Network drivers

New drivers:
9176 newdriver I have developed SCSI-Ethernet driver
5228 bpf/tcpdump libpcap doesn't correctly identify EtherTalk packets
28339 bpf(4) M_HASFCS not honored in bpf(4)
32928 bpf(4) bpf filter can fail to extract a 32-bit quantity
45142 bpf(4) bpf_filter() can leak kernel stack contents
18035 bridge(4) bridge does not work with !IFF_SIMPLEX interfaces
21831 bridge(4) bridge(4) should take care of checksum offloading
31421 bridge(4) bridge(4) doesn't bridge 802.11 beacons
40547 bridge(4) bridge(4) disrupting added interface routing
40139 bridge(4) bridge(4) does not transmit DHCP replies to tap(4)
43379 bridge(4) bridge(4) drops broadcast packets to member interface with IP from member interface without IP.
44374 bridge(4) bridge to wm(4) with checksum offloading causes the interface to stop working
48971 bridge(4) ICMP redirects should not be issued for active bridge
48104 bridge(4) Incorrect forwarding of broadcast packets by bridge(4)
8994 eon(4) 'ping' on eon0 panics the system
10500 eon(4) eon driver sucks
23668 eon(4) system panic when eon0 used
17191 gif(4) unconfigured gif tunnel gives weird llinfo message
25796 gif(4) tcpdump does not show all packets on gif(4)
36574 gif(4) Can't add gif interface to bridge
9920 gre(4) gre and ipip documentation not complete, wrong, or something
16704 gre(4) v4 over v4 through GRE tunnel causes panics.
17202 gre(4) SIOCSIFADDR/IFDSTADDR on gre* interface destroys outer IP address setting
18338 gre(4) gre use in -current causes kernel panic
33901 gre(4) ipf "express forward" to GRE interface gives byte order problem.
34172 gre(4) tcpdump doesn't catch any non-IP packet on gre(4) interface
38388 gre(4) ipnat won't let GRE get redirected
39305 gre(4) loops through gre(4) cause a hang or crash
43317 gre(4) Several bugs in gre
37820 stf(4) stf security and nat
45764 stf(4) ifconfig stf0 destroy caused a panic
40621 srt(4) net/if_srt.c uses wrong byte order for masks on little endian systems
37439 tap(4) tap(4) assigning duplicate MAC addresses
44033 tap(4) kernel panic when destroying tap(4)
17603 vlan(4) interface stat inconsistent with vlan configuration
34276 vlan(4) ether_input() refernces ec_nvlans inconsitently
34277 vlan(4) the documentation in vlan(4) and ifconfig(8) about VLANs in incomplete
48997 vlan(4) changing link-local address of vlan causes panic
20512 an(4) Thinkpad T30 Aironet mini-PCI wireless card: an driver fails to map registers
31037 an(4) aironet 350 an(4) pcmcia card with a recent firmware are not working
25928 ath(4) ath driver fails with "unable to collect channel list from hal"
26375 ath(4) "ath" driver uses global country code variable (vs. per instance).
26709 ath(4) ath(4) lacks sysctls & more
28177 ath(4) ath* not compatible with AIRESPACE basestation
28244 ath(4) no turbo mode recognised for NetGear WG311T and WG511T
28385 ath(4) ath(4) is unstable under load with DLink AG650 PCcard
30930 ath(4) ath now incorrectly selects 11g mode instead of 11b mode
31296 ath(4) ath(4) does not work with WEP enabled
32638 ath(4) ath(4) driver mis-interprets received packets
32690 ath(4) Cant make DWL-G510 work with ath driver
34118 ath(4) Atheros driver in AP mode causes kernel panic when client moves in/out of range
35045 ath(4) Netbsd 4.99.3 panic on ath0 mediaopt change
35228 ath(4) ath and tcpdump don't mix
35301 ath(4) ThinkPad X31 ath0 device not working (it worked perfectly before)
35320 ath(4) ath(4) doesn't seems to work anymore
35682 ath(4) WEP enabled ath does not come back from acpi sleep/wake
37024 ath(4) ath(4) appears to be out of date in 4.0_RC1
37400 ath(4) panic in ath_rate_findrate(): ndx is 0
37984 ath(4) current ath(4) does not work properly with Atheros AR5006EX
38409 ath(4) ibm X31 with ath does not restore WiFi after sleep/resume S3 state transition
40507 ath(4) AR5005G - ath0: unable to attach hardware; HAL status 3
41175 ath(4) ath(4) crash on boot on 5.99.10 booting without ACPI
41428 ath(4) ath_cardbus does not setup latency timer
41483 ath(4) ath does not support power save
41650 ath(4) NetBSD/evbmips -current on MERAKI/Atheros 2315 WiSoC crashes
41661 ath(4) ath(4) does not work properly with AR2413
41624 ath(4) atheros-card works in 4.0 but not in 5.0
42164 ath(4) Still having device-timeouts with ath and AR2413
43157 ath(4) ath driver doesn't support AR2425
45081 ath(4) "ath0: device timeout", then wifi connection is dropped momentarily
45745 ath(4) ath0 hostap panics with ifconfig ath0 mode 11g
45903 ath(4) ath supports Atheros 9285, but presents timeout messages
48773 ath(4) Kernel lockup with ath wirless cards
48736 ath(4) System freezes when a devices connects to ath0 in hostap mode
48450 ath(4) ath (and athn) seem to loop back some packets
47957 athn(4) athn0 crash
30283 atu(4) atu(4) needs serious work (panic, and stall)
32344 atu(4) atu(4) makes kernel crash
27015 atw(4) performance and/or lockup problems with atw.
44481 bwi(4) bwi(4) does not support phy
45342 bwi(4) bwi driver not working on broadcom wifi card 4313
35046 ipw(4) kernel panic when trying to dump packets on ipw0 in monitor mode
32133 iwi(4) iwi0: loss of connectivity
32270 iwi(4) iwi may not reinitialize after suspend/resume
32536 iwi(4) wpa_supplicant(8) unreliable, dropping connections with iwi(4)
34697 iwi(4) iwi* (Intel WiFi) does not work with AirPort Extreme (Apple) encryption
37655 iwi(4) iwi(4) doesn't work after resume
42069 iwi(4) iwi fails to initialise, due to firmware load problems
42114 iwn(4) iwn0: could not lock memory
45899 iwn(4) iwn Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 not working
47972 iwn(4) iwn panic
48891 iwn(4) iwn Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 not working
45531 otus(4) otus(4) unstable
31906 ral(4) ral(4) panics kernel when unplugging ASUS card from Apple USB keyboard
34621 ral(4) ral(4) no longer supports powersave mode
35975 ral(4) Cannot access wireless network with a hidden ssid
36148 ral(4) USB ral(4) locks up once every few days
40573 ral(4) ral(4) does not work with WPA
41388 ral(4) ral(4) no longer supports ibss mode to dwl-g510
43706 ral(4) ral(4) man page error for mediaopt syntax, Ad-Hoc or IBSS operation
45528 ral(4) ral(4) unstable
40966 rum(4) rum(4) detach error messages
43090 rum(4) Rum Driver Won't Detect Loss of Access Point
48617 rum(4) After about 1 hour of inactivity WiFi network connection is lost (rum0 interface still active)
32185 rtw(4) rtw incorrect geographic location
32186 rtw(4) rtw rx/tx overflow
48964 urndis(4) In urndis(4), initialization of ifnet structure is not enough, cause panic.
48963 urndis(4) kmem_free size mismatch causes panic when attaching urndis(4).
47781 urtwn(4) Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter, RTL8188CUS stop working with high rf input
47723 urtwn(4) Realtek rtl8188CU Wireless adaptor causes crashes. Use assortment of 3.
48112 urtwn(4) patch to support Sitecom N300 usb wifi adapter (urtwn)
13359 wi(4) Wireless card hangs kernel upon detection
13613 wi(4) protection fault trap while probing Lucent wi PCMCIA-Card
23694 wi(4) monitor mode is broken with wi(4)
25128 wi(4) NetBSD-2.0 (also 1.6 and current) segfaults using wi driver
29014 wi(4) wi driver bug: panic in wi_start
29872 wi(4) wi asserts after timeout in wi_seek when running wiconfig -D
30549 wi(4) wi(4) fails to initialise card on netbsd-3
30569 wi(4) wi make machine fall over
30631 wi(4) wi(4) broken for netgear ma401 (prism2) in -current
31380 wi(4) Detaching a wi PCMCIA card panics netbsd-3
35124 wi(4) current port-hpcarm is broken with wi0 driver
38691 wi(4) wi on strike
39590 wi(4) wi driver doesn't recognise 3COM CRWE777A PCMCIA card
39838 wi(4) wi(4) PCMCIA card fails in -current when inserted in cardbus system
41519 wi(4)? Wireless card does not function properly
37753 wpi(4) issues of wpi in WPA and WEP networks
40426 wpi(4) wpi0 disappeer after suspend/resume
41833 wpi(4) wpi0: fatal firmware error
45022 wpi(4) wpi0 on pci0 generates error message, could not lock memory, and not works
36821 zyd(4) zyd(4) rejects initial configuration attempt
40076 zyd(4) zyd(4) cannot be built with -O3
42781 zyd(4) zyd wireless usb device reboots alpha box
43125 zyd(4) zyd(4) crashes with Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L
5301 ae(4) ae hangs when ifconfig with EtherPort IIN (NuBus)
46365 alc(4) alc can't relink after cable disconnect
42461 ale(4) ale(4) only works in certain switches with certain speeds
32085 aumac(4) aumac should support VLAN
41413 aumac(4) aumac must clear the error, if error == ENETRESET
24911 bce(4) bce driver cannot initialize after WinXP has run.
33440 bce(4) bce0 network interface freezes system when configured with ifconfig
37578 bce(4) bce(4) man page change
28361 bge(4) bge(4) locks up on AlphaServer ES40 when any significant traffic is transmitted
29316 bge(4) bge(4) receive errors while querying interface with ifconfig
30851 bge(4) bad NAT with bge
36022 bge(4) bge(4) fails to initialize
37762 bge(4) bge hw assist problems
38871 bge(4) vlans don't work on bge interface
42608 bge(4) bge on optiplex 745 and tso
44897 bge(4) bge initialization/run failures
45505 bge(4) bge0 does not not clear its routes when downed
45494 bge(4) bge0 watchdog timeout
46197 bge(4) after net-booting a bge-equipped sparc64, the kernel cannot use the bge's
47634 bge(4) Broadcom BCM57762 Gigabit Ethernet (bge0) does not work anymore
48451 bge(4) NMI ... going to debugger at install -> bge BCM5717
47782 bge(4) intermittent issue with bge(4): ifconfig cannot assign link-local address
49018 bge(4) Sun Ultra 25 Workstation cannot use bge0 and bge1.
31947 bm(4) bm0 ethernet slow and has errors "bm0: discarding oversize frame (len=1563)"
46951 bm(4) bm0 not connecting. Powerbook G3 PDQ
40462 bnx(4) bnx0: Double mbuf allocation failure!
31954 cdce(4) sys/dev/if_cdce.c does not recognise YOPY PDA
36592 cdce(4) cdce does not work: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo on cdce0
37653 cdce(4) Using cdce to communicate with an iPaq running iPaq Linux (ala Familiar) fails with llinfo allocation error
47750 dge(4) if_dge does not recognize Intel PRO/10GbE SR adapter
12521 ei(4) aborts using ei(4) and asc(4)
31131 emac(4) Set multicast filter in if_emac.c::emac_init()
10328 en(4) 'en' driver uses vtophys, kernel printf %b
31134 ep(4) ep driver unusable
32356 ep(4) etherlink III 3c589D-TP PC card failure
40947 ep(4) Thinkpad panics, then hangs during shutdown
11925 ex(4) Integrated 3Com netcard not working
12031 ex(4) ex driver problem: Autoneg does notwork fine with tqphy.
27379 ex(4) flow control support for ex(4)
15569 fpa(4) DEC FDDI panics ultra 5
41038 fpa(4) Pentium 1 crashes during boot install kernel
14091 fxp(4) Autonegotiation for fxp broke in 1.5.2 w/Extreme Summit 48s
24902 fxp(4) fxp on i82550 doesn't work on evbarm (at least)
26888 fxp(4) fxp driver results in dmasync errors
33047 fxp(4) fxp NICs are not useable on IBM Netfinity 4000R (no link)
37963 fxp(4) fxp0: device timeout
42068 fxp(4) fxp address adding or removing causes link changes
44199 fxp(4) lots of "fxp0: device timeout" in 5.99.41
46291 fxp(4) 6.0_BETA kernel crash: intr_biglock_wrapper -> fxp_intr
31858 gem(4) gem (ERI/GEM/GMAC Ethernet device driver) has problems on macppc -current
40137 gem(4) gem(4) drops TCP packets with tcp4csum-tx when on a bridge(4)
46083 gem(4) gem(4) is broken on NetBSD 6_BETA (macppc)
46180 gem(4) tcp4csum-tx on gem0 breaks NFS
20988 gsip(4) gsip gigabit ethernet driver fails with Netgear GA621
20113 hme(4) initial "ifconfig hme0" produces stray interrupt
24310 hme(4) hme is sometimes SIMPLEX, and bpf ends up with dups
24736 iwic(4) ld reports i4b_l1_debug missing when compiling only iwic at pci used (ISDN4BSD)
10337 kue(4) kue0 stops occasionally
10469 kue(4) uhci halting problem
48310 kue(4) kue(4) cannot receive multicast packets
6475 le(4) NetBSD's MI le driver does not report giant Ethernet packets
17611 le(4) NOARP doesn't work - at least with "le" driver
20608 mc(4) Built-in mc0 ethernet does not work (gives timeout errors) on Apple Network Server
32010 mc(4) mc0 does not function on PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 210
35711 msk(4) NetBSD-current msk/amd64 random failures
36454 msk(4) msk(4) (Marvell Yukon-2 FE) watchdog timeout (with fix)
41140 msk(4) ssh/bacula diconnect with errors when msk iface is used
42514 msk(4) msk panic while transfering data
43507 msk(4) no msk(4) on HP Probook 4510s
48309 msk(4) msk(4) cannot change link address
9927 ne(4) ne network driver hangs at broadcast flood (DoS attack possible)
15776 ne(4) Abnormal behaviour of ne(4) on a "NetEasy by D-Link DRP-16CT" under a Generic kernel.
19994 ne(4) Driver problem Netgear FA 411
27299 ne(4) ne(4) broken for me
37723 ne(4) ne* AX88190 Fast Ethernet 16-bit PC Card: where did the card go? problem
19334 ne(4) FA410 requires manual set of media speed
40345 nfe(4) nfe: watchdog timeout
21965 pcn(4) AM79c978 (PCnet-Home) HomePna card does not work with 1.6.1/if_pcn
36427 pcn(4) pcn related panic in m_freem
37910 pcn(4) pcn errors on IBM pcn cards
17956 qe(4) qe0<->qe1 transfer freezes the system
38229 re(4) Realtek 8139C+ problems with more than 2 NICs
40684 re(4) 're' driver corrupts IPv6 packets on output.
41679 re(4) Lots of re0: watchdog timeout using qemu/kvm
42062 re(4) "ifconfig re0 up" locks Xen-based dom0 hard
42343 re(4) re(4) seems to fail to send some packets
43274 re(4) re(4) crash on ultra10 - uncorrectable DMA error
48343 re(4) patch for re(4) to change link address of 8111E_VL
40333 rtk(4) System freezes without messages at network access
44433 rtk(4) rtk cannot program a new MAC address
15592 sf(4) sf "starfire" NIC driver gives "device timeout"
18069 sip(4) sip*/pci noisy error output
18590 sip(4) sip (SiS 900) driver doesn't find PHYs, doesn't work on AMD EasyNow! PC
22691 sip(4) Multiple sip interfaces & kernel compiled without IPv6 causes panic
24614 sip(4) sip0: suffers 'transmit FIFO underrun' on 1.6.2RC4 with NetGear FA311
25110 sip(4) i386 kernel dev/pci/if_sip update request
25730 sip(4) NETGEAR FA311 (sip/nsphyter) does not work on 1.6.2
31837 sip(4) sip driver receive buffer overrun diminishes the receive capabilities of the driver
36580 sk(4) sk(4) man page has contradictory info. re. checksum support
42807 sm(4) sm0 driver should provide a way to select which INTR line of SMC91C96 to use
34834 ste(4) ste driver generates packet burst after timeout
29629 stge(4) PCI driver stge does not function with 2.0.1
13565 ti(4) Tigon driver is wimpy at packet reception
38582 ti(4) if_ti.o is too large
20467 tl(4) the tl driver slows down the system
11419 tlp(4) Xircom Realport Ethernet fails with DHCP but works statically configured
16508 tlp(4) tlp driver doesn't start correctly on alpha (for me)
18051 tlp(4) tlp doesn't configure media, faults on apm reset
18414 tlp(4) tlp driver can "collect" ~10 packets in 1.6 before sending them
21838 tlp(4) "panic: cardbus_get_capability" on apm resume when CardBus tlp(4) was running
22813 tlp(4) tlp driver reports wrong error for 21041
24841 tlp(4) tlp driver goes into store and forward mode
25684 tlp(4) tlp0 driver for Davicom DM9102 hangs on some transfers
26118 tlp(4) multiple tulip boards do not work in 1.6.2 using tlp driver
29228 tlp(4) tlp0 problem on Alpha PWS (with a fix)
29978 tlp(4) tlp driver bad performance (transmit underrun) especially ANA-6944A
31964 tlp(4) frozen networking with tlp and trafshow
32975 tlp(4) "ifconfig tlp0 manual" required to select 10base2/bnc interface on Multia
36402 tlp(4) tlp driver fails with Xircom X3201-3 Ethernet (CardBus)
37492 tlp(4) Conexant RS7112 (tlp) unreliable at 100 Mb/s, forcing media type broken
44675 tlp(4) Changing link level address on "tlp" card, while up, hangs machine (PCI/i386)
26204 txp(4) if_txp doesn't work with 3com 3CR990B-FX, panics at boot time
10530 tr(4) no IEEE802 (broken ring) kernel DHCP support
47760 udav(4) udav does not work with Kontron (Industrial Computer Source / ICS Advent) DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter
41525 vge(4) vge0 watchdog timout
18094 vr(4) Kernel panic with homepna card on Alpha 500/500
43232 vr(4) vr0 packet lost and vr0 device timeout while heavy traffic
30151 wm(4) the call to rnd_add_uint32() in src/sys/dev/pci/if_wm.c:wm_intr() is commented
30193 wm(4) Activity LED on wm(4) does not blink.
30880 wm(4) wm(4) on fiber boots up with media inactive
31041 wm(4) wm(4) sometimes can't attach phy, igphy(4): MDIC read timed out
32083 wm(4) wm0: discarding oversize frame on large file transfers
32165 wm(4) wm0: discarding oversize frame (len=-4)
36347 wm(4) Things go blooey when using both interfaces on i80003 chipset board
37743 wm(4) if_wm.c 1.150 performance regression
38075 wm(4) wm(4) can not receive arp request
40981 wm(4) wm0: device timeout
42367 wm(4) wm(4) interface dropping carrier when MTU too low (?)
44376 wm(4) wm interface 82574 on Supermicro X8SIL (with Xeon L3406) -> kernel deadlock
46668 wm(4) wm reconfigures losing carrier when MTU is set.
46900 wm(4) can't receive packets on wm interface
48476 wm(4) wm(4) transmit hang
10485 xi(4) Xircom Card REM 56 G does not work with if_xi driver
26183 xi(4) xi driver doesn't support media status
49007 vioif(4) if_vioif panic when ifconfig up/down under load
18762 mii(4) MII PHY numbers do not map 1:1 to ifconfig(8) instance numbers
25061 mii(4) possible infinite loop in mii readreg routines
44893 igphy(4) igphy driver won't negotiate 1000baseTX on 85276 MAC.
9183 lxtphy(4) 100baseFX (fiber) support for SMC 9432FTX
29318 rgephy(4) rgephy should use IFM_ETH_MASTER
44630 rgephy(4) rgephy(4) likes auto-negotiation too much
43959 sl(4) (dM) Add IPv6 support to sl(4)
34164 ippp(4) unconnected ippp? interfaces hang onto pakets to be send
8446 ppp(4) no way to drop packet from PPP compressor
8536 ppp(4) SPPP does not support Van Jacobson header compression
20800 ppp(4) reading ppp over pseudo terminal maxes out at ~90 kb/sec
32483 ppp(4) page fault trap from ddb(4) with 2 (or more) instances of ppp
33608 ppp(4) establishing ppp connection twice crashes the kernel
34907 ppp(4) Can not send packets on ppp link using BPF
17723 pppoe(4) kernelized PPPoE assumes a ridiculously reliable link (needs config options)
19303 pppoe(4) "ifconfig pppoe0 up" works only once per boot
19304 pppoe(4) allow pppoe(4) to try multiple auth schemes
20039 pppoe(4) mbuf leak using rp-pppoe
20647 pppoe(4) retry with old pppoe address first
29942 pppoe(4) pppoe fails to connect to a server running FreeBSD
30486 pppoe(4) PPPoE doesn't support MSCHAPv2
32772 pppoe(4) pppoe(4) should (optionally) wait before retrying
35073 pppoe(4) problem compile kernel with: options PPPOE_SERVER
41052 pppoe(4) pppoe(4): PPPOE_TERM_UNKNOWN_SESSIONS should be a runtime option
41918 pppoe(4) pppoe reconnects break with panic

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