Build issues

7253 build configuring pcic without pcmcia bus causes link failure.
9618 build .depend files don't include *.d
12831 build numbering of USD.doc
13794 build RES_OPTIONS=debug is broken due to res_init.o build issue
14372 build assemble debug kernel .S files with -gstabs or -gdwarf2
16601 build const type mismatches for some rpc functions
19348 build profiling doesn't work with USETOOLS=yes
20924 build vax assembler checking for byte offsets causes build error
21494 build Add support for building NetBSD under Cygwin/Windows
21945 build fix kernel 'make install' to use netbsd.old matching bootblock expectations
24457 build metalog contains incorrect information for hard links
24936 build MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM uses --, MACHINE_GNU_ARCH for mips is odd
25125 build targets set DESTDIR inconsistently
25884 build doesn't call lint on the sources, does.
26072 build Request: an option to, to build kernels without running "config" and "make depend"
26329 build MKOBJDIRS=no impossible with
29006 build please include libz support in src/tools/compat
29745 build "build obj" doesn't descend into x11/ directory (see 31934)
29882 build -x script does not produce XFree86 binary on Alpha
29968 build distribution build fails if some MK* variables are set to 'no'
30024 build INFOPATH not correctly used in cross build environment.
30444 build Some const/shadow warning fixes for recent -current
31934 build toplevel cleandir doesn't honor MKX11=yes (see 29745)
32117 build ld.elf_so/Makefile shouldn't set -O3 for all ports
32450 build building kernel without a large chunk of options (pci/etc) fails.
33037 build nbcompat/err.h header file incomplete?
33184 build Use sys/dev/usb/usbdevices.config in kernel config files
33217 build building guide failed with docbook Attempt to load network entity
33753 build don't installworld to a full disk
33906 build nbmake bootstrap build doesn't warn about using system mk includes
34248 build "make -j4 cleandir" causes ESTALE on nfs
34490 build wrong denpendency concerning "le_isa_intredge" and "le_isa_attach"?
34598 build cannot build m68k release with MKSOFTFLOAT and LDSTATIC
34811 build A few more unused variable fixes
34913 build absolute paths from build machine in /var/db/libc.tags
35377 build should not assigned CXXFLAGS based on CFLAGS
35855 build iop/sbp seem to depend on scsi code, but it is not enforced
35964 build Setting SHAREDSTRINGS=yes causes build to fail
36160 build Missing target kvm when crossbuilding from i386 to amd64
37938 build Solaris 10 / SPARC hosted build of NetBSD fails in MAKEDEV.awk (would be fixed by 36889)
37940 build build target iso-image broken
38023 build Build fails in tools/gcc on OS/X 10.5 "Leopard"
38053 build can't cross-build using xcode 3.0 on MacOS X 10.5/ppc
38114 build/postfix postfix fails to build when MKINET6=no
38487 build install breaks if -D and -O dirs are RO
38724 build Kernel modules installed in inappropriate directory tree
38765 build add setprogname to programs used in bootstrapping
39192 build fails on -m hpcmips
39249 build/linux "release" fails with: nbmtree: existing entry for `.', type `dir' does not match type `file'
39390 build BSDOBJDIR not checked for until after nbmake is built
39454 build UPDATE build of amd64 bootcd fails to pick up new kernel
39522 build Turning on make's debugging info will change the building options
39611 build native Xorg installed with setuid improperly
39619 build looks for nbmake in wrong place and rebuilds after was just built
39694 build under Interix-3.5
39737 build the build attempts to run autoconf/automake/autoheader
39752 build Cannot build a NOSWAP kernel for 4.0.1-RELEASE
39837 build binutils compilation failure
39860 build gen_matypes must be run for x86{,-64} assembler code to build
39974 build modules/ffs: can't mount log filesystems if vfs_wapbl.c not built in kernel
39996 build Evbppc/explora fails to build with modules
40035 build Installation of libraries using is broken if SHLIB_MINOR is undefined
40083 build bsd.README should document SHLIB_MAJOR/MINOR/TEENY variables
40093 build creates circular symlink when SHLIB_MINOR undefined
40156 build sys/rump isn't cleaned by make cleandir
41200 build <net/bpf.h> should include <sys/ioccom.h>
41266 build invoked mkisofs has wrong path for iso image
41503 build netbsd-5 LDSTATIC=-static amd build does not
41991 build library missing from xcomp/md.amd64 and xcomp/amd.i386 when building debuglib
42088 build Drop -U option (or make it the default)
42346 build postinstall -s looks for /usr/X11R6
42398 build tools/compat fails to cross-compile on macos
42497 build (dM) Two "build writes into source tree" timestamp issues
42702 build ./ release with some options in mk.conf fail!
42180 build Makefile of libbsdmalloc overwrites CPPFLAGS
42840 build xstr obfuscation not needed any more?
42998 build macppc POWERMAC_G5 kernel build fails in powerpc/oea/ofw_consinit.c: failsafe_cons undeclared
42999 build macppc POWERMAC_G5 kernel build fails in macppc/pci/u3.c: in32rb(), out32rb() undeclared
43043 build linking powerpc64 gdb fails with undefined references
43272 build no nbsed after first release build
43320 build fails on Cygwin 1.7.2
43697 build "No such file or directory" on -j 128
44106 build Failed build in src/rescue on NetBSD 5.0.2 and 5.1_RC4 (but probably more)
44166 build fails with MKATF=no
44430 build can't load solaris.ko
44459 build fails to build when /tmp is mounted noexec
44557 build MKSTATICLIB=no seems broken
44613 build Tools pick up gsed from pkgsrc if installed
44834 build Building on Solaris, sh problem: empty for loop
44854 build bad dependancies in lib/csu
44855 build bad dependancies in usr.sbin/crash
45096 build look at various compiler warning workarounds from GCC 4.5
45155 build there are no usb-stick installer images
45374 build -current tools using machine-local CPU CFLAGS overriding mk.conf
45457 build tools fails on OpenBSD/i386 4.9
45560 build Unable to cross build HEAD kernel on MacOS X 10.7
45616 build Missing header in build of kdump and ktruss
45697 build fails to build tools with gcc (the one coming with FreeBSD)
45702 build tools fails with sourcesets or NetBSD-daily/HEAD tarball; exec permission is removed
45804 build Not install mans with MKMANZ=yes & MLINKS
45989 build libc lint invocation does include -w only on i386
46176 build netbsd-5 failed to cross-compiled on gentoo hardened with gcc-4.5.X but compiled fine with gcc-4.4.X
46182 build Sources from src.tgz do not build
46204 build Cross compiling amd64 tools on arm linux fails
46239 build 6.0 BETA build failure (USE_FORT=yes)
46557 build sys/syslog.h can't be compiled on its own with -D_KERNEL
47258 build Build kernel failed on identcpu on 5_Stable
46261 build NetBSD 6.0_BETA and -current build fails in tools on some Linux systems
46314 build UUDECODE_FILES rebuilds files unconditionally
46315 build share/zoneinfo make install installs files repeatedly
46438 build Can't build NetBSD netbsd-6/amd64 on Linux/x86_64
46640 build Uninitialized variable on line 995 of /sys/netinet6/ip6_output.c breaks build
46793 build Can not compile libterminfo
47019 build Todo: check build knobs MKEXTSRC, MKARZERO, MKMANDOC
47768 build no longer bombs if run as non-root without -U/-E
47856 build netbsd-6 clang build fails in lib/libc/thread-stub/thread-stub.c due to function not being declared 'noreturn'
47930 build Crossbuilding from ppc64 hosts is broken
47981 build ./ distribution fails at librump
48047 build rump redefines constants, build failure.
48303 build Linux cross build fails on ppc
48355 build changed usr/share/info/dir in MKREPRO build
48455 build /usr/X11R7/lib/X11/locale/ja_JP.UTF-8/Compose etc. have unreplaced string, X11_LOCALEDATADIR
48786 build libbind fails during build
48854 build should prevent multiple build/distribution/release operations
48863 build fails to build
48877 build compilation stops on evbarm architecture (Raspberry Pi)
48914 build Builds randomly fail with "bconfig.h: no such file or directory"
48993 build Unable to build tools for evbarm on OS X Mavericks
49027 build xorg parallel build race
49035 build Some XOrg man pages miss keywords substitution

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015