Miscellaneous/other drivers

New drivers
6408 newdriver There is no driver for the cheapest DCF77 clock receiver available in Germany
Video capture/camera/TV/radio
26751 bktr(4) add support for tea5757 to bktr(4)
33742 bktr(4) multiple bktr cards may require change in PCI latency.
38058 bktr(4) bktr(4) not signalling properly
38208 bktr(4) bktr(4) stuck at 12.5 fps in PAL mode with RGB pixel format
29618 bktr(4) bktr not detected (Miro PCTV)
Screen/framebuffer/video output
41197 cgfourteen CG14 bugs
44933 ffb(4) The ffb(4) driver does not implement the SPLASHSCREEN option
40643 genfb wsfb/genfb doesn't restore palette on switch from X to console
45637 igsfb(4) igsfb on Shark doesn't reset the cursor block when exiting X mode
40232 machfb machfb on Imac G3 333mhz does not work
41361 machfb(4) machfb(4) manual page missing
44911 machfb(4) machfb broken on Mach64 GX
13802 macvid(4) The RasterOps 8/24XLi card don't probe correctly when use as second monitor
44448 radeondrm(4) radeondrm(4) lacks audio support
40941 radeonfb Display goes blank during boot of mac mini (A1103) using radeonfb, stays blank
45787 sti(4) sti(4) has no X11 support
36949 vesafb swapped red/blue colors in vesafb
36950 vesafb black console cursor with vesafb
37698 vesafb (vesafb) keyboard hangs when switching to ttyE0 from X(wsfb)
41214 vesafb vesa console blanks permanently
41241 vesafb vesabios prevents serial console from working
17258 vidcvideo(4) vidcvideo initialisation corrupts display
25316 vga(4) VGA_RASTERCONSOLE works bad on S3 Trio3D/2X
4123 com(4) ISA com driver no longer groks B0 as hangup
12920 com(4) com(4) doesn't document ibuf floods
19011 com(4) Interrupt from serial device is sometimes lost
30284 com(4)/pcmcia pcmcia modem doesn't work on -current or netbsd-3 (with pccbb.c 1.118)
31310 com(4) /netbsd: com2: 2 silo overflows, 0 ibuf floods
40734 com(4) crash in comintr()
7101 lpt(4) lpt(4) driver "no prime" issues
26358 lpt(4) the "lpt" at "atppc" is VERY slow in "STD" mode w/ interrupts
37091 lpt(4) lpt driver needs to be spinlocked
46225 lpt(4) printing to /dev/lpt0 hangs in lptwrite(), probably lptwrite2
15251 puc(4) /dev/dty?? devices, using puc driver, do not work properly with 'cu'
29932 spif(4) spif(4) duplicates chars in serial output
48998 uhso(4) uhso(4) support for Globetrotter HSUPA Modem
24734 zstty(4) zstty: TIOCMGET always shows DCD if CLOCAL set
Mice, keyboards, hotkeys
11527 ms(4) Optical mouse complains of "ms0: input overrun"
35435 pckbc(4) startx of amd64x2 laptop causes the "pckbport: command timeout" and disables PS/2 keyboard
43631 pckbc(4) pckbc(4) failure during setroot() on SMP
41606 pckbd(4) PS/2 keyboard and `boot -a' -> pckbport_start: command error
15359 pms(4) psmi driver *almost* supports 5-button mice
19085 pms(4) Belkin switchboxes bust PS/2 mouse probe (see 24063?)
19769 pms(4) alps glidepoint neads reset after sleep on dell latitude C840
24363 pms(4) PS/2 mouse code could be a bit smarter (see 19085?)
35486 pms(4) Synaptics wheel doesn't work
35698 pms(4) Touchpad problems on Acer Aspire 1691
37229 pms(4) "pms0: resetting mouse interface" error and freeze on i386 MP
38727 pms(4) PS/2 mouse port is not being detected
38743 pms(4) ALPS UltraNav (ThinkPad R61) Driver
41533 pms(4) PMS doesn't recognized my touchpad
47170 wskbd(4) wskbd(4) should document what's read(2) from the device
48360 wskbd(4) wskbd - support for cn_magic
12132 wsmouse(4) wsmouse emulate3button patch
46394 wsmouse(4) wsmouse - button remapping.
37972 acpitz(4) problems with envstat on Asus PSCH-SR motherboard
Power management
43680 acpibat(4) acpibat(4) should strip invalid characters
45480 apc(4) apc(4) is not documented
45890 piixpm(4) piixpm autoconfigure not always probing correctly
45904 piixpm(4) piixpm(4) does not support rescan / child_detach
45060 hpet(4) hpet(4) is only a timecounter(9)
Crypto and randomness
26596 hifn(4) hifn7955 (Soekris vpn1401) does not work
31839 hifn(4) Hifn driver hangs and resets with 7955 in Soekris net4501
42656 hifn(4) netbsd-5: panic LOCKDEBUG in opencrypto(9) w/ hifn(4)
11164 rnd(4) doc/code mismatch for rnd_add_uint32
17997 rnd(4) RND_COM still broken on i386?
22660 rnd(4) Max Entropy ioctl for /dev/random
44190 rnd(4) Kernel crash when using ioctl(RNDADDDATA) on /dev/random
46728 rnd(4) rnd device in conf/std
47814 rnd(4) Boot error - rnd: source "amdpm0" failed continuous-output test
47855 rnd(4) heap full on second boot, rndseed related
48119 rnd(4) /dev/random kernel crash
48531 rnd(4) rnd_getmore bit/byte confusion
22618 opencrypto opencrypto only operates in-place
22619 opencrypto opencrypto requires key material to be provided per-op
22621 opencrypto opencrypto uses IPL_NET - should be IPL_BIO
43993 opencrypto uninitialized variable in opencrypto
47892 opencrypto bad mutex handling in /src/sys/opencrypto/crypto.c
47893 opencrypto opencrypto user level requests uses different mutex for same flag variable
32882 irframe(4) irframe_alloc() should use config_attach_pseudo()
37045 irframe(4) Freezing with IrDA support
37395 ndis(4) NDIS compat won't compile on NetBSD 4.99.35
41740 ndis(4) NDIS not working, not even with patch from 39034
39505 saost(4) ARM saost(4) supports pxa25x and pxa270 together
29702 swwdog(4) swwdog(4) not present in kernel files
47482 vmt(4) kernel panic: possibly vmt0 (VMware tools) problem

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