All stuck PRs

20128 [?] With the above change the rx23 scsi dev (floppy) is no longer detected
21222 [?] cannot mount CD due to "lost interrupt" console messages
23192 [?] 'pciide at pnpbios' confirmed, however does not boot.
27099 [?] If one runs crashme on a 2.0 m68k machine, the system panics.
30732 [?] Console freeze after switching from X display.
36519 [?] 4.0BETA2/amd64 does not find logical drives under 3ware 9500.
39913 kern exec, fork, exit hooks need locking
41243 kern kernel core dump produces unusable core
39018 net ipsec code doesn't handle specific icmp codes (semi-stuck really - needs testing before pullups)
27084 ipf ipsec_proxy functionality was broken by other IP changes
6200 shark video intialization of Shark
2921 mac68k Some SCSI devices do not work in interrupt driven xfer mode
5133 mac68k SCSI Errors and gradual drive corruption
22314 macppc macppc systems panic when heavily using any Adaptec SCSI card.
22316 macppc boot failure on a 1GHz 15" PowerBook
27279 macppc NetBSD 2.0 beta 20041013 doesn't boot on original G4 Ti
34498 macppc Netbsd 3.1RC2/macppc is powered off during boot of the installation kernel on powerbook5,8
25515 powerpc Can't single-step out of a signal trampoline
14864 sparc sparc tape-boot seems broken on 1.5.2
23876 x86 ioapic(?) causes problems for my fxp0 NIC on amd64.
26545 ohci(4) ohci can miss interrupts
22517 aue(4) aue0 interrupt errors on Soekris Net4801 (see 25445)
30080 axe(4) floppy install problem with USB LinkSys Compact USB 2.0 10/100 Network Adapter (USB200M)
19378 usb Some multiport USB hubs aren't working anymore.
39275 usb HEAD amd64 kernel hang at uhub5 at usb5 vendor 0x1002 EHCI ...
41212 acpi NetBSD no longer suspends to disk
41213 acpi NetBSD locks up on resume from suspend
42305 acpi Brightness problem
24874 apm NetBSD can't suspend if it is used for a long time
41706 raidframe after a failure of a componented disk of raid0 the disk subsystem became unresponsive
14230 sd(4) Supporting SCSI drives reporting illegal sector size
6228 wds(4) wd7000 broken
37428 ixpide(4) netbsd-4 rc3+4 crash with ixpide 0:0 lost interrupt
40449 piixide(4) disk errors after ACPI suspend/resume
24223 siside(4) siside - lost interrupt missing interupt from DMA
31110 siside(4) siside(4) uses too low dma-mode on SiS650 IDE with FUJITSU MHR2020AT attached. patch exist{s|ed}.
36648 viaide(4) No SATA DVD on viaide, kernel hangs on repeated mount attempts
5228 bpf/tcpdump libpcap doesn't correctly identify EtherTalk packets
35682 ath(4) WEP enabled ath does not come back from acpi sleep/wake
32270 iwi(4) iwi may not reinitialize after suspend/resume
48617 rum(4) After about 1 hour of inactivity WiFi network connection is lost (rum0 interface still active)
5301 ae(4) ae hangs when ifconfig with EtherPort IIN (NuBus)
38871 bge(4) vlans don't work on bge interface
20988 gsip(4) gsip gigabit ethernet driver fails with Netgear GA621
41679 re(4) Lots of re0: watchdog timeout using qemu/kvm
11419 tlp(4) Xircom Realport Ethernet fails with DHCP but works statically configured
10530 tr(4) no IEEE802 (broken ring) kernel DHCP support
18094 vr(4) Kernel panic with homepna card on Alpha 500/500
36347 wm(4) Things go blooey when using both interfaces on i80003 chipset board
24872 auich(4) can't resume if auich(4) is used
36389 azalia(4) azalia(4) (ALC260) output not working
38859 azalia(4) azalia record does not work on Analog Devices AD1984
41927 azalia(4) azalia(4) fails on input/output on Vaio VGN-SZ340P
38734 pci(4) fxp0, re0, ath0 at pci... unable to map device registers
4464 pcmcia(4) irq 9 causes problems on the Sager NP7500A
25316 vga(4) VGA_RASTERCONSOLE works bad on S3 Trio3D/2X
35435 pckbc(4) startx of amd64x2 laptop causes the "pckbport: command timeout" and disables PS/2 keyboard
15359 pms(4) psmi driver *almost* supports 5-button mice
33779 [?] system freezes permanently on hpcarm with 2gb kingston CF
19025 sm(4)? 3COM 3CXM756 (XJack modem) doesn't work
33178 gcc/m68k Compiler error w/ -O2 building x11/gtk2 pixops.c on m68k archs
24218 gdb/alpha gdb stack trace doesn't work always on alpha
45072 fsck_ext2fs fsck_ext2fs dosn't work well with ext2fs's without alternate superblocks
9746 cdplay(1) cdplay(1) works weird when entering/leaving interactive mode
9786 chat(8) Previous fix to chat(8) broke it.
18633 install sysinst corner case builds bad system (disk misnumbering problem)
38419 acorn32 Sysinst terminates at "Password cipher" screen
16131 install INSTALL.html doesn't give a path name for one-fs local install
34900 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator segfaults when attempting to format emulated drive
30377 pkg lang/nhc98 doesn't compile (powerpc)
42224 pkg net/driftnet: improve from debian
40141 pkg www/apache restart not reliable
40098 pkg www/epiphany-2.24.1 will core/close when a page with forms are connected to.
23277 pkg/freebsd audio/nas doesn't work with xpkgwedge on FreeBSD
35289 pkg/irix x11/libXpm <- graphics/xpm build fails on Irix with MIPSPro
34878 pkg/macos audio/xfce4-mixer doesn't build
33356 pkg/macos mail/thunderbird attempts to install .so files even though they're compiled as .dylib on MacOS 10.4
42695 pkg/solaris devel/xulrunner compiling error, Solaris 10 SunStudio12
33534 pkg/solaris editors/TeXmacs build error
40410 pkg/solaris lang/perl5 5.10 nb4 fails on solaris
33617 pkg/solaris mail/thunderbird error
39795 pkg/irix install-sh fails at pax with IRIX /bin/sh
37547 pkg SSL doesn't work in GNUMail/Pantomime
29751 [?] install boot disks (1.6.2 & 2.0) hang on HP Pavilion a630n
46144 . Xorg's libpciaccess 0.11 breaks some NVidia cards' recognition

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