File and file system (non-driver) issues

namei issues
36053 vfs/hfs hfs panic in namei
36227 vfs TRYEMULROOT-related doc issues about absolute symlinks
44658 vfs spurious chroot escape warning
41051 vfs do_sys_rename mp resource race
43626 vfs directory renaming more than a little racy
40313 puffs puffs rename protocol is broken
31507 nullfs getcwd returns ERANGE after directory move across null mount
42241 aio Problems with AIO and Samba
45249 aio compat_netbsd32 doesn't support aio(3)
45334 aio aio(3) fails with more than request when one of them blocks, or, aio(3) is only asynchronous for one single request
45441 aio aio_write and aio_read connected to one pipe don't make progress
VFS level
2856 vfs mounting over /proc/1234 -> volume becomes unreachable
8688 vfs afs breaks directory link count semantics; need workaround
13574 vfs can't remount root if the root device file inode has been changed
18488 vfs cannot unmount a CD-RW after erasing it
20478 vfs revoke(2) on a device file does not close the device properly
22338 vfs allow multiple mounts on same directory
28448 vfs stackable filesystems locking breakage when looking up DOTDOT
28673 vfs pages allocated by genfs_getpages() prematurely written to disk
28705 vfs 2.0 kernel panic in layer_unlock with "vnode: table is full"
29360 vfs vfs.generic.usermount and mount(8) general questions
29898 vfs mount(2) can corrupt filesystem
30250 vfs mknod VNOVAL weirdness
32367 vfs umount -f deadlock
32430 vfs There is no documentation on genfs nor its gop's
33023 vfs device files behave unexpectedly under union mounts (not unionfs)
33513 vfs vnode dirtiness problem
34735 vfs diagnostic assertion failed genfs_vnops.c 1123
37808 vfs vn_setrecurse violates abstractions
38039 vfs genfs+ufs inode locking problem
38141 vfs lookup/vfs_busy acquire rwlock recursively (now, transient unmount failures)
38760 vfs umount -f /usr panics the system
38889 vfs Crash on open/mmap/close of block device
39124 vfs VOP_CREATE() gets no uid/gid in vattr
39245 vfs kernel panic in physio when writing at EOT/EOM
39278 vfs device nodes clobbered if use union-mounted tmpfs or mfs
39548 vfs kernel debugging assertion "(vp->v_flag & VONWORKLST)" failed
41082 vfs destroying a locked vlockmgr lock on shutdown
40681 vfs possible data loss path in the buffer cache code
42513 vfs permission denied to "cd .."
43745 vfs fhopen of an unlinked file causes problems on multiple file systems
44504 vfs kernel buffercache panic when dding some block sizes to USB flash drives at sd0, with wapbl /
44809 vfs strange vclean() crash
45215 vfs physio/directio doesn't dirty pages
45277 vfs vfsops(9) and internals guide miss several functions; XXX cleared for internals guide
45711 vfs integrity properties of file systems are badly documented
45854 vfs vnode clean list corruption?
46626 vfs EROFS enforcement in namei breaks union mounts
46980 vfs genfs rename code failed to call vrele() on special error
47022 vfs namecache is confused, particularly for rename and rmdir
47040 vfs renaming mount point panics in namei
48135 vfs Bad locking for umount
48378 vfs LFS can't mount FS newfs_lfs created (due to 64K blocksize limit)
43109 rumpvfs rump_ffs does not enforce permissions
10731 vnd(4),ffs writing to ffs on vnd can hang all processes
11515 vnd(4) vnconfig requires read/write access to the file
12189 vnd(4) vnd-caused deadlock in buffer cache
16401 vnd(4) filesystem corrupt after 'rm' with msdosfs on vnd
18116 vnd(4) vnd driver flush to target file is broken
20296 vnd(4) vnd device locks up under high write load and large images
26983 vnd(4) no bmap locks for vnd(4)
34293 vnd(4) vnd deadlocks on I/O buffers
36212 vnd(4) Hanging while using a vnode disk
39607 vnd(4) newfs(_msdos) falsely? reports about "read-only filesystem" w/ VND
41811 vnd(4) mounting unconfigured vnd devices causes a hang
45502 vnd(4) Panic configuring vnconfig or cgd
46253 vnd(4) vnconfig -u paniced machine
47879 vnd(4) vnd cannot handle disk image larger than 2TiB
File systems: ufs-related
45151 ufs fs corruption in ufs_rmdir
46997 ufs ufs_extattr_uepm_lock() is broken
47909 ufs ufs symbol pollution
2447 ffs fsck doesn't "dirty" file systems with weird errors
6624 ffs NetBSD should not use C/H/S addressing
12175 ffs checks for bad FFS on mount not good: get panic, bad dir
12404 ffs panic: ffs_alloccg: map corrupted
13114 ffs fsck_ffs deals poorly with bad blocks
23923 ffs libsa missing support for APPLE_UFS
28601 ffs FFS v1 corruption after unpacking pkgsrc.tar on sata wd raptor when disk write cache enabled, no soft deps
30058 ffs 3.0_BETA: setextattr(1) and extattr(9) not working
30525 ffs remounting ffs read-only (mount -ur) does not sync metadata
32490 ffs panic in VOP_STRATEGY
32701 ffs (dM) Indirect blocks break on big filesystems
33777 ffs ftruncate broken on extend on ffs with large page size
33986 ffs Kernels with UFS_DIRHASH exhibit corruption of other kernel data structures, particularly mbufs and other structures managed with pool(9)
35580 ffs creating directories on large UFS2 -> boom
37126 ffs Bogus tty idle times
38752 ffs 4.99.63 corrupts superblock
39206 ffs ffs um_lock handling isn't great
39264 ffs newfs can create a filesystem with > 2^31 inodes, which doesn't work (?)
40472 ffs umounting an async fs fails
40562 ffs busy loop in ffs_sync when unmounting a file system
40686 ffs the SBSIZE mentioned in comments of sys/ufs/ffs/fs.h is out of date
40811 ffs crash under disk load
41013 ffs netbsd5-rc2 crash with quotas (kernel diagnostic assertion "vp->v_usecount == 1" failed)
43573 ffs ffs superblock search prevents mounting tiny file systems
44271 ffs APPLE_UFS does not work on 4k-sector disks
47231 ffs ffs (with or without WAPBL) does not preserve referential integrity of file data and corrupts files when crashing
47748 ffs Invalid file on ffs
47911 ffs suspect APPLEUFS-related code in newfs
48449 ffs y2038 shortcomings of ffsv1
39371 wapbl wapbl should allow mounting "/" even if journal is hosed
39875 wapbl panic when booting off ffs+log
39924 wapbl kernel can't deal with mounting root on ffs with unknown wapbl type
40755 wapbl newfs, mount -o log in fast succession hangs kernel
40764 wapbl fsck says "unrecognised wapbl type" after crash
41161 wapbl FFSv2 w/ log and softdep: kernel panics on mount
41189 wapbl kernel panic xen dom0 using mke2fs & WAPBL
41187 wapbl mount -o log corrupts Apple UFS
45676 wapbl ffs/wapbl problems
45683 wapbl ffs+wapbl+O_SYNC
45708 wapbl Unable to read big files from large FFSv2 (12TB), ls out of swap
45933 wapbl fsck_ffs can't find wapbl journal on 4k-block disks
47937 wapbl mounting ffs with both discard and log triggers lock assertion
7867 ext2fs UF_NODUMP flag not mapped <-> EXT2_NODUMP
39914 ext2fs KASSERT(LIST_EMPTY(&vp->v_dirtyblkhd)) failed when unmounting ext2fs
8964 lfs panic on reboot(2) if an LFS is mounted read-only
9382 lfs LFS panics at file system full time
11122 lfs df shows excessively strange usage on large partitions on LFS
13781 lfs LFS directory update times
13837 lfs panic: lfs_nextseg: no clean segments
18972 lfs LFS DIROPs should take account of nbuf
18975 lfs lfs_bmapv + dounmount deadlock
20522 lfs nfsd hangs: lfs over nfs
21836 lfs panic: lfs_gatherblock: Null vp in segment
24743 lfs LFS doesnt work with large copies
25822 lfs booting a system that uses LFS hangs on: load: 0.31 cmd: rm 74 (lfsresbuf) 0.00u 0.02s 0% 776k
29151 lfs fsck_lfs dumps core with assertion "bp->b_count == size"
30094 lfs lfs panic: lfs_vget: dinode not found
32101 lfs netbsd-3 kernel panics on netbsd-2 lfs v2
33280 lfs Potential Multi-Processor locking bugs
34262 lfs LFS panics in lfs_finalize_seguse()
34263 lfs LFS thrashed after running lfs_cleanerd -c
34461 lfs multiple problems; lfs-related
35187 lfs Certain file operations--such as chown--take inordinate amounts of time on LFS
35474 lfs fsck_lfs problems
36124 lfs panic: lfs_finalize_seguse: negative bytes
36237 lfs panic in LFS (KASSERT lfs_segment.c:1048)
36238 lfs LFS corrupted after crash
36296 lfs LFS kernel panic
36608 lfs Panic in LFS with LOCKDEBUG defined (since mid April)
36646 lfs /bin/df -i shows negative number of free inodes for LFS
36708 lfs quotacheck doesn't work with lfs partition
36783 lfs panic with large frag sizes
37192 lfs netbsd-4 MP kernel hang with lfs
37398 lfs LFS and mtime
37668 lfs lfs deadlocks, possibly due to v_numoutput leak
40375 lfs netbsd-5: Process locks in vnode wchan when writing to LFS
42342 lfs LFS: b_{c,o}?flags and their values mismatch
43582 lfs tests/fs/vfs/t_rmdirrace:lfs_race fails in a number of ways
45571 lfs lfs_vnops.c: redundant unlock and lock
File systems: other disk/non-network/non-layered FSes
3786 adosfs adosfs silently aborts a readdir() on a corrupted directory
13456 cd9660 Joliet extension broken for files containing = ?
39808 cd9660 can't unmount CD with media error
48787 cd9660 32 bit rollover makes ISO multi-session medium unusable via mount
48808 cd9660 Enhance mount_cd9660 by option -s like in other BSDs
48959 cd9660 Misrepresentation of files of 4 GiB or larger in cd9660
46976 hfs Fix compiler warning about pointer conversion
10715 msdosfs msdosfs LFN problems
14596 msdosfs Long file names on FAT partions not preserved in Windows.
16653 msdosfs msdosfs mistakenly assumes CP437 as on-disk file name character set.
21121 msdosfs msdosfs displays 8.3 names all upercase
26755 msdosfs fsck_msdos loops
31994 msdosfs kernel panic, probably msdosfs
36370 msdosfs support for cyrilic charsets is needed in msdosfs
38095 msdosfs Regression with MSDOSFS in 4.0
38121 msdosfs "panic: buf mem pool index 23" crash apparently caused by mounting msdos floppy image
39895 msdosfs NetBSD-5 Beta crashed on heavy IO
42903 msdosfs writing to msdos fs cause NetBSD restart immediately
43375 msdosfs panic when mount(8)ing umass(4) device (Sony DSC-H50 Digital Camera)
46730 nilfs Improve mount_nilfs.8 (-current, netbsd-6)
28794 ntfs add a "--force" option to mount_ntfs?
34667 ntfs NTFS uses to much kernel memory
40501 ntfs NTFS directory listings missing some files
44307 sysvbfs sysvbfs has problems with ftruncate()
41766 tmpfs system will hang in reboot or shutdown if tmpfs contains more data than phys mem available
43247 tmpfs KASSERT while copying 32GB file from NFS to TMPFS
43615 tmpfs kauth usage in tmpfs_lookup less than clear
43908 tmpfs linux32 stat64 does not really work on tmpfs
44629 tmpfs tmpfs filesystem doesn't obey -s size argument
45709 tmpfs tmpfs size went nuts
46246 tmpfs tmpfs does not support sparse files (!?)
46955 tmpfs process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize - rename bug in tmpfs ???
47672 tmpfs tmpfs fails to mount
40559 udf udf df does not reflect mounted fs
44751 udf mount_udf panics netbsd-5
47974 udf udf tests fail due to interaction with rump
49033 udf fs/vfs/t_vnops/udf_lookup_complex test case randomly fails
43256 zfs zfs manual pages are confusing
47656 zfs Broken ZFS tests
6168 nfs Need knob to do async writes in NFSv2 server
7731 nfs there is no way to enforcing bsd group semantics on nfs mounts
8151 nfs System locks up with nfs loopback mounts
9520 nfs umount -f hanging
10237 nfs nfs/nfs_vnops.c:nfs_sillyrename() has extremely silly limitations
10608 nfs mountd(8) ignores -noresvport/-noresvmnt if there's no host specified
10845 nfs Broken NFS permissions checking when -mapall=user is used.
10986 nfs mount_nfs doesn't fallback to IPv4
12220 nfs mountd stops exporting filesystems if ip address of clients change
13425 nfs pathconf(_PC_PATH_MAX) doesn't work on NFS
13666 nfs NFS loopback mount deadlock
15020 nfs NFS gives FIFO underruns with sip0 on SiS630/735 chipsets
15463 nfs nfs client incorrectly caches file handles, and erroniously returns EINVAL
18222 nfs patch to allow a uid or gid of (-2) matching default NFS mapping for remote root users
19110 nfs,nullfs nullfs mounts over NFS cause lock manager problems
21599 nfs NFS UID -2 conversion to 60001
22685 nfs NFS client does not work with wtpref/wtmax of 8192
22725 nfs kernel panic while attempting mkfifo on (localhost, userlevel) NFS volume
22812 nfs exports -noresvport broken?
25539 nfs nfsd exclusive CREATE rpc handling is improper
25641 nfs nfs uses time(9) where it should use mono_time(9)
26017 nfs nfsv3 client performance problem with some nfsd
26018 nfs nfs client doesn't deal with wired mappings well
26024 nfs nfs client doesn't clear commit ranges on file truncation
26054 nfs nfsv3 client write out a page multiple times
26214 nfs mount(8) does not mention NFS options
27122 nfs nfs client readahead deadlock
28894 nfs NetBSD 2.0 nfs-client hangs + OHCI sched overruns on Compaq Armada 7800
29487 nfs NFS client should use VA_UTIMES_NULL to determine whether to use NFSV3SATTRTIME_TOSERVER
29528 nfs NFS locks on UDP transport
30148 nfs Alphastation 255 panics when NFS (client side) gets used
31865 nfs df of NFS-mounted volume reports different Avail than host
32260 nfs kernel panic when mounting nfs
33990 nfs NFS code assumes static file handle size
34110 nfs NFS client locks system if UDP is blocked
34448 nfs NFS fails to ftruncate() after creat(...,0)
34557 nfsd Problem with NetBSD-3 as a NFSv3 server with ext2fs
35050 nfs xen3_dom0 kernel crashed when I try to use NFS mounted image for xen3_domu netbsd.
35472 nfs linux emulation problem with a nfs v3 mounted /usr/pkg
36572 nfs panic on NFS unmount
37914 nfs nfs client-side locking implementation
38102 nfsd NetBSD NFS-Fileserver will break s-bit-Semantik on directories for NFS-Clients
38316 nfs tcp nfs mount of solaris filesystem stucks
38336 nfs NULL deref in nfs_lookup
39152 nfsd panic on pwd within non-existent directory
40483 build Kernels with NFSSERVER but not NFS filesystem do not build because nuidhash_max is not defined
40545 nfs nfs_sillyworker busy during unmount
41154 nfsd possible races in NFS server code ?
41874 nfsd in-kernel NFS server hates network interface aliases
42130 nfs NFS: open(...O_CREAT...) fails, yet file is created
42147 nfsd mbuf leak with in nfsserver with udp clients
42455 nfs tstile hang with nfs
43799 nfs NFS sillyrename causes transient failures
45305 nfs,nullfs umount says device busy without any process having current directory in the mount or file open
46132 nfs spurious EINTRs from nfs
47340 nfs NFS resend problem with stale NFS file handles
47702 nfs coredumping big programs freeze NFS during dump
48161 nfs kern-config with NFS-server and without NFS-client fails to work correctly
48746 nfs mbuf corruption possibility in nfs_boot_sendrecv
Exports and mountd
1722 nfsd crash from manipulating exports
2556 nfsd mountd ALLDIRS deficiency
3019 nfsd export flags are sometimes silently changed
5844 nfsd NFS server sends "permission denied" while mound re-read exports
8109 nfsd exports(5) is wrong about exporting multiple directories in filesystem
29911 nfsd nfsd sometimes return mysterious EACCES
32286 nfsd exporting more than one directory to the world in one filesystems failed
46026 mountd can't use multiple exports(5) lines for a filesystem
File systems: other network FSes
23794 smbfs Can't kill processes stuck on smbfs IO, but can suspend them and then kill them.
32513 smbfs smbfs forbids anonymous mounts
31317 smbfs Cannot kill read/writes from/to smbfs shares
35110 smbfs Boot time panic from smb_co_unlock
37025 smbfs mount_smbfs write performance is <censored>
37219 smbfs mount_smbfs not working for simple shares
38432 smbfs memcpy freezes with files mmap'ed from smbfs
41281 smbfs cannot list files on a samba share
43122 smbfs panic browsing an smbfs mount with gtk2 apps
43268 smbfs NetBSD 5.0.2 reboots automatically on a 'umount /mnt' (smbfs)
45338 smbfs smbfs: unmount hang at shutdown
Layered file systems
47730 layerfs umount -f nfsdir; mount nfsdir => kernel panic (layerfs_statvfs)
13861 nullfs nullfs can't be remounted ro/rw
23734 nullfs panic when mounting fdesc over nullfs
32090 nullfs panic after "vnode: table is full" with layerfs
35830 nullfs procfs "exe" symlinks do not work with nullfs
36130 nullfs Unkillable stackable filesystems
36866 nullfs Memory exhaustion umounting a null filesystem
39277 nullfs wapbl+nullfs crash
39335 nullfs Accessing a null mounted process file system triggers a kernel panic
41261 nullfs Crash with nullfs
44651 nullfs mountd panics nullfs on large disk
4315 umapfs,nfs umapfs over nfs weirdness
13119 umapfs umapfs severely broken (currency?)
1354 onionfs unionfs deadlock
1677 onionfs unionfs crash
2423 onionfs unionfs panic
2826 onionfs union file system botches file locks after copy-on-write operations
3645 onionfs unionfs mount of dir onto same dir causes havoc
4597 onionfs A Cyclic unionfs mount causes a kernel panic
8183 onionfs unionfs: delay creation of shadow directories
13419 onionfs unionfs: panic
21346 onionfs deadlock with union over nullfs over ffs
33375 onionfs compat_30_sys_getdents sees only top layer of unionfs
37925 onionfs locking problem with unionfs
41678 onionfs unionfs doesn't copy a file from the lower layer to the upper layer on rename(), it just fails
File systems: virtual/misc
12902 fdesc find(1) gives spurious "No such file or directory" errors when fdesc present
30962 fdesc `du: fts_read: No such file or directory' with fdesc mounted
32908 fdesc fdesc + procfs = kernel panic
45488 fdesc install of 5.1.0_PATCH fails
38265 kernfs sometimes /kern directory can not be read
46224 kernfs kernel crash: fatal page fault in kernfs_readdir()
40549 procfs Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_enter: locking against myself (procfs)
45700 procfs /chroot/proc/mounts exposes out-of-chroot pathnames
46897 procfs procfs uses too small a buffer for /proc/cpuinfo (or, I have too many cores)
47817 procfs procfs related panic
31430 ptyfs ttys aren't getting mtime right
32682 ptyfs netbsd-3 ptyfs intermittent failure with Matlab
39385 ptyfs unmounting ptyfs with busy ptys causes deadlock in vrele
46979 ptyfs mount_ptyfs should not need "-o chroot" or "-c" flag
44618 rump_etfs rump_etfs should support disk(9)
46529 fuse ntfs-3g appears to be rate-limited
40585 puffs can't copy file over certain size to ReFUSE/puffs/ntfs-3g
43800 puffs PUFFS kernel crash
44208 puffs puffs_ops(3) doesn't document advlock
44793 puffs src/lib/libpuffs doesn't work on __MACHINE_STACK_GROWS_UP machines
45029 puffs Mount fails inside pnullfs hierarchy
45105 refuse readdir() in FUSE implementations only called once
46717 libquota libquota(3) enhancements
9565 ffs Grace period ignored by quotas
13942 ffs deadlock in ufs quota code
15887 ffs quota error can cause the kernel to panic or lock up.
33642 ffs Sometimes, creating new users and then chowning directories for them, leads to a panic.
33543 ffs panic on quota
Non-512-byte sectors
2895 fd(4) i386 fd.c patch to recognize NEC (Japanese) format
3790 kern non-512 bytes/sector media support case 1
3791 kern non-512 bytes/sector media support case 2
3792 kern non-512 bytes/sector media support case 3
20934 macppc macppc & MAXBSIZE < 64k & 2KB sector size devices == boom
32321 kern DEV_BSIZE/d_secsize confusion
38171 ffs mount_ffs doesn't work on old DEC CDs with 2048-byte hardware sectors and 512-byte software sectors
Partitioning and disklabels
25108 cd(4) autogenerated disklabel incorrect for CD
33952 dk(4) There is no documentation for "Wedges"
38431 dk(4) getparts in dkwedge_mbr.c seems to use stale data
41930 dk(4) dkwedge_discover (and kernel) tries to access offline drives
45948 dk(4) dk(4) on raid(4) will panic with lock error if mounted when halting (netbsd-5)
48927 dk(4) config(8) root on dkN doesn't work
37353 gpt gpt migrate fails if a NetBSD disklabel partition exists
39510 gpt NetBSD/amd64 won't install on MacBook (GPT)
39866 gpt NetBSD does not like dual GPT/mbr partitions
44652 gpt 'gpt destroy' panics
47984 gpt there is no GPT type for RAW partitions
40360 kern fictitious disklabels do not handle devices without an MBR

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