General kernel (non-driver) issues

Syscall level
4217 kern the kernel's handling of group permissions is suboptimal
12751 kern utimes(2) not working when user != fileowner
12846 kern brk(2) succeeds on values that should fail.
14721 kern It's possible to panic the system by opening a large number of files
15327 kern getrusage(2) not reporting all statistics
20108 kern KERN_LWP sysctl documentation missing
25118 kern semop() fails with EINVAL even when SEMUME is increased
30115 kern getrusage returns bogus ru_utime values
36328 kern clone(2) with CLONE_FILES can leak POSIX locks
37427 kern document _ksem_* syscalls
38497 kern Out of memory allocating ksiginfo
38670 kern ^Z does not seems to suspend programs that vfork'ed and wait.
38750 kern SCHED_FIFO behaviour does not match POSIX
38965 kern ktrace locking issue
38979 kern Document syscalls of src/sys/kern/sys_sched.c
39000 kern sigpending doesn't modify its set argument
39244 kern ioctl(2) doesn't describe domains of ioctl commands
39327 kern incoherent socket man pages
39935 kern ksymsread can leak contents of kernel memory to userspace
41225 kern sys_mqueue.c mq->mq_notify_proc can disappear
42350 kern frag size in "df -G" output has never been the right value, etc.
42496 kern DIOCGPART must die
42724 kern select(2) and poll(2) can return non-error status on bad file descriptors
43025 kern Non-atomic access to file_t causing corruption
43587 kern stupid error message during boot from sysctl if no COMPAT40 in kernel
44768 kern sched_rr_get_interval(3) should fail with invalid PID
45777 kern two sets of extattr/xattr syscalls
47439 kern open() does not check for invalid flags
48910 kern msync(2) should return ENOMEM on unmapped pages per POSIX; test criteria in t_msync incorrect
48962 kern NetBSD doesn't conform to POSIX with mlock(2) and per-process limits; returns EAGAIN instead of ENOMEM
44378 rump uprintf() get lost in rump kernel
44845 rump RUMP_MEMLIMIT crashes rump_ffs
45099 rump rump rename does not work for syscalls with different args
38719 kern arm, m68k, vax have no cpu_info::ci_curlwp
38720 kern curlwp/curcpu should be functions if _MODULE or _LKM
38751 kern sched_rr_get_interval() doesn't tell the truth
39420 kern stopped processes can hold locks
39913 kern exec, fork, exit hooks need locking
42663 kern lwp_exit() might race with lwp_free()
10102 time pps api clear/assert inverted
15688 time p_stats->p_cru.ru_utime.tv_sec may become negative
16116 time clock_getres(CLOCK_REALTIME) is pessimistic
18170 time caltontp() function in NTP subsystem ignores "seconds" field of input argument
24718 time rtc_offset changes do not fix up process start time
25637 time route expiration shouldn't use time(9)
26354 time negative running time for process in ps(1) and top(1) output
32035 time 3.0 MP machines can't keep time on busy nameservers
37726 time 32-bit overflow in adjtime(2)
38554 time kernel condvar wait functions should take an absolute timeout
38789 time Interval timer should use uptime, not real time.
40511 time negative runtime (maybe only in qemu)
40612 time timer_settime(2)'s ovalue is not relative time when the timer was created CLOCK_REALTIME
42189 time System clock unstable when using PCC as the timecounter when running under SMP
43997 time Kernel timer discrepancies
45090 time missing callout_ack in sleepq code
45145 time SMP cpu time accounting bug
45539 time add support for getrusage(2) memory size statistics
45626 time System time does not advance correctly when noatime is specified for /var
45634 time hardclock_ticks corner cases in vflushnext() et al
46094 time cpu0 timer sometimes far off
47851 time kernel panic: callout_softclock(v=0x0) -> nfs_timer(arg=0x0)
47431 time nanosleep is more like millisleep
6652 uvm swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
12371 uvm swapctl -U (or -d ...) doesn't update process information
12451 uvm UVM always overcommits
25639 uvm uvm_vslock / uvm_vsunlock problems
28374 uvm vmstat(1) reports more pages freed by page daemon than actually are
33040 uvm kernel resource shortage + paging activity -> freeze
33278 uvm A process repeatetdly sleeps in uvm_fault on "flt_pmfail2"; pagedaemon is repeatedly woken up and does not help it; and nothing else can run.
34024 uvm panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "pg == NULL || pg->uobject == uobj" failed
35741 uvm PDPOLICY_CLOCKPRO has no tuning parameters analogous to vm.filemax, etc.
36019 uvm uvm_readahead.c:ra_startio() assumes (MAXPHYS & (MAXPHYS - 1)) == 0
36475 uvm uvm_fault() in process exit code
38270 uvm spurious OOM due to trylock
38271 uvm uvm_reclaimable is not mp-safe
38362 uvm pmap_growkernel should able to fail
40726 uvm uvm panic when xen guest re-mounts block device as rw
41765 uvm kernel panic while allocating swap space pages
45093 uvm kernel deadlock between TCP and UVM involving callouts
45413 uvm unkillable process, uvmexp_anonget waiting for mtsleep
45504 uvm A user large file write on fast sata drives can cause a kernel panic
45598 uvm expanding uvmexp_sysctl makes top etc fail
45718 uvm processes sometimes get stuck and spin in vm_map (kva fragmentation blocking exec args allocation...)
46013 uvm uvm fault in printf_nolog() on MP Xen instance
46050 uvm Reader/writer lock error: rw_vector_enter: locking against myself (in uvm during fork)
46053 uvm Diagnostic assertion "oldsize != VSIZENOTSET || pgend > oldsize" failed in uvm/uvm_vnode.c
46136 uvm processes get stuck in D under high I/O load (likely related to kmem changes)
46235 uvm beating on ftruncate kills the system
46369 uvm Change type of variable rv.
47437 uvm sometimes boot fails with KASSERT(pmap_tlb_pendcount < ncpu)
4761 ddb/i386 setting any watchpoint results in a fatal page fault
7513 ddb/mac68k ddb doesn't work on Macintosh LCII
10016 ddb ddb can get stuck in infinite page-faults
11038 ddb (dM) ddb.onpanic=0 but still drops into ddb
11295 ddb change curproc marker in DDB's ps listing
14618 ddb/arm26 DDB breakpoints on arm26 behave badly
19774 ddb ddb can be entered twice and then you can't get out
20473 ddb kernel often panics in ddb
37851 ddb ddb x/{b,h,l,L} command not working and x/m prints bigendian
38873 ddb ddb(4) 'next' command is noisy and slow
38969 ddb/amd64 ddb backtrace on amd64 doesn't show function arguments
39388 ddb/mac68k NetBSD/mac68k DDB uselessness
40299 ddb/alpha "machine reboot" doesn't exist on alpha
40680 ddb Panic when using whatis <address> from DDB on non-modular port
40702 ddb ddb freezes when stepping over lock prefix
41705 ddb after continuing from a breakpoint in DDB the system receives a fatal supervisor mode trap
44242 ddb Minor but useful improvement to text output from NetBSD debugger
45647 ddb kill from ddb broken
45770 ddb there should be a ddb command to wake up a lwp
46240 ddb options(4) and/or ddb(4) should mention ddb_vgapost
48256 ddb ddb manual missing description for DDB_FROMCONSOLE
48446 ddb 'boot -d' doesn't enter ddb
16407 kgdb remote kgdb `next' command doesn't work in some situation.
42992 kgdb KGDB does not work once interrupts are enabled
2512 kern fuword() definition problem
3840 kern Race condition in the kernel log() and printf() functions
6434 kern compress/nocompress minor number bit for tapes
9449 kern rasops code is rather endianness-dependant
16001 kern Kernel dump files are not compressed on the fly when written to swap
22616 kern bootable CD's don't fully identify devices
31966 kern problem with scheduler statistics formulation on MP machines
38241 kern boot -a ... kernel_lock spinout
38330 kern running a -current kernel with lockdebug causes a panic
38501 kern NetBSD 4.99.60 (GENERIC) kernel does not handle shutdown -r properly on my hardware
38564 kern comcnpollc() is unnecessary
38565 kern console outputs CRLF in the "wrong" order
38583 kern Kernel objects that are too large to be in wired memory
38599 kern panic crashes in early bootstrap
38608 kern kernel crash, uvm_fault_internal
38619 kern Possible context switch / benchmark improvements
38779 kern NetBSD 4 KP : uvm_fault / proc_trampoline
38801 kern most drivers assume seralized d_open/d_close
38888 kern cnputc() has no locking
38937 kern aprint_debug calls make no sense during shutdown
39008 kern not all disks support DIOCGSTRATEGY/DIOCSSTRATEGY
39037 kern driver(9) does not describe about CFATTACH_DECL_NEW
39106 kern patch submissions for
40505 kern delay(9) is a MD non-interface
40552 kern Early kernel panic with POOL_DIAGNOSTIC option
41243 kern kernel core dump produces unusable core
45393 kern core dumps are unilaterally prevented by unmounted cwd or MNT_NOCOREDUMP even if corename will be valid
42685 kqueue waiting a kqueue concurrently may cause kernel panic
45057 kqueue kqueue_scan race
46248 kqueue kevent won't return when kqueue is being closed
46523 kqueue kqueue descriptors can not be passed via SCM_RIGHTS anx. messages
15837 modules Kernel should log loading of all loadable modules
39462 modules Can't load modules through the bootloader
41195 modules NetBSD 5 RC3 can't load kernel modules
41215 modules cannot load miniroot as kmod, kernel heap full
42640 modules Kernel multiboot implementation lacks support for modules
43002 modules required>0 module autounload timestamp race
45125 modules Kernel object loader can't detect duplication of global symbol
45250 modules Builtin modules cannot be unloaded
46041 modules Kernel modules don't work (missing symbol uvmexp_pagesize)
46734 modules pool crash on module unload
46820 modules Wrong include paths for modules.
46971 modules I cannot load uatp module
48536 modules Modules need a ref-count mechanism external to the module
27315 pacct acct file should be explicitly aligned
37992 PaX There's no way to save PaX flags on non-native binaries
41875 PaX pax_aslr_elf() use wrong lsb number
41877 PaX PaX ASLR reduces available stack size
46476 PaX on i386, gdb silently fails to set a breakpoint on PaX-MPROTECTed binary
32038 pipes kernel panic in pipe code
44402 pipes page fault in supervisor mode in netbsd:filt_piperead
46275 pipes Kernel panics on heavy use, kevent / pipes related?
15174 ptrace gdb "kill" command does not free sockets
25529 ptrace With a MP kernel, ptrace() behaves inconsistently
44432 ptrace cannot single-step over a call to sigprocmask()
40576 veriexec veriexecgen sets no explicit access mode for some files and the default behaviour of veriexec in face of this cause errors
41251 veriexec veriexec locking seems broken

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