive from device
10848 pax(1) pax does not support -B on read
19491 pax(1) Teach pax as tar the -G (--incremental) switch.
19917 pax(1) pax-as-tar does not handle -M
19918 pax(1) pax-as-tar does not handle -W
26521 pax(1) pax does not support "pax" archive format
30428 pax(1) pax 'remove leading /' and hardlink features don't cooperate
34716 pax(1) incorrect emulation of cpio by pax
41736 pax(1) pax reports an error when copying zero files
42166 pax(1) pax from NetBSD 5.0.1 cannot extract pkgsrc-2009Q2.tar.gz correctly
44711 pax(1) pax should be able to handle file size greater than 8GB - I am using ustar format
39338 paxctl(8) paxctl doesn't work in powerpc -> i386 cross-builds
47476 pgrep(1) 'pgrep -x' now expects full_path to match
11586 ping(8) The RTT reported by ping can become absurd...
13300 ping(8) ping should allow -i 0.1 for users
21292 ping(8) ping -s10000 -f brokes IP-stack
36997 ping(8) ping doesn't verify limits
47505 ping(8) 'ping -s' generates wrong sized packets.
48176 ping(8) ping(8) shows bogus time with small packetsize
14532 ping6(8) ping6 needs a source address on a multiple interface host
34180 ping6(8) ping to deprecated IPv6 address is replied to with wrong source address
22981 postfix postfix docs and rc.d script don't mailer.conf(5)
39374 postfix The postdrop process sometimes stops the boot process, preventing local and remote logins
39603 postfix postfix doesn't see all "active" network interfaces
22070 postinstall postinstall doesn't check for /etc/services
23212 postinstall openssh /etc/moduli copied by postinstall should be etcupdate
31099 postinstall postinstall denies to remove obsolete directory
34794 postinstall Postinstall wrongly flags several libraries as obsolete
37209 postinstall missed files in postinstall
25728 pppd(8) pppd runs ip-up/ip-down scripts with limited $PATH value
31029 pppd(8) pppd easily get in 100% CPU loop in -current
39199 pppd(8) ppp-related crash during shutdown
39187 pppd(8) system crash when killing pppd
21970 printf(1) printf(1) breaks when format begins with "-"
11222 ps(1) POSIX.2: ps -p etc don't take lists
11223 ps(1) POSIX.2: ps -G <grouplist> not supported (committable patch)
12266 ps(1) ps on a dump prints command line from live system
45681 ps(1) (dM) ps's -k option doesn't accept "command" or "comm"
45237 psrset(8) psrset(8) ignores setid arguments for -i
34841 pstat(8) pstat -s blocks while swapctl -d is running
36078 pstat(8) pstat segfaults when used for kernel core file with -v and -T options
42576 quiz(6) Update of questions and answers in quiz game
9672 racoon racoon(8) documentation needs serious help
17459 racoon racoon(8) SPD lookup hits wrong entries
23781 racoon racoon memory leak
37469 racoon Racoon fails to check lifebyte value in "exact" proposal check mode
39506 racoon racoon's pre-shared key file format prohibits names with spaces
13453 rbootd(8) rbootd is assuming vax arch handles odd integer address
11733 rcmd(1) rcmd(1) always asks for stderr channel
16061 rcorder(8) rcorder needs to be able to override requirements
30432 rcorder(8) rcorder doesn't perform enough sanity checking
47954 readelf(1) readelf sees corrupt notes in evbarm libraries
35067 reboot(8) reboot(8) could remove swap devices, preserving RAID parity
39179 reboot(8) reboot -- -s and /boot.cfg don't seem to play nice together (it doesn't boot single-user)
10569 restore(8) Restore(8) with -u option failed to create hard link
10826 restore(8) restore does not DTRT at end of volume on DVD-RAM
30203 restore(8) restore has apparently n^2 or worse algorithms
30365 restore(8) restore should wait for EOF on it's input
38412 restore(8) restore(8) can't handle correctly old incremental dump files
42953 restore(8) restore reports "too low or too high" incorrectly
48182 rmdir(1) rmdir -p doesn't handle top-level directories well
13523 route(8) route -genmask does not take effect on PMTUD (both ipv4/v6)
18319 route(8) "route delete" incorrectly reports "host" when deleting a network route
23847 route(8) route add 10.10.10/21 dest results in 10/21 to dest
29988 route(8) deleting default route ignores destination
40454 route(8) route not showing "B" or "R" for blackhole or reject on 3.1 or 4.0
22569 route6d(8) route6d not advertising local routes when split horizon enabled
13506 routed(8) routed: rnh_addradd() fails
36737 routed(8) routed from cli assumes `-s' but rc.d does not?
36966 routed(8) routed failed to update default route
10686 rpcbind(8) rpcbind doesn't always DTRT with non-local networks
37876 rpcbind(8) rpcbind(8) and related services should be able to bind(2) to a specific interface
39605 rpcbind(8) rpcbind seems to ignore MKINET6/USE_INET6=no
21265 rpcgen(1) rpcgen produces wrong code
47311 rtadvd rtadvd(8) crashes when RA arrives on a newly created interface
32340 rs(1) rs doesn't parse options POSIXly
49023 rsh(1) rcp(1) hangs in rcmd(1)
24366 sa(8) sa going apparently going crazy
24850 sa(8) suppress sa(8) output when file(s) are non-existent
6832 savecore(8) savecore could be better
41310 savecore(8) NetBSD 5 savecore fails to recognize and save a core dump
41441 savecore(8) savecore doesn't use getbootfile(3) to set a default kernel name
43652 savecore(8) savecore does not work
46067 savecore(8) savecore man page fails to document kernel fakery
41583 savecore(8) savecore problem with netbsd-5
44466 savecore(8) savecore tries to save NULL kernel -> clear of core-flag fails
31107 scp(1) scp doesn't document local vs. remote globbing
28126 sed(1) sed fails to match empty back-reference
30324 sed(1) BSD sed wraps the regexp when it's too long.
34560 sed(1) Basic regexes go wrong when combining bound and backref
42261 sed(1) sed(1) command parser bug with long lines
45955 sed(1) sed(1) fails to append newline after 'c' command
23678 send-pr send-pr could be a little more secure
26042 send-pr send-pr makes incompatible use of LOGNAME
39296 send-pr send-pr allows sending malformed PRs
40758 send-pr send-pr(.sh) creates lock-files even when unneeded and forgets to remove them.
41318 send-pr Unable to submit bug report with send-pr when ISP filters outbound smtp
11107 shar(1) shar(1) is too forgiving of errors
28495 skey skey's -x output does not match described behavior
5870 skeyinit Skey sequence# obtained by skeyinit is burned
30483 skeyinit skeyinit re-uses non-compliant seeds
44232 sort(1) sort in unique numeric mode failes to distinquish 0 and <empty> in 5.1
45056 sort(1) sort -f works incorrectly with utf-8 locale
48684 spell(1) spell(1) is lacking
10841 spray spray delays are not sufficiently granular
12528 sshd sshd does not use ttyaction
30296 sshd 6 password prompts instead of 3 with PAMified sshd
30608 sshd sshd doesn't honour PAM modules changing PAM_USER
30915 sshd sshd via inetd and changing logname
26861 ssh base ssh does not find ssh-askpass in /usr/pkg
37562 ssh new ssh MAC is not working
45049 ssh The HPN patch for OpenSSH breaks on SOCKS proxies
47333 stat(1) stat -L undocumented behavior
10879 su(8) su does not reset terminal settings after Ctrl-C
36687 su(8) su man page out of date
37288 su(8) su fails if home on nfs without root privileges
47733 su(8) su messes with foreground process group
22774 swapctl(8) there is no way to swapctl -a to a wrongly typed partition
36952 swapctl(8) swapctl(8) doesn't
18936 syslogd(8) syslogd should call initgroups()
27309 syslogd(8) syslogd -u can't create pidfile
39136 syslogd(8) syslogd confusion between output files and configuration lines
39910 syslogd(8) syslog regression after SoC code import
41196 syslogd(8) syslogd displays sun_path wrongly
41409 syslogd(8) syslogd handles kernel printf badly
44672 syslogd(8) syslogd has no option to specify source port
46613 syslogd(8) syslogd is broken
47529 syslogd(8) syslogd doesn't correctly follow syslog.conf rules
47921 syslogd(8) syslogd losses config information while stripping domainname
36542 systat(8) better "systat vm" output
47222 systat(8) "systat syscall" broken
48477 systat(8) systat vm on DOMU reports missing kernel symbols
35282 talk/talkd ntalkd users limited to 8 character length logins
11904 tail(1) tail segfaults and core dumps on I/O error
24789 tar(1) tar(1) fails to back up large files.
35257 tar(1) tar(1) opens excluded files
38066 tar(1) tar doesn't dearchive correctly long symlinks
40575 tar(1) security.pax.aslr breaks tar -z
42258 tar(1) netbsd's tar fails on devel/glibmm distfile
44498 tar(1) (dM) tar(1) unnecessarily demands that getcwd() work
34733 tcpdump(8) tcpdump(8) requires default snaplen > 68 for pflog(4)
40057 tcpdump(8) tcpdump(8) should document what packets are saved when using -w
41121 tcpdump(8) <net/dlt.h> needs to be realigned with tcudmp disto
42780 tcpdump(8) tcpdump(8) fails to apply filter expressions to DLT_PFLOG packets
48554 tcpdump(8) tcpdump -w does not work
48005 tcpdump(8) tcpdump: option -C broken
10763 telnet(1) telnet session does not act on interrupt characters.
28171 telnet telnet can spin in infinite loop doing syscalls
35254 telnet(1) telnet (and others?) provide false/misleading/useless error message for name resolution failure
43179 telnet(1) Strange input control of telnet LINEMODE in current (TIOCPKT_IOCTL does not work)
21450 telnetd(8) telnet -l does not work with the current telnetd
29720 telnetd(8) telnetd noise after PAM(?): SRA?
41942 telnetd(8) telnetd(8) allows direct root login on tty marked as insecure
42617 telnetd(8) -current, pseudo ttys, telnetd and echo on/off doesn't work as expected
19209 test(1) test(1)'s -r, -w, and -x don't match POSIX for root (or 4.4BSD, or even V7)
44733 test(1) (PATCH) Have test accept "==" as a synonym for "="
34646 test(1) /bin/test does not parse according to POSIX
13326 tftp(1) tftp/tftpd uses fixed address pair, which they shouldn't
41535 tftpd(8) inetd/tftpd refuses connection with - recvfrom: Resource temporarily unavailable
45592 time(1) changes to get time(1) to use clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC)
34200 timed(8) timed occasionally goes into infinate loop
42464 timed(8) timed interoperability has been broken since 2001
47877 tip(1) tip(1) does not disable flow control
14956 top(1) top cuts some lines to 80 characters
18235 top(1) increase resolution of times in top
24679 top(1) already running top(1) miss all swap removal
31908 top(1) top doesn't check invalid values
39252 top(1) top(1) doesn't handle commands in the first second correctly
48782 top(1) # top Floating point exception (core dumped) top
47675 top(1) top(1) man page missing information
23478 traceroute traceroute(8) should lookup all AS# for each hop encountered.
698 umount umount should support external umount_fstype
19722 uncompress fix for 3 uncompress(1) bugs that delete/truncate the wrong file
42940 units(1) units(1) parsing glitch
44781 units(1) units(1) currency conversions are not dynamic or updated
42229 unzip(1) unzip: Infozip compatibility: globbing
11053 useradd(8) user/group add utilities don't update YP
40324 useradd(8) The homeperm setting in /etc/usermgmt.conf is ignored by useradd
40392 userdel(8) bogus error with userdel -p yes
13974 usermod(8) usermod/add etc. group handling problems
23362 usermod(8) usermod doesn't check for overflow of uid/gid
9128 vgrind vgrind -t does not work as advertised
10210 vgrind vgrind should also produce HTML
9665 vi(1) vi coredumps writing file after invocation with -r
14902 vi(1) vi crash when recovering a save file
17546 vi(1) vi bug fixes and extensions
26046 vi(1) vi filename completion bugs
32575 vi(1) GENERIC hangs with vi on console of Tadpole 3GX
40598 vi(1) nvi catches SIGTSTP instead of ^Z character
41526 vi(1) re-support /usr/bin/vi's -F option
46615 vi(1) vi(1) dumps core when paging around with large tabstop sizes
31557 vmstat(1) vmstat(1) shows bogus values when the member of 'sturct uvmexp' is bigger than INT_MAX
42710 vmstat(1)/vax vmstat -Cm on VAX produces a floating point exception at the end.
31436 w(1) w in 24h format
40337 w(1) Proposed localized change to w(1)/uptime(1)
9152 window(1) window(1) has odd behavior.
39641 whois(1) whois fails to find data for
39754 wpa_cli wpa_cli ignores ctrl_interface
32537 wpa_supplicant bringing down network interface exposes bugs in wpa_supplicant(8)
33823 wpa_supplicant wpa_supplicant -w broken
39428 wpa_supplicant wpa_supplicant.conf(5) describes `ap_scan' option vaguely
23213 wump(6) wump(6) contains a potential infinite loop
11197 xargs(1) POSIX.2: regular builtins can't be exec'ed.
32519 ypbind(8) ypbind spams syslog if it loses connectivity
46398 yppasswdd rpc.yppasswdd creates spwd.db and pwd.db even if not required and may run into problems
4334 ypserv during setup of a yp-slave server I see two times
10069 ypserv NIS secure not working
10713 ypserv NIS makefile does not allow "multiple IP address on hosts" mapping
15014 ypserv wrong error reporting in ypserv
47615 ypserv(8) security problem with ypserv
10666 kerberos roken_getaddrinfo_hostspec() uses getaddrinfo in nonstandard way
11171 kerberos the `roken' library is entirely undocumented
11172 kerberos the `heimdal' krb5 library documentation is severely lacking
11191 kerberos the `com_err' library is not useful
12003 kerberos kinit cannot get v4 tickets from a V4 KDC anymore
12825 kerberos su doesn't reset KRB5CCNAME nor KRBTKFILE
17799 kerberos Kerberos utilities core-dumping with floating point exception
18031 kerberos kdc does not recognise when new addresses are added.
18404 kerberos /usr/bin/telnet fails to Kerberize to multi-address DNS name
19206 kerberos GSSAPI using daemons fail when root has a krb5 CC
22114 kerberos problems
31362 kerberos kadmind does not fork & disassociate from terminal
31378 kerberos Kerberization needed: ftp, ftpd, rsh, rshd, rlogind
32319 kerberos free() problem in login with Kerberos
37923 kerberos krb5 ccache unlinked when using xdm and pam
45266 kerberos krb5-config causes namespace pollution (NetBSD 5, NetBSD 4, and probably HEAD)
46948 kerberos squids pam_auth segfaults in pam_start
X server
5034 xserver the num lock light doesn't change when switching to X (also, 9127)
6084 xserver/shark Problem with XF86 DGA extension on Shark
6973 xserver/shark Problems with X on the Shark
7667 xserver/amiga MIT-SHM problems in Xamiga
9127 xserver CapsLock not properly handled between virtual consoles with X (also, 5034)
9384 xserver kernel printf's "usl_detachtimeout" with multiple X severs under wscons
9399 xserver kill -1 1 detaches X server from vt
18178 xserver XalphaNetBSD dumps core by SEGV during startup
19861 xserver XalphaNetBSD/Multia: leading edge of window corrupt when dragging window
19867 xserver XalphaNetBSD/Multia: No Keyboard Lights
19868 xserver XalphaNetBSD/Multia: Num Lock changes state of cursor keys but not keypad keys
22423 xserver cannot switch out of X -> usl_detachtimeout \n usl_detachack: not detaching
23352 xserver XF4 X server leaves console unusable
23931 xserver X (umouse?) can sometimes lose button-up events.
24013 xserver i810 Cannot allocate memory
29586 xserver PAM and Xserver: password prompt is hidden
29598 xserver/amiga Missed amiga keymaps (XFreee86 4.4.0)
32271 xserver xlock kills xserver
33242 xserver X11 on NetBSD 3.0.0_STABLE i386 freezes with double-headed ati
36871 xserver Starting X takes very long with kernel 4.99.30, worked with 4.99.4
40064 xserver image display problems with in-tree xorg
40322 xserver netbsd-5: xorg destroys console
40645 xserver Xserver of xorg support bebox and prep
42569 xserver Please import xf86-input-usbtablet driver from OpenBSD xenocara
43223 xserver Thunderbird and Firefox switch to bad cursor bitmap
45234 xserver Xorg -configure fails on amd64 (-current as 8.8.2001, 5.99.55)
45533 xserver DGA with "Radeon 9200PRO 5960" crashes or freezes base-X11 (XOrg)
46495 xserver Xorg -configure fails with radeon
46999 xserver "Xorg -query host" segfaults
47048 xserver Xorg aborts on Ctrl-Alt-Fn (i945drm0)
47331 xserver Xserver crashes on NetBSD/amd64 6.0 with GeForce 210 nVidia
47622 xserver nv driver hangs with XAA
47819 xserver The X -configure command doesn't generate file
48317 xserver openchrome driver crashes with undefined PLT symbol
48315 xserver undefined PLT symbol crashes X server on i810e
48344 xserver X server crashes with "lockup" on certain i810e-based systems
48796 xserver xf86-video-mga: bug with dual-head operations
Other X bits
13789 xlibs/hpcmips Emacs dumps core under X; gdb dumps core when debugging emacs
35697 xlibs Build of Xt fails if USE_SSP=yes
42743 xlibs XV (XVideo) fails on Intel 82855GM with vlc
47953 xlibs xsrc freetype fails to build on -current, amd64
26998 xdm xdm segmentation fault when serving remote terminals through Xchooser
39891 xdm xdm does not use shell startup scripts -> no locales
26357 xsrc XFILESEARCHPATH should have /usr/pkg
35923 xsrc some minor fixes for xfs
40609 xsrc Problem with mkfontscale and fonts/freefonts with xfree/xorg
41348 xsrc xedit not working
43184 xsrc insane paranoia in xterm
43824 xsrc -current xsrc has a broken XShm.h header file
44391 xsrc Different DRM headers between kernel and userland
44942 xsrc certain generated xsrc files don't rebuild
45594 xsrc xinput(1) is incomprehensible
48928 xsrc Issue building static X11 clients
38746 atf installed atf tests ought to chdir or something
42159 atf /usr/tests/** files use HOST_SH instead of /bin/sh
42885 atf need a way to select non-expensive tests in ATF
43394 atf adding regression tests is too complicated
43408 atf interrupting atf-run does not interrupt test
43644 atf TESTS_SUBDIR/atf-run interaction is too fragile
44176 atf atf occasionally dies in the middle of a run
44197 atf atf header and mbuf.h collisions
44237 atf atf sh compiler is too lenient
44327 atf modular tests are not skipped for securelevel != 0(?)
44497 atf atf-report does not handle ^M
44837 atf small atf(7) feature request
44848 atf ideas for enhancing the toolchain tests
45114 atf another atf(7) feature request
45143 atf add -f to atf-run(1)
47563 atf test cases do not timeout and instead hang
47685 atf atf test fails to timeout
47923 atf ATF ffs tests leave processes running on sparc
48892 atf some tests will not clean up rump server processes
49008 atf rump (or atf) doesn't properly report KASSERT()
ATF tests
49001 tests use _exit instead of exit to be async safe in threaded code
49002 tests t_nice: mark signo in handler __unused
49003 tests t_once/t_sem: missing explicit #include <sys/time.h>
49004 tests t_sigqueue: mark unused variables in functions __unused and explicitly test with getpid()
49005 tests t_truncate: use /etc/motd instead of /usr/bin/fpr
49011 tests t_link: uses LINE_MAX; missing #include for limits.h
49012 tests t_dup: missing stdbool.h #include for false/true per POSIX and has a redundant static declaration for check_mode
49013 tests t_exhaust: put an explicit cap on memory for program to avoid test timeouts on systems with more RAM

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015