Low level and MD stuff

6446 alpha netbooting Multia on -current broken.
6799 alpha under light load Alpha 8200 panics with 'kernel stack not valid'
7333 alpha halt to prom of Alpha 8200 causes prom exception
7334 alpha kernel panics with unexpected iointr on Alpha 8200
7479 alpha recent source change reduced FRU information for Rawhide
8216 alpha panic: machine check in XentArith
8460 alpha PCI I/O address assigning problem on alpha
8939 alpha unexpected machine check
9328 alpha The TGA X server does not work if SRM doesn't initialize the card.
10146 alpha alpha does not implement bus_dmamap_load_raw
12104 alpha TGA display ignores hardware resolution
12327 alpha DEC 3000/800 with TCWSCONS kernel does not take sfb as console
15835 alpha alpha sysctl hw.model is inadequate
18113 alpha fixed but let's add a test: setjmp() with -pg on alpha crashes
18566 alpha MP kernel panic on alpha sable
18769 alpha IEEE FP rounding bug NetBSD/alpha
18983 alpha Kernel panic on Alpha at 1.6
24506 alpha AlphaServer 800 specific kernel config requires apecs*
27056 alpha 'target kcore' is broken on alpha
29245 alpha Fix to make audio work on Alpha PWS
32429 alpha setting MAXDSIZ over 1GB on 1.6.x alpha causes a "panic: trap"
35284 alpha port-alpha panic: panic: pmap_emulate_reference: !write but not FOR|FOE
36529 alpha 3.1_STABLE kernel panics on alpha
38335 alpha kernel freeze on alpha MP system
40485 alpha NetBSD/Alpha on Multia does not configure USB2.0 controller properly
40604 alpha AlphaServer DS20E loses HDs and other Drives when adding 1 GB more RAM
40748 alpha DECpc 150 AXP / DEC200/300 ("Jensen") fails to boot 5.0_RC2
41795 alpha Infrequent machine checks on SATA-using AlphaPC 164LX
46776 alpha NetBSD alpha crashes with Delock 81940 multifunction PCI card
48430 alpha Kernel Panic on NetBSD/alpha current version (in pmap_destroy)
48709 alpha static threaded programs crash
8515 cd9660/acorn Acorn CD-ROMs
17552 acorn32 Kernel can panic on accessing /dev/rfd device (prolly)
19350 acorn32 Kernel panic on acorn32 while using makeinfo
30901 acorn32 NetBSD install Kernel doesn't work on Risc PC with 256 DRAM
10502 cats CATS panic under heavy IDE usage
30460 cats Cats distribution should include ABLE images
37238 evbarm evbarm TS7200 flash image no longer fits in flash memory
48096 evbarm arm/BEAGLEBONE machdep.frequency.current sysctl node missing
48669 evbarm evbarm/imx23_olinuxino (ARM9E) doesn't boot
49020 evbarm Writing to tap device may cause panic on RPI
6200 shark video intialization of Shark
29258 arm arm ep9302 processor support does not save MaverickCrunch FPU registers
40307 arm options KGDB doesn't work for some evbarm hosts
40733 arm gumstix verdex(PXA270 board) support
41058 arm General software failures with kernels built for arm/NSLU2 kernels
40475 arm pxaip abnormal match
45354 arm no character is put in the read-ahead buffer in a console code of arch/arm/imx/imxuart.c
47401 arm armv6 targeted build uses instructions not available on armv6
47463 arm ARM's disksubr_mbr.c is broken for non MBR disk.
48117 arm disklabel(8) and mount_msdos(8) on evbarm don't work with USB pen drives that work on other architectures
48130 arm With earm MARVEL_NAS kernel, /sbin/init exits with panic: init died (signal 0, exit 11)
48337 arm non-EABI5 armeb userland fails in -current
2034 amiga ISA spl level problems
2356 amiga no kgdb support for amiga
2649 amiga A3000 hangs when attaching HP Scanjet IIcx
2726 amiga HP Scanjet driver patch for NetBSD/Amiga
3096 amiga GRF_PAL option in config is broken
8122 amiga NetBSD + 4MB ram doesn't work
10620 amiga boot hangup after installing CyberVision 64 card.
43958 atari Can't compile Atari kernel with ksyms pseudo-device enabled
44849 atari ENOMEM loading winbindd, smbd on Atari
45443 amiga No gzip binary for AmigaOS on NetBSD/Amiga ISO for unzipping miniroot.fs.gz
40330 atari Floppy drive light remains on after boot
41002 atari Either remove the need for ST_POOL_SIZE or default to sizing it automatically based on the amount of memory in the machine
9725 hp300 GNU autoconf mmap() test causes panic in hp300-based m68k pmap code
2921 mac68k Some SCSI devices do not work in interrupt driven xfer mode
5133 mac68k SCSI Errors and gradual drive corruption
6112 mac68k Adding external cache support of DayStar PowerCache accelerator
6574 mac68k .bcscreen device driver(LKM)
9054 mac68k EASC console bell fix
9852 mac68k Duo support
12410 mac68k SE/30 panics when scanning from HP ScanJet IIp w/ SANE
13100 mac68k NetBSD kernel drops to debugger on PB 160 w/ serial echo enabled.
14744 mac68k Mac68k kernels compiled without debugger do not boot.
31080 mac68k panic on kernel boot (mac IIci + cache card)
42972 mac68k port-mac68k 5.0.2 crashes on a Mac IIsi
48184 mac68k UFS magic numbers don't match error on IIci
48188 mac68k On-Board Video Not Working on IIci
4691 sun3 sun3 ECC errors not cleared, system loops forever
4265 m68k crashme freezes NetBSD on an hp433
4332 m68k PR3123 test program makes 68060 panic if compiled with old gcc
32916 arc arc device_register() abuses dv_unit
45080 emips emips GENERIC kernel doesn't boot
48564 evbmips 'tar' on evbmips-mips64el (LOONGSON) corrupts files extracted to NFS
16403 hpcmips "halt -p" locks MobilePro 800
29933 hpcmips xdm fails on port-hpcmips
30748 hpcmips Screen freezes after suspend/resume with ITE8181_LCD_CONTROL_ENABLE
35426 hpcmips needs CMUMASK_SIU
41166 hpcmips Suspending for too long causes machine to refuse to wake (MP880)
19349 mipsco mipsco needs to migrate to MI installboot
10874 newsmips secondary bootstrap crashes when netbooted
32232 sgimips NetBSD 3.0_RC1/sgimips reboots while building pkgsrc/editors/vim
32401 sgimips NetBSD 3.0 sgimips does not support QED RM7000C CPU
36158 sgimips NetBSD/sgimips does not properly detect the total amount of physical memory in an IP32 (O2) machine
41122 sgimips Cannot install netbsd form the sgimips iso-image
41938 sgimips sysinst does not set firmware variable on sgimips
46311 sgimips sys/arch/sgimips/dev/imc.c refers to uninitialized mach_boardrev variable
46312 sgimips sgimips port will only report up to 128MB of physical memory on IP20, and up to 256MB on IP22
46958 sgimips sgimips ip32: hard drive parameters incorrect (way too small - no room to install)
31911 mips desire move of yamon from evbmips to master mips
44900 mips R5000/Rm5200 mips ports are broken
33132 ibmnws ibmnws port is unusable with NFS rootfs
9373 macppc kernel should convert RTC value to UTC without RTC_OFFSET option
9509 macppc serial port naming to avoid confusion
11435 macppc Open Firmware OS boot select support
11854 macppc macppc can't dump
15073 macppc incorrect date prevents network from working
22314 macppc macppc systems panic when heavily using any Adaptec SCSI card.
22316 macppc boot failure on a 1GHz 15" PowerBook
24778 macppc netbsd/macppc won't book on PowerBook G4 (12-inch DVI)
25525 macppc the pearpc simulator can't run netbsd/macppc
27279 macppc NetBSD 2.0 beta 20041013 doesn't boot on original G4 Ti
28365 macppc abtn on PowerBook G3 (FireWire) Pismo causes instant power-off
28614 macppc index.html for macppc port needs minor hardware support information update
31152 macppc multiprocessor kernel (2.0.2 & -current) panics on PowerMac 9500 w/ 2 x ppc604 @ 200 mhz
33266 macppc macppc -current kernel hangs at boot with 'start=0x100000'
34498 macppc Netbsd 3.1RC2/macppc is powered off during boot of the installation kernel on powerbook5,8
37975 macppc NetBSD/macppc 4.0 locks up at SCSI on Power Macintosh G3
38016 macppc NetBSD/macppc Bootblock fails to install
38951 macppc Introduce trackpad support for trackpad on 14.1" ibooks
38952 macppc snapper audio does not work on 14.1" ibook ( Patch for netbsd-4 branch attached).
43952 macppc broken download link for Apple's System Disk Utility SystemDisk2.3.1.smi.bin
41484 macppc NetBSD/macppc 5.0 hangs when detecting FireWire ports on 3nd gen. iMac
47021 macppc 6.0 RC2 sysinst not find any hard disks on Powermac G3 B&W
47072 macppc Broken threads in macppc
47830 macppc Panic: pmap_pte_spill: victim p-pte (0x1ffcb68)
48255 macppc Unreadable console output when netbooting macppc
48290 macppc macppc port doesn't boot on G5
48600 macppc Add support for powermac 7200/PPC 601
37597 prep NetBSD/prep ISO is unbootable
40421 rs6000 Files required to build rs6000 release
25515 powerpc Can't single-step out of a signal trampoline
44387 powerpc some pthread mutex tests fail on ppc platforms
46711 powerpc Generating a gpg2 key causes a "user PGM trap" kernel loop
10456 sparc german keyboard and NetBSD-Sparc
11126 sparc kgdb client (target) mode on sparc causes panic
13241 sparc mmap returns no error, when not mapping on a Sparcstation 2
14864 sparc sparc tape-boot seems broken on 1.5.2
16204 sparc Sbus/QEC (Quad Ethernet Controller) does not work right in SPARC LX
23176 sparc nell issues on Sun Voyager
27070 sparc 2.0_RC1 fails to netboot on a 16MB SparcStation 1+
32052 sparc tsleep() does not work on SMP sparc while shutting down
32999 sparc sparc64 uses 32bit VM limits, even in 64 bit mode
35363 sparc MP broken for some 50 MHz SuperSPARC (390Z50) processors on 3.1
37080 sparc second stage boot loader fails on SparcStation 2
37930 sparc sparc mutex stubs are broken on MP
39001 sparc More than two processors on sparc32
41194 sparc disappearing keyboard on install
44873 sparc Note that FILEASSOC is needed for veriexec in sparc - fix included
44930 sparc gdb fails to build when statically linked on sparc
45255 sparc GCC 4.5.3 and sparc re-triggers the NULL savefpstate IPI issue
45306 sparc Formatting a floppy doesn't work on SparcStation 2 under NetBSD 5.1
45314 sparc Spurious mouse button events under X11 on a SparcStation 2
45316 sparc Raster console locks up executing top on a SparcStation 2
46530 sparc Install failure of NetBSD/sparc 5.1.2 and 6.0_BETA2 on qemu-1.0.1 and 1.1.0
47771 sparc possible fatal typo in sparc sbus_bus_addr() function
30371 sparc64 ALTQ loses packets on sparc64 only
30475 sparc64 delete and backspace don't work in miniroot sysinst (sparc64)
30519 sparc64 Sound problem and panic with ogg123 (pthread) (ultra 1 only)
36735 sparc64 /usr/include/sparc64/apmvar.h should exist
37057 sparc64 MPlayer crashes on sparc64 within the x11 video driver
37749 sparc64 Non-fatal FATAL message on 4.0 sparc64 INSTALL boot
38681 sparc64 Rebooting a sparc64 machine stalls
43362 sparc64 "halt" at root device prompt does not work
43787 sparc64 sparc64 panics upon attaching viaide0
45415 sparc64 ptyfs module crashes -current
45713 sparc64 KASSERT with LOCKDEBUG/DIAGNOSTIC kernel
46274 sparc64 sparc64 running netbsd 32bit code causes a lot of cores
11781 vax crash dump didn't happen on vax
18584 vax VAX 4000-105A does not boot from disk
28981 vax Kernel panic on VAXstation 4000 VLC
32741 vax VAXstation 3100/76 install crashes and/or panics
36496 vax vax/installation/netboot/boot does not boot via mopd on VaxStation 3100 Model VS42A
41277 vax libc/gdtoa/hdtoa.c will not compile on vax with gcc 4.3.3
41518 vax vax misses the _lwp_makecontext() C library implementation
41553 vax vax cpu_setfunc() is not working
43314 vax pc relative relocations are "off by 1*size" on vax (readelf remains broken)
44226 vax Vax bootloader doesn't support FFSv2
46098 vax /boot compiled with gcc 4.5.3 does not work
7418 x86 dual head PCs using CONSDEV_COM can be confusing to lusers
13174 x86 i386-FAQ booting 2nd disk from NT's boot menu
20990 x86 i386 bootblocks break on 64K block filesystem
23876 x86 ioapic(?) causes problems for my fxp0 NIC on amd64.
32894 x86 protection fault trap in tmx86_get_longrun_mode
33320 x86 i386_iopl(2) is not LWP aware
33487 x86 "gdt_get_slot botch 1" while attempting to set a LDT
34993 x86 AMD Geode SC1100 cache infomation broken
36722 x86 x87 FPU stack overflows when many threads are starting to use a FPU.
36770 x86 "long double" arithmetics doesn't work on i386
38356 x86 multiboot(8) command line option root= does not work
38580 x86 x86 vector.o is too large
38603 x86 unreasonable calculation of esym in multiboot.c on i386/amd64 platform perhaps
38970 x86 slow crashdump on amd64 machine
39114 x86 sys/arch/x86/x86/patch.c needs a minor #ifdef for PARALLELS (VT extensions problem)
39242 x86 NetBSD 4.0 will start busy-loop an hang on machines with more than 4 GB memory
39299 x86 FPU use in signal handlers is unsafe
39714 x86 Prototype dumpconf in header sys/arch/x86/include/cpu.h
39950 x86 Missing features 2-4 support in /proc/cpuinfo for AMD CPUs on i386
39998 x86 cd boot may not pick correct device for root
40195 x86 amd64 netbsd32_sysarch doesn't emulate USER_LDT
40358 x86 i386 cannot boot 2nd disk
40478 x86 P4/3.2G on a P4P800-MX MB multiple kernel failure types under 5.0 (and -current)
40581 x86 NetBSD does not boot inside VirtualBox
40701 x86 NetBSD 4.0.1 won't boot on old 486
40752 x86 x86 bootloader panic()/exit() loop
40971 x86 strange line in dmesg
41209 x86 npx* at isa0 causes infinite npxs
41733 x86 Xeon 3520: CPU MHz wrong -> timecounter wrong
41934 x86 assertion "(opte & (PG_V | PG_W)) != PG_W" failed
42010 x86 x86 bus_dmamem_mmap does not honour BUS_DMA_NOCACHE
42212 x86 dma memory allocation broken on x86 architectures
42645 x86 Instant reboot with big modules (e.g. miniroot.kmod) on amd64
43342 x86 Small update/fix to busclock detection on x86
43438 x86 x86 module map size is limited
43506 x86 Boot loader delay is faster than seconds
43688 x86 ioperm() is missing on NetBSD/amd64 (patch provided)
44078 x86 i386 crash to BIOS on demand from user mode SIGTRAP
44187 x86 The kernel hangs when entering the debugger
44903 x86 Error in x86/ieeefp.h
45117 x86 cpuctl nointr 0 freezes my box
45118 x86 -current boot failure of smp Dell C521
45833 x86 Occasional crash of 5.99.59: SPL NOT LOWERED ON TRAP EXIT
46395 x86 Modified i386 FP context after signal delivery and context switch
46659 x86 feenableexcept and fedisableexcept return too many bits on x86
47413 x86 pxeboot_ia32.bin does not hand module load information to the kernel
47432 x86 ddb stack trace from interrupt context randomly fails
47434 x86 loading dtrace fails with ENOMEM in a vanilla amd64 kernel
47677 x86 x86_errata() should be avoided if NetBSD runs as a KVM guest.
47982 x86 system time deviation after disabling CPU core(s) when using TSC timecounter
47990 x86 gpt biosboot should have "-l <label>" option
49208 x86 bootxx_msdos fails to load the second-stage bootloader
36530 xen High CPU temperature with XEN3_DOM0
41524 xen -current's mdec/boot is no longer capable to multiboot xen kernels
42167 xen XEN3_DOM0 kernel hangs at boot, GENERIC works fine
42386 xen xen dom0 doesn't respond to IPv6 neighbor solicitations from domU
42441 xen DOM0 work with only one cpu
42467 xen opensolaris DOMU
42769 xen XEN2/3_DOMU kernel doesn't like PCI_BUS_FIXUP
43796 xen modules can't be used with xen kernels
45728 xen NetBSD/xen loses network connectivity
45956 xen ssh disconnects with corrupt packet with MP kernel
46031 xen fatal page fault in supervisor mode on AWS/xen

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