Storage drivers

New drivers:
13350 newdriver Patch for Connect32 SCSI card
24883 newdriver Patch for DMA SCSI on Quadra AV's
40732 newdriver SMSC LAN9118 Family support
35075 ccd(4) Not unconfiguring CCDs at shutdown can keep raid parity dirty.
35447 cgd(4) Panic by write to raw cgd device
39116 cgd(4) newfs on cgd causes kernel panic
40423 cgd(4) Camellia support in CGD system
41756 cgd(4) cgd unloading doesn't release resources
41704 cgd(4) configuring cgd1 causes read to be attempted on cgd0
45492 cgd(4) buffer leak in cgd(4) (possibly not cgd's fault)
46494 cgd(4) cgd doesn't work on disk with 4K (read: non-512 byte) sector size
47857 cgd(4) cgd needs to support underlying disk geometry
8588 raidframe raidframe diagnostics suck
28588 raidframe update the guide for setting up RAIDframe on 2.0
30674 raidframe RAIDframe should be able to create volumes without parity rewrite
31477 raidframe Heavy disk IO to raid0 locks up system
37012 raidframe The online instructions for setting up RAIDframe aren't as clear as would be good
37802 raidframe Report daily dirty RAIDframe parity, order /etc/rc.d/raidframeparity before /etc/rc.d/securelevel
39783 raidframe raidframe autoconfig failed to cleanup correctly if out of memory
39784 raidframe enhancement to raidframe autoconfig for layered raid devices
39993 raidframe lockup on i386 SMP (raidframe related ?)
40427 raidframe Cannot configure RAIDframe device with pre-5.99.6 raidctl
40616 raidframe panic on reboot (perhaps due to raidframe)
41300 raidframe RC3 panic in RaidFrame
41706 raidframe after a failure of a componented disk of raid0 the disk subsystem became unresponsive
43629 raidframe RAIDframe should be able to ignore read errors while replacing a component
46892 raidframe panic on `raidctl -u raid0' during reconstruction
46895 raidframe raidframe autoconfiguration cannot handle layered devices
47846 raidframe panic/lockups in raidframe during detach at shutdown
47989 raidframe raidframe open extracs disklabel even if there are wedges
10678 scsi(4) SCSI bus numbering from OF is inappropriate.
20528 scsi(4) scsictl can detach a mounted device
34146 scsi(4) scsi(4) manpage doesn't match with sys/scsiio.h
8741 cd(4) Need to reassert drawer lock after bus/device reset
10805 cd(4) Mitsumi CR-4804TE ATAPI CDRW not detected by 1.4.2 kernel
12999 cd(4) /dev/rcd0a can be opened, but then ops get ENOTTY
13563 cd(4) rndctl -l shows 0 bits for cd0
24791 cd(4) untar from CD-ROM causes Check Condition on CDB, cp doesn't
26500 cd(4) 2.0-branch: AHA2940UW croaks w/ NEC CD-ROM drive
39904 cd(4) Unreadable CD may lead to panic (integer divide fault trap in cdstrategy)
43373 cd(4) (abcde?) renders cd0 useless when hal is running
6214 ch(4) ch(4) and block mode descriptors
10507 ch(4) ch driver or chio handles cleaning tapes poorly
24915 ch(4) SCSI changers and disabled block descriptors
14230 sd(4) Supporting SCSI drives reporting illegal sector size
32830 sd(4) sd(4) contains incorrect & incomplete information
22054 ss(4) /dev/ss0 don't work with Nikon coolscanIII
2155 st(4) density code problems with Exabyte 8505
13454 st(4) WangDAT DDS-1 tape-drive reporting wrong blocksize range
21503 st(4) empty SCSI tape drives cannot be queried or configured
22160 st(4) panic using SCSI TK50 in NetBSD 1.6.1
32474 st(4) SCSI tape /dev/st fails on NetBSD 2.1 onwards
38643 st(4) (dM) st tape drive loses data
41884 st(4) manual for st(4) say different behaviou for enrst devices
41889 st(4) st(4) driver splits larger IO request into peaces - compability problem with other OS's
41797 st(4) kernel panic in kern_physio when tape reaches EOM during write if DIAGNOSTICS is enbled, without DIGNOSTICS error status is lost
41928 st(4) mt(1) manual states count for erase command is ignored - this is not true for st(4)
41886 st(4) missing feature to define timeout values for ST device in kernel config
43257 st(4) default SCSI-tape timeing parameters not selectable by kernel config
9857 wd(4) wddone() omits block numbers from soft errors
10430 wd(4) Wd driver cannot handle bad144 table properly?
11811 wd(4) wddump kernel dumping failure
13275 wd(4) IDE retries should be disableable
16789 wd(4) wddump() cannot dump to an unopened device
23761 wd(4) dmesg output and kernel disagree on wd numbering
23869 wd(4) Deadlocks when writing to /dev/wd*
32766 wd(4) Patch: Sleeps wd disks before switching off
38465 wd(4) Manual hard drive geometry data entry difficulties
47435 wd(4) wd_trim doesn't check bounds
17436 adv(4) please implement SCSI reset in adv driver
11194 adw(4) adw driver should not panic on microcode checksum failure.
9257 aha(4) panic in aha_scsi_cmd()
11066 aha(4) machine check with IDE DMA restoring from ISA SCSI tape
4815 ahc(4)/amiga AHC driver can't make ARCHIVE VIPER 150 stream.
14529 ahc(4) aic7880 gets stuck probing devices
17618 ahc(4) CDIOCRESET ioctl on Toshiba CDROM@ahc0 hangs machine if no media
21335 ahc(4) ahc -current 20030427 driver leaves process in D state after timeout/BDR
21749 ahc(4) scsictl disk stop freezes ahc
22078 ahc(4) New ahc driver fails to access channel B on a Twin channel AHA-274x adapter
22495 ahc(4) The new ahc driver in -current panics with an AHA2940UW
23420 ahc(4) new ahc driver doesn't probe Seagate ST318436LC drives at the right speed
28706 ahc(4) ahc1: Bus Device Reset Message Sent, Inactive SCB in untaggedQ -----> hang
29369 ahc(4) ahc driver cannot handle HP LTO 2-SCSI drive - SCB timeout / BDR -> hang/unusable -> REBOOT needed
32064 ahc(4) strange probing output with Adaptec aic7880
35987 ahc(4) Kernel panic in ahc driver (Possibly memory corruption though)
37456 ahc(4) ahc driver can lead to crash if cdrom drive misbehaves
38088 ahc(4) reading to/past end of audio CD on ahc0 watchdog reboots my SGI O2
41867 ahc(4) ahc-driver freezes after first device timeout and looses error information
22636 ahd(4) ahd driver does not work with u320 drives
23045 ahd(4) panic with ahd driver
39526 ahd(4) ahd driver crashes system if it runs out of memory
42375 ahd(4) ahd driver uses wrong mask if CND-queuing failed
42376 ahd(4) ahd-driver bug in cmd-queuing - duplicate TAG send to device
31279 esiop(4) esiop driver trouble
31494 esiop(4) HP NetServer LPr SMP Kernel hang at esiop or siop probing
40665 esiop(4) 4.0 sparc64 does not boot on SUN SPARCengine UltraAX-MP+
45748 esiop(4) esiop fails with DEBUG kernels
13159 esp(4) 50% degradation in ncr53c9x scsi write performance
29936 isp(4) isp(4) with Qlogic 2312 FC HBA hangs with: "unable to load DMA (35)"
32770 isp(4) reading disklabel off CD-R attached to isp gives stray interrupts
33073 isp(4) isp0: unable to load dma (22)
34853 isp(4) can not boot 3.1RC4(AMD64) with a qlogic qla2200f/66 hba installed. gives "isp0: I/O while blocked" message continuously.
38576 isp(4) isp_pci.o is too large
39329 mfi(4) Intel S3000AH server motherboard with on-board LSI controller not supported by mfi
26825 mpt(4) mpt driver hangs during 2.0 install
30531 mpt(4) 4MB/s out of mpt(4) 53c1030 striped drives
31034 mpt(4) Patch included to allow mpt(4) to send bus resets
35071 mpt(4) panic: mpt_get_request: corrupted request free list (xfer)
36900 mpt(4) MPT driver attached to LSI logic 1068E is slooow.
18887 sea(4) sys/dev/isa/seagate.c is not MI
7843 si(4) si/sw driver problems on Sun 4/110
6849 siop(4) NCR SCSI driver negotiates wide transfer on 53C875 narrow host and UWSCSI disk
27135 siop(4) siop driver doesn't make kernel core dumps
32717 siop(4) alpha 3.0 install kernel doesn't see scsi disks
6228 wds(4) wd7000 broken
37485 aceride(4) certain sun disk controllers hork on UDMA 4
37866 ahcisata(4) real disks sometimes probe as very small ST506 disks
37875 ahcisata(4) ahcisata(4) triggers a panic with QUEUEDEBUG
46437 ahcisata(4) panic: ahci_exec_command: polled command not done
47097 ahcisata(4) ahcisata(4) triggers panic when disk I/O error is caused
48214 ahcisata(4) "clearing WDCTL_RST failed" during boot
48754 ahcisata(4) ahcisata hardware alignement requirements not guaranteed by driver
32191 ata(4) integer divide fault trap caused by the ata driver
43169 ata(4) sys/dev/ata/wd.c doesn't call disk_unbusy in case of errors/retries
47793 ata(4) satapmp crashes MARVELL_NAS
38273 ataraid(4) panic: LOCKDEBUG, "lockdebug_barrier: spin lock held", from ld_ataraid_start_raid0()
40017 ataraid(4) ataraid(4) deadlock
43986 ataraid(4) ataraid(4) doesn't seem to handle weird array configs very gracefully
36247 cmdide(4) ata controller problem??
30236 hptide(4) HighPoint 1540 doesn't find connected drives and freezes the system
31442 hptide(4) Conner CP3041 hard disk drive not detected
33786 iteide(4) ATAPI DMA with ITE 8212F
37428 ixpide(4) netbsd-4 rc3+4 crash with ixpide 0:0 lost interrupt
39878 ixpide(4) SATA IDE compat support broken for AMD 780G chipset
46285 ixpide(4) ixpide0:0:0: piomode error (0xff)
47609 ixpide(4) ixpide0:0:0: recal drive fault
37936 jmide(4) jmide(4) with ATAPI devices is too fragile
18619 pciide(4) pciide(4) should list controller maximum speed, as FreeBSD's ata(4) does
24094 pciide(4) pciide broken on Compaq Armada 1110
25035 piixide(4) Intel 82801EB Serial ATA Controller and Seagate ST3120026AS disk problem
40440 piixide(4) cd0(piixide0:1:0): illegal request
40449 piixide(4) disk errors after ACPI suspend/resume
47455 piixide(4) ATA TRIM doesn't work on piixide(4)
47592 piixide(4) installation failure - partial boot - piixide0: 0: 0; lost interrupt
33291 pdcsata(4) pdcsata hang kernel on writing device timeout/retry
37632 satalink(4) Unable to boot 4.0 using "Silicon Image 3112A"-based SATA controller
45034 satalink(4) Satalink driver downgrades from DMA to PIO 4 from soft errors (sandpoint/PowerPc)
47390 satalink(4) simplify/cleanup satalink(4) device detection
24223 siside(4) siside - lost interrupt missing interupt from DMA
31110 siside(4) siside(4) uses too low dma-mode on SiS650 IDE with FUJITSU MHR2020AT attached. patch exist{s|ed}.
48858 siside(4) siside0:0:1:0: lost interrupt
32860 viaide(4) panic in physio_done after heavy IO
36648 viaide(4) No SATA DVD on viaide, kernel hangs on repeated mount attempts
37517 viaide(4) VIA VT8251 southbridge isn't working correctly.
43569 viaide(4) sata cdrom drive downgraded to u-dma 1
45917 viaide(4) Unsupported VT6415 PCIE IDE single-channel controller
47389 viaide(4) lost interrupt messages with viaide(4) and sata atapi device
32169 wdc(4) PIO modes 1 and 2 not used
36172 fwohci(4) fwohci: plugin/plugout events sometimes crash machine
40008 fwohci(4) netbsd-5 hangs on boot on an ASUS a7n8x deluxe
40051 fwohci(4) powerbook g4/500 titanium with netbsd-5 kernel hangs up with fwohci 'support'
40670 fwohci(4) Sony CXD3222 IEEE 1394 Host Controller spam
39852 sbp(4) firewire/sbp hickups on NetBSD 5.0_BETA
42737 sbp(4) sbp temporary detachment feature causes deadlocks
RAID controllers
33048 aac(4) aac(4) fails to initialize under Xen (NetBSD 3.0)
34725 aac(4) aac driver stops reponding after 10 seconds of activity
35769 aac(4) aac(4) needs updating from FreeBSD or replacing from OpenBSD (or fixing of a lost interrupt bug)
47037 ciss(4) ciss(4) -- kernel panic
26273 mlx(4) mlx driver does not work on alpha
35591 twa(4) twa(4) doesn't see disks on lun 1
41897 twa(4) twa(4) cause: panic: cpu_switchto: switching above IPL_SCHED (8)
19299 twe(4) The twe(4) driver is too quic to time out on large capacity cards.
34603 twe(4) twe(4) does not support ATA command passthrough ioctl
22505 twe(4) With a RAID set in degraded mode, the twe driver splodes at boot.
ISCSI system
42650 iscsi iscsi-target has target devices and their luns confused
46623 iscsi iscsi attaches a scsibus, but fails to enumerate LUNs with certain target
46624 iscsi endianess issue in iscsi-target and/or LUN handling bug in iscsi module
46896 iscsi iSCSI initiator ccb_pool gets corrupted
6157 fd(4) floppy driver does not always recognize HD disks
37211 fd(4) Mounting Floppy with no Floppy causes Freezing
26721 fdc(4) IBM PS/2 + MCA 2.0_BETA kernels hang at fdc0 message
27087 fdc(4) fdc0: can't set up ISA DMA map
38747 fdc(4) "fd1" appears during probe, even though it's disabled in the BIOS
41210 fdc(4) configuring fdc0 at pnpbios0 causes kernel uvm fault
26138 rx(4) kernel panics on microvax when you use RX50 floppy drive

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