9492 adb(4) unrecognized adb device - Apple Studio Display (15" flat panel)
11311 adb(4) If adb_op_sync times out, kernel memory could be corrupted
37611 adb(4) macs with cuda adb don't boot -current
36239 agp(4) agp_i810.c aperture size detection doesn't work
37746 agp(4) AGP driver initialization causes kernel to reboot with SIS 662 chipset
37787 agp(4) diagnostic panic in sys/arch/x86/pci/pci_machdep.c
10280 cbb(4) cbb doesn't work on thinkpad 760EL due to unconfigured intr.
13727 cbb(4) dev/pci/pccbb.c CB_PCMCIA_POLL and PCCBB_PCMCIA_POLL options do not compile
14068 cbb(4) Quirks with support for SCM Microsystems TI1225 PCMCIA Adapter Card (PCI)
17502 cbb(4) cardbus needs offset to pcmcia iomem base address
26508 cbb(4) Cardbus does not attach on Powerbook G3 Wallstreet
27316 cbb(4) for CardBus, /dev/pciX device nodes don't properly configure.
29018 cbb(4) pcic power off on pccbb.c
32327 cbb(4) CF card does not attach wdX with Thinkpad T43p
36654 cbb(4) cbb0: Bad Vcc status set at cold boot - ThinkPad 570 / TI PCI1450
38298 cbb(4) TI1131 CardBus controller "bad Vcc request" error
38380 cbb(4) cbb disable (bad Vcc request)
40069 cbb(4) CB1410 CardBus Controller PCI card does not detect insertted pcmcia/cardbus cards
41724 ipmi(4) The watchdog tickler in the ipmi(4) driver needs to play with the polling locks for access to the bmc device itself.
43543 ipmi(4) ipmi(4) driver fails to collect Fan2 signal on Intel X38ML board
18795 isa(4) kernel hangs on boot (isa0 at pcib0 / isa0 at mainbus0)
8443 isapnp(4) Some isapnp devices are not activated.
7331 isapnp(4) i386 isa/isapnp interrupt sharing doesn't work
8302 isapnp(4) isapnp tries to share interrupts, which doesn't work
10039 isapnp(4) pcic at isapnp is i386-specific
10306 isapnp(4) pckbc at pnpbios can succeed partially, causing hosage.
23809 isapnp(4) Can't boot with isapnp
22036 pci(4) pci interrupt fixup routine bad
22301 pci(4) running pcictl pci1 list causes deadlock on an AlphaStation 600 5/266
31963 pci(4) Wrong VIA Technologies VT82C686A SMBus Controller in pcidevs
36426 pci(4) Some pci devices missing - a need to add it
38734 pci(4) fxp0, re0, ath0 at pci... unable to map device registers
38868 pci(4) uhci0: can't map i/o space on Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-4546
40987 pci(4) Making PCIVERBOSE more verbose
41693 pci(4) pci1 and pci5 failed to configure during boot of GENKERNEL configuration
44180 pci(4) reconfigure PCI BARs
44361 pci(4) PCI_INTR_FIXUP broken in -current
4464 pcmcia(4) irq 9 causes problems on the Sager NP7500A
8272 pcmcia(4) pcmcia com driver dies in device open and write
8992 pcmcia(4) Sony Vaio CD-ROM drive PCGA-CD5 doesn't work
10105 pcmcia(4) pcic_isa_probe_interrupts() requires a card present?
10489 pcmcia(4) com at pcmcia at cardslot not working
10734 pcmcia(4) ex0 reports "can't allocate download descriptors"
14741 pcmcia(4) pcmcia_io_alloc and bad start io address PCMCIA devices
23225 pcmcia(4) Adatec 1460 controller chip is not detected in laptop with pcmcia on PCI-CardBus bridge
26717 pcmcia(4) PCMCIA HDD is not working
26909 pcmcia(4) many PCMCIA devices stopped working
28228 pcmcia(4) PCMCIA support for Clio C-1050
28979 pcmcia(4) page-fault when inserting PCMCIA/CardBus WiFi card
31989 pcmcia(4) insertion of pcmcia card causes panic
32328 pcmcia(4) PCMCIA port doesn't work on Thinkpad T43p
32938 pcmcia(4) PCMCIA cards with fixed IO addresses are not working.
33459 pcmcia(4) Cannot recognize capacity of Sandisk SDCFB-128 via PCMCIA properly.
39035 pcmcia(4) hang when removing pcmcia card
39130 pcmcia(4) drvctl -d pcmcia0 fails
39131 pcmcia(4) drvctl -d com1 crashes the system
39780 pcmcia(4) dual function pcmcia cards don't work properly (power issues?)
10388 pcic(4) There is no way to change isapnp pcic memory size without code edit.
33581 pcic(4) Z Com XI-325H / SMC2532W-B PC Card wedges system and overheats card
42773 ichlpcib(4) The time boundaries for ichlpcib are give incorrectly in source and manual
46198 ichlpcib(4) ichlpcib watchdog is not reset
48960 ichlpcib(4) ichlpcib maps I/O space from ACPI BAR which ichsmb wants
33907 piixpcib(4) GENERIC kernel fails on Toshiba Portege 3110CT
35313 piixpcib(4) piixpcib boot hang on 4.99.7 and 4.0_BETA2
36428 piixpcib(4) piixpcib boot hang on 4.0_BETA2
37138 piixpcib(4) piixpcib hangs system during configuration

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