All suspended PRs

1862 libc scanf doesn't support X/Open positional parameters
36519 [?] 4.0BETA2/amd64 does not find logical drives under 3ware 9500.
15334 compat_linux/amiga COMPAT_LINUX on amiga appears to be broken.
19972 compat_linux linux emulation does not support socket(PF_PACKET)
42513 vfs permission denied to "cd .."
6624 ffs NetBSD should not use C/H/S addressing
38171 ffs mount_ffs doesn't work on old DEC CDs with 2048-byte hardware sectors and 512-byte software sectors
4785 net directed bcasts sysctl bikeshedding
11288 net NetBSD's IP stack leaks information in the ip_id
2356 amiga no kgdb support for amiga
2726 amiga HP Scanjet driver patch for NetBSD/Amiga
8122 amiga NetBSD + 4MB ram doesn't work
5133 mac68k SCSI Errors and gradual drive corruption
37930 sparc sparc mutex stubs are broken on MP
11781 vax crash dump didn't happen on vax
43796 xen modules can't be used with xen kernels
17135 usb ES40 gets swamped by interrupts when USB is enabled
29050 usb USB unplug makes kernel panic
37459 usb USB device issues on suspend/resume
14587 apm i386 ddb apm interactions can be poor
14230 sd(4) Supporting SCSI drives reporting illegal sector size
6157 fd(4) floppy driver does not always recognize HD disks
6475 le(4) NetBSD's MI le driver does not report giant Ethernet packets
8446 ppp(4) no way to drop packet from PPP compressor
7331 isapnp(4) i386 isa/isapnp interrupt sharing doesn't work
8992 pcmcia(4) Sony Vaio CD-ROM drive PCGA-CD5 doesn't work
45890 piixpm(4) piixpm autoconfigure not always probing correctly
21748 ld.elf_so crashes when running tcl-expect on vax
34722 pthreads pthread can use unlimited amount of stack
44057 gcc tanh() function doesn't preserve the zero sign
4590 gdb/mips mips gdb can't do stack traces on stripped binaries
14615 make make with MAKEOBJDIR set behaves strange on sub-makes
43821 make make: oldstanding bug with loop variables
38736 sh(1) /bin/sh: several problems with 'set -e'
12667 ftpd(8) ftpd respond to "LIST -al /dir/name/." command with null list.
13541 ftpd(8) ftpd unable to "LIST" filenames that begin with hyphen
19917 pax(1) pax-as-tar does not handle -M
39296 send-pr send-pr allows sending malformed PRs
37562 ssh new ssh MAC is not working
35697 xlibs Build of Xt fails if USE_SSP=yes
45114 atf another atf(7) feature request
45143 atf add -f to atf-run(1)
37940 build build target iso-image broken
45398 pkg fonts/gucharmap update (patches incl.)
35123 pkg lang/utilisp fails during build
39636 pkg mail/fetchmail isn't doing IMAPS
43529 pkg math/udunits: Update to 2.1.17
42039 pkg security/tct apparently does not support NetBSD 4.0 (but pkg is not marked)
42609 pkg www/urlgrabber Makefile: Incorrect `MASTER_SITES` and `HOMEPAGE' URLs
30562 pkg x11/qt3-libs doesn't handle child processes in QProcess class correctly
29195 pkg/macos editors/abiword crashes on MacOS X 10.2.8
34442 pkg/solaris lang/tcl-expect deadlock on solaris/linux
43253 pkg slashem 0.0.7E7F3
21942 pkg replace -- Suggestion for make replace : keep previous libs
35012 pkg pkgsrc binary package dependancy system is broken
48244 pkg ruby193-puppet-3.1.1 pkgin provider "versionable" not honoring ensure => version
48745 pkg devel/hammer 1.0.0-rc3
48872 pkg valid option '--libs-only-other' (and generally "*-other") not mentioned in pkg-config manpage
15085 [?] IPMON does't look for A after a PTR lookup
38108 [?] single regexp implementation for NetBSD base system
46815 . scp does not validate its arguments before asking for remote password
48724 . Set lists not updated for files made obsolete by GCC bump to 4.8.3
48970 . docs can't use html because groff calls netpbm
49273 . 64-bit constant loads in as will be truncated to 32-bit.

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015