Driver frameworks

Autoconfig and attach
43348 autoconf driver(9) man page has strange examples
44759 autoconf CFATTACH_DECL* macros should be better documented
44761 autoconf More autoconf(9) functions should be documented
MI audio
3424 audio Audio subsystem is writeonly-hostile (and readonly-hostile)
6827 audio /dev/audio does not support mmap for recording
8479 audio ossaudio emulation (mis-)interprets record source MIXER_ENUMs
9087 audio audio mmap(2) interface not entirely clear
34647 audio audio(4) silence insertion is broken
34821 audio Audio drivers use obsolete record gain control
40551 audio Kernel panic in audio_init_ringbuffer
40243 audio audio hanging and not working
42016 audio audio(4) does not handle formats where validbits!=precision
47077 audio (dM) audio(4) disagrees with the code
48209 audio Combination of Adobe flash player and audiorecord leads to panic
21986 drm Kernel API needed for finding/configuring GPU
44551 drm i915 and i965 DRI doesn't work with latest MesaLib
46625 drm 6.0_BETA2: Xorg is in drmwtq/0 state -> system freeze
46714 drm Multiple X11 restarts cause kernel panic with i915 + drm
48999 drm (drm) Incorrect return value from test_and_set_bit
49195 drm drm2 panic in i915_gem.c
49252 drm drm2 panic
49285 drm drmkms on pineview (intel)
49290 drm DRMKMS fails to work with R300
2887 tty tty's don't support per-port settable defaults.
4227 tty blocked state of hardware flow control is not cleared
10406 tty pty does not work with SLIP line discipline
12534 tty Processes can hang at exit-time on ttyout
28678 tty tty-driver failes to handle VMIN and VTIME in select call correctly
37915 tty vt100 + wscons + tty vmlocking changes = panic
38562 tty FIOSETOWN on ttys seems broken
39066 tty Tty settings mangled.
40109 tty Buggy PARMRK treatment of \377
45420 tty kernel should verify both /dev/constty and /dev/console
45424 tty TIOCCONS should not allow ordinary users to redirect consoles which are not tagged CN_INTERNAL
46063 tty Locking problem in ttwrite with tty_lock
49022 tty Locking issues in interaction of TTY and USB subsystems (exposed with uhso(4))
17171 pty Processes on ptys hang while exiting if the process on the master end is comatose.
6536 wscons/doc wsconsctl metaesc setting is undocumented
7882 wscons wscons font manipulation needs work...
10326 wscons Can't map shifted cursor keys in wscons
11927 wscons switching screens by CTL_R-ALT_R-Fn on wsdisplay
12254 wscons Binary incompatibility of WSMOUSEIO_* ioctl
12577 wscons mapping Caps_Lock to Control_L with wsconsctl
15406 wscons wscons request for screen-specific color/text assignment feature for virtual terminals
19564 wscons kernel panic with wsconsctl -m
26720 wscons Proposed enhancements to wscons keymaps user interface
28099 wscons a dvorak-like keymap for the french language
29167 wscons WSDISPLAY_CHARFUNCS non-functional with VGA_RASTERCONSOLE
29615 wscons Added support for Slovenian keymap
29648 wscons Userland implementation of Slovenian keymap
30780 wscons Many encodings in wscons don't work
35919 wscons some minor cleanups of WSCONS/PCVT setup messages
44712 wscons wscons VT switching gets wedged
46522 wscons wscons: deleting a screen causes kernel crash
46883 wscons wsdisplay(4) documentation needs improvements

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