pkgsrc bugs

By package
43480 pkg audio/SDL_mixer has a couple of libraries which are optional. They should be optional in pkgsrc too
44309 pkg audio/audacity configure fails on NetBSD/i386-5.1_STABLE (pixman problem)
45599 pkg audio/esound add bin/esddsp for NetBSD (Pidgin Festival)
45792 pkg audio/festival ogi support and voices broken (5.0.1)
29411 pkg audio/mpg123 for ARM with MPG123_ARM_FIXED64=YES build error (2.99.15)
45644 pkg audio/mpg123 and audio/mpg123-oss have conflicting PLIST
43420 pkg audio/pulseaudio's dependencies are mostly optional but not in pkgsrc
48990 pkg audio/pulseaudio build failure on netbsd-5/i386
32735 pkg audio/rosegarden: patch to play MIDI on NetBSD
47668 pkg audio/rplay: rplayd has wrong paths in man page
46269 pkg audio/sox: add compilation options
44023 pkg audio/squeezeboxserver crashes upon start (5.1)
34519 pkg audio/toolame: patch for big-endian platforms
33878 pkg audio/xmcd has modifed files in PLIST
45016 pkg audio/xmcd does not work with destdir installs
46543 pkg cad/pcb: Support for gcode and other build problem fixes
35029 pkg cad/qcad segfaults with "bus error" on NetBSD-3.1/amd64
44143 pkg chat/bitlbee: Add otr and libpurple
41423 pkg chat/centerim unusable: ignores several keys (like enter) (5.0)
41611 pkg chat/empathy only supports the jabber protocol
40550 pkg chat/finch is unable to select protocol with VT100 terminal emulation (4.0.1, alpha)
30649 pkg chat/irssi: Proxy module doesn't work when compiled with inet6 option (3.0)
45817 pkg chat/pidgin doesn't respect PKG_OPTIONS.libpurple+=perl
49014 pkg chat/ircservices needs "-fno-stack-protector" on NetBSD/sparc-6.99.43
46639 pkg chat/irssi port disables ncurses on non-NetBSD platforms
48911 pkg chat/riece with Emacs24-24.4.50 needs patch
47086 pkg chat/unrealircd does not create certificates, but are needed for running
47227 pkg chat/unrealircd does not listen on IPv4
47472 pkg chat/weechat is broken with options wide-curses
43482 pkg chat/zenicb doesn't work properly on Emacs 23 (5.99.11)
18681 pkg comms/hylafax: rc.d script does not allow starting hfaxd through inetd (1.6)
17882 pkg comms/mgetty+sendfax: bin/new_fax should be in etc/ (1.5.3)
45593 pkg comms/obexapp collects extra -W options and fails on readline headers (5.1.0)
46713 pkg comms/p5-Device-SerialPort has 'status()' unnecessarily disabled
49026 pkg converters/libfreehand build fails on netbsd-5/i386
43444 pkg databases/db4 configure failure on netbsd-4@sparc
45087 pkg databases/db4 support systems without shared libraries
37385 pkg databases/gnats: Various issues
45845 pkg databases/libgda can be --with-sqlite=no
38998 pkg databases/mysql5* do not install most of their man pages
43160 pkg databases/nss_ldap
43334 pkg databases/ conflicts with /usr/pkg/lib/thunderbird/
40536 pkg databases/openldap-server has "invalid" dependencies (meanwhile)
47261 pkg databases/pgadmin3 update to 1.16.0
46663 pkg databases/php-mysqli: php zlib undefined weak symbol (appears to be caused by php-mysqli)
44715 pkg databases/phppgadmin-5.0.2 installation is incomplete
44922 pkg databases/postgresql* problem when build as a dependency
45304 pkg databases/postgresql90-server, streaming replication and pthread linkage
46882 pkg databases/postgresql91-server configure error (with quick hack patch)
41821 pkg databases/rrdtool depends did't work with version
18964 pkg devel/SDL audio hangs parent thread when using esd
35013 pkg devel/autogen has undeclared dependency upon bash
22923 pkg devel/bmake package should have, mkdep and pmake symlink
21834 pkg/vax devel/boehm-gc fails to build correctly
39012 pkg devel/boehm-gc coredumps on GC_INIT under hpcmips (mipsel)
41893 pkg devel/boehm-gc: should it be built with thread support by default?
31465 pkg devel/boost-libs compilation takes *extremely* long (with >patch)
45784 pkg devel/cpuflags 1.42 detects wrong GCC flags on hp700
46908 pkg devel/doxygen fails on build
28564 pkg devel/eclipse: does not start, "cannot enable executable stack"
46754 pkg devel/eclipse does not start
33959 pkg devel/elfsh is outdated
33665 pkg devel/g-wrap Makefile needs to set LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH
32627 pkg devel/gdb6
35100 pkg devel/gdb6 version bump
37444 pkg devel/gettext-0.14.6 fails building gettext-tools, whist devel/gettext-tools suceeds!
39765 pkg devel/glib2 does not support WCHAR_T conversion using built-in iconv on NetBSD
47259 pkg devel/gnustep-base does not build
47400 pkg devel/gnustep-base-1.20.1 does not build
36511 pkg devel/lcc problems on netbsd (due to __RENAME())
45831 pkg devel/libffi-3.0.9 fails it's test on m68k (atari)
46960 pkg devel/libffi update glib2 "" not found required by ""
42855 pkg devel/libgsf without gnome
40255 pkg devel/liboil tries to use ARM FP instructions
41308 pkg devel/libsigc++: move documentation into seperate package
39678 pkg devel/libsigsegv25 builds but doesn't pass self-tests
35307 pkg devel/libtool-base: libtool vs
28354 pkg devel/ncurses: Installing breaks curses
41299 pkg devel/netbsd-iscsi-initiator: bad HOMEPAGE
32230 pkg devel/nspr devel/nss build tweaks (PATCH)
41336 pkg devel/opencm building failure
46752 pkg devel/omake does not deinstall cleanly after use
43067 pkg devel/p5-Date-Manip causes make core dump on NetBSD 4.0 (+FIX)
34897 pkg devel/p5-perl-headers: h2ph chokes on recursive symlinks
41845 pkg devel/pango segfaults on compile on m68k/sun3
45375 pkg devel/pango font shaping failure
45252 pkg devel/pcc-libs: wrong PLIST for NetBSD and debian
47300 pkg devel/pkg-config --atleast-version is broken
23571 pkg devel/pth is unable to read audio device in various packages
45472 pkg devel/py-gobject: Undefined PLT symbol "PyDict_SetItemString"
47373 pkg devel/py-gobject: add proposed patch to suppress warnings
47342 pkg devel/py-gobject3 build failure
47404 pkg devel/py-pysvn build problem
47405 pkg devel/splint: another patch fixed to correctly involve sunstudio
43691 pkg devel/xsd: build error (5.99.37)
43088 pkg devel/xulrunner: pkg-config --variable=libdir libxul-embedding and libxul does not generate path to lib
44319 pkg devel/xulrunner: pt_ConnectContinue() does not handle all situations (PATCH)
44938 pkg devel/xulrunner crashes with XFree86 4.5.0 (from netbsd-4)
47206 pkg devel/xulrunner 16.0.2 build problems: : 'malloc_usable_size' was not declared in this scope
40061 pkg editors/abiword doesnt copy paste correct, also copy from tables don't work
45455 pkg editors/abiword-plugins: Patch to add grammar-checking functionality
38180 pkg editors/emacs20: codepage-setup is broken
43091 pkg editors/emacs20 doesn't work
45858 pkg editors/emacs fails to build on netbsd-5
46632 pkg editors/emacs for i386 can't be build in 32bit emulation on amd64
46804 pkg editors/emacs-nox11: Emacs Load Path issues when using emacs-nox11 w/ other packages such as flim, semi, and skk
22168 pkg editors/emacs-packages can't cope with /usr/X11R6's absence
37062 pkg editors/hnb segvfaults with curses, doesn't look right
42449 pkg editors/lyx uses unusable font on Red Hat
45756 pkg editors/nedit-5.5: Crash
46610 pkg editors/vim: vim-license, so editors/vim shouldn't carry a LICENSE variable?
29729 pkg editors/xemacs cannot build without ldap support
43690 pkg editors/xemacs-packages: Please update to current
41709 pkg emulators/compat40 cannot build on NetBSD 4 systems
44066 pkg emulators/e-uae crashes on amd64
43305 pkg emulators/qemu -s + gdb target remote doesn't work with qemu 0.12
44767 pkg emulators/qemu floating point support broken
44744 pkg emulators/qemu network and install
46565 pkg emulators/qemu (qemu-1.1.0) dumps core on NetBSD-5.1_STABLE/i386
37472 pkg emulators/snes9x fails to build on non-i386
30784 pkg emulators/suse_devel package flawed
34900 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator segfaults when attempting to format emulated drive
34902 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator asserts with bad fastread after "b st()" after stop-a
34903 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator doesn't go to prom monitor with stop-a on some PCs
35306 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator doesn't allow keyboard entry at prom monitor after shutdown
35309 pkg emulators/tme sun3 emulator, running without a window manager, overwrites tmesh prompt
29900 pkg emulators/vice does not recognize firebutton of Competition Pro USB joystick
46129 pkg emulators/vice amd64 2011Q4 ffmpeg video recording broken
43980 pkg emulators/wine: libwine not found while building wine
42218 pkg emulators/wine-devel requires later gcc for x86_64
45655 pkg emulators/wine-devel from pkgsrc-current fails to build on NetBSD 5.0.1
45536 pkg fonts/bdftopcf update 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
47289 pkg fonts/fontconfig from 2012Q2 failed to setup correct search paths
45398 pkg fonts/gucharmap update (patches incl.)
49038 pkg fonts/ricty-ttf update to 3.2.3
47297 pkg fonts/ttmkfdir2 fails to build with PKGSRC_COMPILER=clang
40725 pkg games/adom: NetBSD/i386 native version available
34149 pkg games/angband-tty doesn't work after recent update
35269 pkg games/exchess-book-medium build appears to loop on sparc64/4.0_BETA2
28924 pkg games/exult pthread assertion failure on NetBSD -current
47330 pkg games/frozen-bubble crashes randomly when changing levels
46087 pkg games/gcompris won't start, needs version bump
42045 pkg games/gnome-games: Set correct file permissions with USE_DESTDIR
35833 pkg games/quake segfaults
24024 pkg games/xdoom has AMD64 problems. (patches available)
41970 pkg graphics/blender compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0 / i386)
47124 pkg graphics/cairo sends invalid parameter to X Server
41982 pkg graphics/enblend-enfuse compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0 / i386)
33621 pkg graphics/geomview error
47015 pkg graphics/gimp README link Secunia problem
44765 pkg graphics/gnuplot build fails because netbsd-5 X11 not up to speed
37529 pkg graphics/graphviz: tcl libs aren't loadable
41983 pkg graphics/hugin compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0 / i386)
44145 pkg graphics/lensfun needs GNU findutils
45809 pkg graphics/libggi fails packaging on NetBSD-5.1_STABLE/i386, pkgsrc-2011Q4
44792 pkg graphics/magicpoint build problem with X11_TYPE == "modular"?
46778 pkg graphics/p5-GD needs libiconv
45260 pkg graphics/p5-PerlMagick does not build (gets wrong p5-ExtUtils-ParseXS if installed)
45979 pkg graphics/xli-1.17.0nb11 shows psychedelic artifacts when trying to display 1-bit deep pictures while using MIT-SHM
40671 pkg lang/cint loops while building on NetBSD/macppc 5.0_RC2
45012 pkg lang/clisp build broken on systems where /bin/sh == dash (e.g. Ubuntu)
42448 pkg lang/erlang: linking to pkgsrc openssl breaks ejabberd
42623 pkg lang/erlang installation failure
44691 pkg lang/erlang doesn't build with PKG_DEVELOPER and umask 077
46452 pkg lang/erlang doesn't install
46810 pkg lang/erlang: localtime_to_universaltime/2 doesn't work in UTC timezone
44547 pkg lang/g95 build failure on NetBSD/cobalt
34449 pkg lang/gawk ignores GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX, but toolchain linking does not
31322 pkg lang/gcc3-c++ doesn't build on NetBSD-current macppc
33591 pkg lang/gcc34 error (libgcj)
47214 pkg lang/gcc44 from pkgsrc 2012Q3 fails to compile on 5.1.2
47213 pkg lang/gcc45, gcc46 and gcc47 from pkgsrc-2012Q3 on NetBSD installs bad include files
23361 pkg lang/gforth support for MIPS
38345 pkg lang/ghc: link errors when using ghc-6.8.2nb1 package
38440 pkg lang/ghc build fails if $WRKOBJDIR is used
43912 pkg lang/hugs fails to build on sparc64
43609 pkg lang/hugs98 overflow bug when printing Integers on platforms with sizeof(long) != sizeof(int)
44221 pkg lang/kaffe builds but is unusable (to bootstrap wip/jdk15)
34192 pkg lang/kaffe-x11 awt Graphics2D failure
40622 pkg lang/mono: build loops on NetBSD/macppc 4.0
40814 pkg lang/mono build failure on NetBSD/sgimips 5.0
41474 pkg lang/mono-2.2nb4.log does not build on netbsd-5.0/sparc64
45428 pkg lang/mono does not compile on NetBSD 5.1/macppc
46283 pkg lang/mono: /usr/pkg/bin/mono sometimes hangs
38235 pkg lang/moscow_ml timing fails with: "Uncaught exception: Time"
30377 pkg lang/nhc98 doesn't compile (powerpc)
45318 pkg lang/nhc98: DESTDIR support and version update (patch)
45698 pkg lang/openjdk7 and lang/openjdk7-bin do not correctly set a variable in config files, leading to a "parked" state of the java process if /dev/urandom is needed
45879 pkg lang/openjdk7 dynamically loads X11R6 libraries instead of X11R7
46055 pkg lang/openjdk7 fails to build against libjpeg-turbo
46351 pkg lang/openjdk7 binary pkg built as part of a pbulk build does not work
46569 pkg lang/openjdk7 fails to build on NetBSD-6.0_BETA2/amd64
41275 pkg lang/parrot: installed package references build directory
36277 pkg lang/perl fails to build due to ' in uname output
41753 pkg lang/perl5 build stops with "ma_05_t.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized" on sgi O2
42155 pkg lang/perl5 vs. DB_File module required for www/ikiwiki
44865 pkg lang/perl5 should be marked as MAKE_JOBS unsafe
45183 pkg lang/perl5 fails to build on Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64 due to missing -lpthread and -lm
46280 pkg lang/perl5: Perl dumps core during p5-Digest-SHA build
46405 pkg lang/perl5 assertion "SvTYPE(av) == SVt_PVAV" failed
43744 pkg lang/php/MESSAGE.module should tell more friendly message
47356 pkg lang/polyml dumps core on NetBSD/amd64
45740 pkg lang/python26 fails with Error code 1 when running make install
46459 pkg lang/python27: don't pass OPT to Python configure
43602 pkg lang/ruby18-base won't install (also see 43600)
45597 pkg lang/sbcl: Circular dependency detected with SBCL_BOOT_SYSTEM=sbcl
45036 pkg lang/see not compiling on NetBSD -current (evbarm)
40954 pkg lang/smlnj broken with 64-bit time_t
37019 pkg lang/stalin does not build
37725 pkg lang/sun-jre6 does not work on amd64
40089 pkg lang/sun-jre6: PLIST informs about a non-existent file
40644 pkg lang/sun-jre6 distfile incomplete
46418 pkg lang/swi-prolog-5.11.18 etc. xpce fails to open X11 display
42047 pkg lang/swi-prolog-packages demands X server to install
35123 pkg lang/utilisp fails during build
44819 pkg mail/claws-mail-pgpcore missing dependency (patch included)
18422 pkg mail/distribute write_index() is called too early
28609 pkg mail/distribute assumes existence of _PATH_SENDMAIL, strsep(), install
45064 pkg mail/dovecot2 need to be restarted when upgraded. User should be alerted
47365 pkg mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole needs libiconv
45337 pkg mail/evolution{,-data-server} library link errors (NetBSD 4.0)
39636 pkg mail/fetchmail isn't doing IMAPS
22998 pkg mail/gnus installs info and pixmap files incorrectly
36663 pkg mail/mailgraph - mailgraph.cgi doesn't have a reasonable value for $rrd and $rrd_virus
24041 pkg mail/mailman-2.1.3 check_perms errors
25165 pkg mail/mailman: The mailman 2.1.4 package in incomplete in various places
44068 pkg mail/mailman's build process uses uid/gid of 'daemon' instead of 'mailman' and breaks package
44048 pkg mail/mailman: Prebuilt pkg enforces uid/gid.
30133 pkg mail/majordomo install sets ~majordom/list with group write enabled + unlisted conflict
47070 pkg mail/mutt-devel: distfiles mirrors outdated
47083 pkg mail/mutt-devel: missing PLIST entry for compressed mbox patch
45712 pkg mail/offlineimap 6.4.2 update
37136 pkg mail/pine upgrade weirdness
36028 pkg mail/postgrey: rc.d script 'stop' doesn't work
45643 pkg mail/procmail 'make package' fails
43798 pkg mail/re-alpine: S/MIME support
45431 pkg mail/(re-)alpine will crash when compiled with pthreads
46707 pkg mail/roundcube: No SQL-Update on roundcube update
47207 pkg mail/sendmail install problems
37707 pkg mail/vm eupgrade proposal
32851 pkg math/gnumeric needs options to control perl/python plugins
42354 pkg math/lapack build fails on sparc64 (pkgsrc-current)
42157 pkg math/lapack needs gfortran fixes
44447 pkg math/ntl: please update to version 5.5.2
38118 pkg math/pari-elldata-2.2
42137 pkg math/py-numpy: can't build when lang/g95 is installed
44107 pkg math/py-numpy build fails when using gfortran
43527 pkg math/py-rpy: Failed in regression test
43529 pkg math/udunits: Update to 2.1.17
43742 pkg math/units: Update to 88
34242 pkg math/yorick does not create libdrat.a nor libhex.a
22521 pkg mbone/vic update (Bt8xx chip support)
49010 pkg meta-pkgs/boost bug fix
42056 pkg meta-pkgs/gstreamer0.10-plugins misses out alsa, faac, jpeg and soup plugins
46503 pkg misc/kdepim3: kmail segfaults after handing over a composed email to e.g. sendmail/postfix
36343 pkg misc/libcdio: make cddb optional
43728 pkg misc/libquantum: Update to 1.1.0
46568 pkg misc/libreoffice can be convinced to run on NetBSD-6.0_BETA2/amd64
33887 pkg misc/open2300 need O_NONBLOCK on open
41150 pkg misc/openoffice3 package links against installed package
41427 pkg misc/openoffice3 building failure
41664 pkg misc/openoffice3 build failure (NetBSD 4.0)
41191 pkg misc/openoffice3-bin installation is not clean
42890 pkg misc/openoffice3 PLIST error with PKG_OPTIONS kde
44879 pkg misc/openoffice3-bin: update to 3.3.0
46218 pkg misc/openoffice PLIST does not include pyuno libraries
45727 pkg misc/openoffice3 does not build with PKG_OPTIONS.openoffice3+=-xulrunner
41981 pkg misc/openoffice3 swriter and scalc don't function
46190 pkg misc/rlwrap from pkgsrc-2011Q4 segfaults on amd64
45753 pkg misc/root-5.26nb4 fails to compile
38101 pkg misc/screen failed to start on tty if BREAK is pending
44011 pkg misc/screen deflogin on doesn't work
46202 pkg misc/tmux appears broken; exits with return code of 1
43209 pkg misc/ttyrec gives "Out of pty's" error
34881 pkg misc/yelp needs a MESSAGE file added to inform users it needs MANPATH defined if they want to use it to view man pages
39669 pkg multimedia/gnash doesn't build on NetBSD/macppc
40932 pkg multimedia/gstreamer0.10 breaks gnome-power-manager build on 5.0/sgimips
45642 pkg multimedia/gxine: broken gxine.desktop
43087 pkg multimedia/libflashsupport: flash audio out of sync
32718 pkg multimedia/mplayer: choppy sound after mplayer pause/play, possibly kent-audio1 bug
35080 pkg multimedia/mplayer: mencoder: add a 'liblive' option
40499 pkg multimedia/mplayer autodetects libraries which should be options
42211 pkg multimedia/mplayer: faad option does not work
46699 pkg multimedia/mplayer from 2012Q2 build failure: exp2f woes
47357 pkg multimedia/mplayer option "caca" breaks build
30677 pkg multimedia/ogmtools has bogus alignment/packing assumptions
44407 pkg multimedia/phonon takes minutes to start in kde4
44150 pkg multimedia/totem fails to build on i386
42116 pkg multimedia/vlc processes get parked when "kill"ed instead of terminating
42347 pkg multimedia/vlc cannot open /dev/video1 for reading and writing
44655 pkg multimedia/vlc "No package 'x11-xcb' found"
45527 pkg multimedia/vlc PLIST is x86-centric
46230 pkg multimedia/vlc2-2.0.0nb1 Failed Compilation
46700 pkg multimedia/vlc2 from 2012Q2 won't build
45512 pkg net/aoe-vblade is unable to use block devices
41798 pkg net/bind96 does not compile on evbmips OpenMicroServer.
47189 pkg net/cacti configuration file is overwritten
45131 pkg net/csup hangs while trying to exit
41404 pkg net/delegate takes ~infinite time to build on sparc64
42224 pkg net/driftnet: improve from debian
38055 pkg net/gated startup rc-file broken - filesystem not mounted at this time
41720 pkg net/isic compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0)
30837 pkg net/jigdo: add `nogui' option
46665 pkg net/kiax package creation problem
36252 pkg net/kdenetwork3: kcmsambaconf tries to access a hard coded path outside of $PREFIX
40579 pkg net/kdenetwork3 ktalkd files are not installed
45692 pkg net/kismet update (kismet-2011-03-R2)
43491 pkg net/libfetch compile warnings with gcc in ftp.c, looks like gcc bug
47066 pkg net/libfetch ambiguity of 'a' flag for FTP
40995 pkg net/libnids needs glib and gthread
43426 pkg net/miredo loops
41073 pkg net/mppe-lkm is broken on NetBSD-5
34084 pkg net/net-snmp: snmpd enters endless loop when trying to restart a process via proc, procFix, and prErrFix
34671 pkg net/net-snmp 64-bit fix and some enhancements
47315 pkg net/net-snmp from pkgsrc 2012Q3 on NetBSD 6.0 doesn't report load for all processors.
43953 pkg net/netatalk afpd dumps core after appletalk login
46339 pkg net/netatalk-2.2.1nb3 on NetBSD-5/sparc64: afpd shows future timestamps on client
42276 pkg net/ntp4 still does not honour SYSCONFDIR
47149 pkg net/ntp4 fails to ntp.conf
45440 pkg net/openvmps 1.3 is too old for 5.1
41723 pkg net/openwbem compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0)
39934 pkg net/pim6sd does not work with vlan interfaces
41822 pkg net/powerdns-recursor build problem
42561 pkg net/py-kenosis: Update
45178 pkg net/quagga-0.99.17: zebra Abort trap
32710 pkg net/samba: add builtin support
42977 pkg net/samba requires vm.user_va0_disable=0
47221 pkg net/samba25 won't build without cyrus-sasl
45292 pkg net/samba35 smbd crashes on sparc w/SIGSEGV
45801 pkg net/samba35 crashing when a member of many Domain Groups tries to connect
13863 pkg net/sharity-light: writing to an shlight-mounted filesystem hangs and kills NFS
25046 pkg net/sharity-light i386 cannot copy binary data, receive protocol error
42226 pkg net/snort: using it with multiple network interfaces
32484 pkg net/tcl-scotty coredumps
43183 pkg net/trickle loops infinitely while hijacking calls to libc's socket() on NetBSD
28909 pkg net/vnc requires X11R6, even if xorg is installed instead
42901 pkg net/wpa_supplicant link error (undefined symbol) (NetBSD 4.0 / i386)
36974 pkg net/xorp doesn't compile targeted at arm
36282 pkg news/trn fails to build due to ' in uname output
47107 pkg news/trn does not link
46157 pkg parallel/mpi-ch build depends on the environment
33730 pkg parallel/pvm3 patch-bq (allmost all system)
32980 pkg pkgtools/digest: Au1500 cannot build
25451 pkg pkgtools/lintpkgsrc: patch for suggested improvements
36881 pkg pkgtools/lintpkgsrc -g does not understand variable package name prefixes (python, apache and PHP)
42172 pkg pkgtools/lintpkgsrc contains incorrect path to pkg-vulnerabilities file (plus: no internal version check available)
46062 pkg pkgtools/mtree from pkgsrc always forces "time" keyword
46785 pkg pkgtools/pkgdep: Eliminate use of undefined variable and deprecated
46071 pkg pkgtools/pkgin fails to recognize arch (which is correct)
47192 pkg pkgtools/pkgin fails to import packages from file
47219 pkg pkgtools/pkgin: "pkgin in firefox" does not work
37231 pkg pkgtools/pkglint incorrectly reports lint on two packages
37284 pkg pkgtools/pkglint could check for an even # of args to CONF_FILES
46570 pkg pkgtools/pkglint: infelicities in pkglint
29187 pkg pkgtools/pkg_chk does not honor pkgdbdir and pkgdir in mk.conf
30441 pkg pkgtools/pkg_chk -i -f doesn't work any more
32790 pkg pkgtools/pkg_chk uses binary packages when it shouldn't
33456 pkg pkgtools/pkg_chk: pkg_chk -u: perfomance speedup
34136 pkg pkgtools/pkg_chk outputs errors for "-u -q" with no update conf file
34839 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp suggested enhancement to leave it dirty
38230 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp leaves turds in ${SANDBOX}/pkg_comp/tmp (+FIX)
41971 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp: clear $DISPLAY inside sandbox
42267 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp: quick exit if pkg is installed already
42789 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp update to handle removal of stanalone-install from pkgtools/libkver
47296 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp: Add autoswc support
47295 pkg pkgtools/pkg_comp: Add ccache support
42145 pkg pkgtools/pkg_filecheck use of libnbcompat (still) broken
46216 pkg pkgtools/pkg_regress uses non-portable -t option of mktemp
39601 pkg pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace failure due to package renaming
45154 pkg pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace fails to substitute symbol with -n
46154 pkg pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace: mismatched py27 installed packages using pkg_chk
47130 pkg pkgtools/pkg_select doesn't compile in pkgsrc
47335 pkg pkgtools/url2pkg is broken for p5-* packages
44049 pkg pkgtools/x11-links: buildlink support for netbsd-5 with native X11 broke for some packages with x11-links 0.60
45775 pkg print/LPRng startup script wrong pid file
45717 pkg print/LPRng-core requests chown and chgrp incorrectly (or, bad interaction between UNPRIVILEGED=yes and USE_TOOLS+= chown:run)
34279 pkg print/acroread7-ja, print/acroread7-fr, print/acroread7-de
32743 pkg print/cups: add builtin support
45566 pkg print/cups build fails with kerberos support
47388 pkg print/cups 1.5.4 compilation failure with PREFER_PKGSRC=yes
47267 pkg print/ghostscript problems with omni and libiconv
47211 pkg print/gutenprint-libs install problems
44863 pkg print/poppler's MESSAGE
24350 pkg security/amavis-perl needs some mods to work with clamd and postfix
47511 pkg security/cfs does not work properly on NetBSD 6.0.1
28587 pkg security/clamav unaligned access warnings on alpha
39610 pkg security/clamav: clamav_milter fails to start
21326 pkg security/dsniff dumps core on hpcmips
47225 pkg security/gnutls-cli do not resovle hostname with ipv4
42454 pkg security/heimdal core dumps (LDAP support)
46779 pkg security/heimdal 1.5.2nb2 compilation failure on PC's
44058 pkg security/ipsec-tools does not provide rc.d script for racoon
39766 pkg security/mhash installs <mhash.h> that cooperates badly with autoconf
47303 pkg security/nettle: Patch to fix build with clang
36507 pkg security/openssh PLIST problem
39683 pkg security/openssh with hpn doesn't accepts putty using AES
39902 pkg security/openssh package can't create sshd userid - missing full path name for shell
42036 pkg security/openvas-client compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0 / i386)
39313 pkg security/pam-ldap libraries missing functions on 4.99.72
46054 pkg security/php-suhosin compilation breaks
38051 pkg security/sfs recent patch uses __NetBSD_Prereq__ incorrectly
23245 pkg security/stunnel does not terminate properly.
39144 pkg security/sudo: private /tmp not always initialized (sudo)
45326 pkg security/sudo dies
42039 pkg security/tct apparently does not support NetBSD 4.0 (but pkg is not marked)
45773 pkg shells/ast-ksh: Can't build from pkgsrc 11q-3
45768 pkg shells/dash in pkgsrc 11q-3 appears designed to only compile with gcc
32283 pkg shells/tcsh* pkgs do not install sample complete.tcsh
45741 pkg shells/tcsh doesn't understand 64bit time_t
46589 pkg shells/tcsh: non-critical(?) error when installing
31955 pkg sysutils/9base doesn't build on NetBSD/macppc
38958 pkg sysutils/amanda should use /usr/pkg/amanda for indexdir
36656 pkg sysutils/amanda-client will fail to backup the requested filesystem
36192 pkg sysutils/apcupsd has a bad rc.d file
40268 pkg sysutils/apcupsd: If using with UPS via SNMP apcupsd hang up network if UPS not found
46358 pkg sysutils/asapm: make it work on amd64
42954 pkg sysutils/bacula-clientonly fails to install with static option
45600 pkg sysutils/boxbackup-{client,server} build failure NetBSD 5 (and 4) (+FIX)
33293 pkg sysutils/cdbkup has problems with DVDs
46354 pkg sysutils/cfengine2 only compiles with GCC
43224 pkg sysutils/cvsreport: is_alive()-function needs to be patched to the correct /proc-path (linux-emulation)
43888 pkg sysutils/eggdbus-0.6 fails to build with gcc and non gnu-ld
35955 pkg sysutils/extipl doesn't work on amd64
40187 pkg sysutils/fam patch
34769 pkg sysutils/file-4.17 fails to build: invalid magic
34961 pkg sysutils/gkrellm support for acpibat
40047 pkg sysutils/gkrellm plugin problems - could be only Linux problem
33993 pkg sysutils/gnome-vfs: libgssapi not found
40258 pkg sysutils/grub does not work with ffs file systems with blocksize > 8K
42610 pkg sysutils/libpciaccess doesn't enable dma
43614 pkg sysutils/libpciaccess-0.11.0 in pkgsrc-2010Q2 on some i386/intel graphics card causes system freeze
49034 pkg sysutils/lsof build trips over ramlib invocation
36594 pkg sysutils/memtester: Hard system limit makes it impractical
37740 pkg sysutils/open-vm-tools misses pcre build dependency
42451 pkg sysutils/pcmanfm: update to the latest version - 0.5.2
44782 pkg sysutils/pcmanfm has a wrong dependence: libgamin - should be gamin
25673 pkg sysutils/psmisc various issues
36685 pkg sysutils/torsmo: Add Xft2 support
47182 pkg sysutils/xcdroast doesn't start to do the users setup
46975 pkg sysutils/xentools41 xend doesn't start
47183 pkg sysutils/xfe crashes when trying to delete a file
46710 pkg sysutils/xosview from 2012Q2 won't build on amd64/6.0
44878 pkg textproc/aiksaurus: add an option to enable the GUI interface (gaiksaurus)
33322 pkg textproc/dict-{client,server} gcc 3.4 alloca() problem
33612 pkg textproc/gtk-doc patch jade->openjade for sparc arch
43600 pkg textproc/hevea won't build (might be local issue, see 43602)
35807 pkg textproc/isearch gcc4.1.2
42268 pkg textproc/ispell-base fails on build when built with ncurses for termcap
32706 pkg textproc/libxml2: add builtin support
32750 pkg textproc/libxslt: add builtin support
36242 pkg textproc/lout can not make install
25144 pkg textproc/lout: unable to initialize collation
43325 pkg textproc/namazu is not really WAKATI friendly, internal make check fails
43499 pkg textproc/py-html5lib: Update to 0.90
42705 pkg time/gtodo-applet build causes make to dump core on NetBSD 4.0 (i386) (+FIX)
45822 pkg time/p5-DateTime Undefined symbol "PL_thr_key"
41965 pkg wm/afterstep fails to install MANY files (NetBSD 4.0/i386)
46022 pkg wm/awesome compilation failure on Linux 3.2
40377 pkg wm/blackbox70 fails on build
26841 pkg wm/enlightenment doesn't install documentation (patch included)
37196 pkg wm/fluxbox: Infinite Key Press Upon Bad Fluxbox Menu Execution
30382 pkg wm/fvwm2-themes: update to 0.7.0
37559 pkg wm/icewm coredumps in sparc64
43459 pkg wm/wmii: Out-of-date package in pkgsrc
40141 pkg www/apache restart not reliable
42107 pkg www/apache22 : Add support for mod_mysuexec in pkgsrc
47025 pkg www/apache24 won't build on sparc64
41823 pkg www/ap2-wsgi build problem
46645 pkg www/ap22-vhost-ldap: fix destdir support, update to 2.0.8
45333 pkg www/c-icap: startup script is missing.
41274 pkg www/cherokee handler_phpcgi.c does not include pkgsrc (prefixed?) directory.
45945 pkg www/cherokee is outdated
32705 pkg www/curl: add builtin support
34591 pkg www/dillo: Patch file that fixed DNS lookup problems was mistakenly removed in CVS
40685 pkg www/emacs-w3m doesn't compile with xemacs
40098 pkg www/epiphany-2.24.1 will core/close when a page with forms are connected to.
43139 pkg www/firefox 3.5.5 fails name resolution when using 'files nis dns'
49037 pkg www/firefox-l10n update to 31.0
45663 pkg www/icedtea-web hangs in firefox
40207 pkg www/kazehakase compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0 pkgsrc modular xorg)
35142 pkg www/lighttpd doesn't create an own user (like apache does)
43004 pkg www/lighttpd segfaults in ssl3_finish_mac()
44393 pkg www/lighttpd linking broken in mod_flv_streaming
43838 pkg www/mediawiki package assumes $FIND is not stupid
41743 pkg www/merb installation error (NetBSD 4.0)
26098 pkg/arm32 www/mozilla: Gcc toolchain guru needed for gcc4 mozilla
45322 pkg www/nginx: add ngx_http_redis module, ver. 0.3.4 to www/nginx (patch)
45320 pkg www/nginx: remove needless code for google perftools (patch)
45317 pkg www/nginx: update from 1.0.4 to latest stable version 1.0.6 (patch)
45506 pkg www/nginx patching is broken
47268 pkg www/nginx configuration template: PHP failure
40338 pkg www/nsflash: no sound on amd64
47208 pkg www/nspluginwrapper 1.4.4 package
36406 pkg www/opera: Enable opera to use Sun JRE
44650 pkg www/opera from pkgsrc has unimplemented ioctl and eventually crashes
46227 pkg www/opera shows garbage in Google mail
46687 pkg www/ruby-erubis failed to install into multiple ruby-version
45629 pkg www/seamonkey does not enable webm assembly optimizations on non-Linux platforms
31927 pkg www/snownews doesn't always mark read items "read"
45689 pkg www/spawn-fcgi: add '_interpreter' variable to rc script
42830 pkg www/squid*: Rename LOGDIR variable to something less generic
42609 pkg www/urlgrabber Makefile: Incorrect `MASTER_SITES` and `HOMEPAGE' URLs
41712 pkg www/varnish compile error (NetBSD 4.0)
44457 pkg www/varnish: Small bugs
40533 pkg www/webkit-gtk does not compile (on NetBSD/macppc 5.0)
45429 pkg www/webkit-gtk does not compile on NetBSD 5.1/macppc
47354 pkg www/webkit-gtk : invalid conversion from 'signed char*' to 'int8_t* {aka char*}'
29896 pkg www/wwwcount should use VARBASE and custom user and group
33222 pkg www/wwwoffle daemon and root priviledges
37610 pkg x11/Xaw3d segfaults when changing the text of a backed internationaled text widget
47087 pkg x11/alacarte for NetBSD gnome makes Applications menu inoperable
34718 pkg x11/aterm patches
36755 pkg x11/aterm: fails to build if wm/afterstep installed
42253 pkg x11/gnome-applets needs audio/esound (+ FIX)
40131 pkg x11/gnome-terminal-2.22.3 don't kill the process when tab is closed
44783 pkg x11/gnustep-back contains a mistake that prevents all GNUStep apps from running
41402 pkg x11/kdebase3 - kdm unable to start on sparc64 with native Xorg
40958 pkg x11/lesstif depends on libXft
37153 pkg x11/libFS compiles with ipv6 despite -inet6 option
37118 pkg x11/libX11 compiles with ipv6 despite -inet6 option
44330 pkg x11/libXdamage package not building
45212 pkg x11/libXext: Cannot build against native Xorg due to xextproto
37117 pkg x11/libXfont compiles with ipv6 despite -inet6 option
42971 pkg x11/libxcb sports undeclared dependency on "xau"
46527 pkg x11/mlterm UTF8 support not working
39813 pkg x11/modular-xorg-server requires 'fixed' font
41306 pkg x11/modular-xorg-server-1.4.2nb6 does not build on sparc64 netbsd-5.0
46086 pkg x11/modular-xorg-server: Xnest has refresh (and other?) problems
41585 pkg x11/openbsd-input-ws fails to compile (NetBSD 4.0) after modular-xorg-server upgrade
46069 pkg x11/py-wxpython: wxcairo not loading
30562 pkg x11/qt3-libs doesn't handle child processes in QProcess class correctly
33398 pkg x11/qt3-libs and x11/qt3-tools refer to work directory in packaged files' RPATH
37758 pkg x11/qt4-libs + debug configures symbol visibility incorrectly
40461 pkg x11/qt4-libs: build run-time search paths
47203 pkg x11/qt4-libs build fails on RHEL 5
46974 pkg x11/qt4-libs: rendering problems (qlandkartegt, merkaartor)
41966 pkg x11/qt4-qdbus demands absurd quantities of (v)ram to compile (NetBSD 4/0/i386)
34727 pkg x11/rxvt-unicode patches (more customization)
34763 pkg x11/rxvt-unicode: Fix compilation for systems without SCM_RIGHTS
38511 pkg x11/rxvt-unicode: Invalid error recovery
44304 pkg x11/wxGTK24 configure fails to find GTK2+ on NetBSD/i386-5.1_STABLE
46866 pkg x11/wxGTK28: Building is not finished on NetBSD/sparc-6.0_RC1
37151 pkg x11/xauth compiles with ipv6 despite -inet6 option
45204 pkg x11/xcompmgr - Problem with native XOrg
39825 pkg x11/xdm requires more modular packages
39826 pkg x11/xdm greeter run before setup
39870 pkg x11/xdm overwrites all existing configuration files and shell scripts when installed
46774 pkg x11/xdm: Root access without even trying / pkgsrc xdm 1.1.11nb1 badly broken
37671 pkg x11/xf86-input-keyboard has function names clashes with xorg server
37674 pkg x11/xf86-input-keyboard doesn't map some useful USB keycodes
44281 pkg x11/xf86-video-openchrome does not compile (pkgsrc2010Q3)
32850 pkg x11/xlockmore needs option to disable vroot mode.
45206 pkg x11/xlockmore - Forced unnecessary dependency on esound
46271 pkg x11/xlockmore built w/pam fails all authentication attempts, won't unlock screen
45550 pkg x11/xmodmap update 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
39824 pkg x11/xscreensaver rotation of screen ignored
45221 pkg x11/xterm utf-8 mode is (partially) a one-way trip
42748 pkg x11/xvidcap-gtk2 compiles but won't start with message "FFMPEG encoding not supported!"
38340 pkg x11/xxkb: DESTDIR support, clean-ups and minor fixes
25037 pkg user ppp from pkgsrc doesn't connect to isdnd
26236 pkg many pkgsrc packages assume presence of group and/or user "games"
29194 pkg fixed the problem - mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap
30337 pkg some gnome apps don't list help viewer as a dependency
33620 pkg mailman and postfix GID issues
33652 pkg several packages are missing dependencies
34486 pkg xorg refuses/does not use COPTS in /etc/mk.conf
37919 pkg pkgsrc-2007Q4 netbsd compat packages set incorrect symlinks
38038 pkg Patches for various packages
38190 pkg SDL Apps don't work without doing xhost +
39718 pkg packages libident and qident misplaced in directory "security"
39886 pkg GNU emacs and XEmacs modules should not conflict
42072 pkg unneeded xfce4 buildlink3/mk files
42120 pkg poppler docs should be in poppler not poppler-glib
42688 pkg old acroread packages should be removed, because of security risks
43081 pkg pkgsrc PHP specific version build machinery fails (NetBSD 4.0/i386)
43406 pkg Package name conflict with emulator/fuse and filesystems/fuse
43859 pkg Some permission problems with misc/calibre and print/podofo
44182 pkg pdftex fails due to largefile/endian issues on big endian machines (patch included)
44233 pkg don't set setuid-bit when installing as unprivileged user
44934 pkg texlive tex-parskip missing
46685 pkg ruby packages failed to install if multiple ruby-version are needed (pkgsrc 2012Q1)
47052 pkg www/seamonkey devel/xulrunner need dependency on fonts/Xft2 (or maybe x11/libxft)
47533 pkg numerous tex packages silently depend on luatex
49009 pkg x11/kde-workspace4, x11/kde-baseapps4 need newer GCC on netbsd-5/i386
41741 pkg mk/ could be smarter (can cause apr conflict)
47017 pkg mk/ is order-dependent
44450 pkg devel/binutils from pkgsrc-2010Q4 has build/install problem on aix 5.3
39788 pkg graphics/graphviz on AIX
44434 pkg security/openssl from pkgsrc-2010Q4 fails to build on aix 5.3
41815 pkg/aix sysutils/fam does not build; make gamin default FAM for AIX
46491 pkg/dfly audio/cdparanoia doesn't build on dragonfly
44830 pkg/dfly audio/musicpd segfault when playing m4a through faad (the default) (dfly 2.8.2)
47091 pkg/dfly devel/gtk3 3.6.1 DragonFly Invalid GType function: 'gtk_level_bar_get_type'
47233 pkg/dfly devel/xulrunner DragonFly x86_64 call of overloaded 'FromTicks(long long int)' is ambiguous
46297 pkg/dfly lang/erlang: install error under DragonFly BSD with erlang-hipe option
46331 pkg/dfly misc/calibre does not install on Dragonfly
47102 pkg/dfly x11/xpmroot: Reapply -libx11 configure patch for DragonFly
Dragonfly multi-package
47014 pkg/dfly Gnome black screen on DragonFly x86_64 but okay on NetBSD
44579 pkg/freebsd archivers/xz hoses bootstrap kit on FreeBSD
23277 pkg/freebsd audio/nas doesn't work with xpkgwedge on FreeBSD
38417 pkg/freebsd devel/libsigsegv does not build on freebsd/amd64
37920 pkg/freebsd editors/abiword doesn't build on FreeBSD
34817 pkg/freebsd emulators/suse100_base does not install on FreeBSD 6.1
39674 pkg/freebsd graphics/MesaDemos fails to install on FreeBSD
32195 pkg/freebsd meta-pkgs/gnustep fails on FreeBSD 5.4
41576 pkg/freebsd net/vnc does not compile Xvnc on FreeBSD 7.1
39672 pkg/freebsd www/opera broken on freebsd
41575 pkg/freebsd x11/modular-xorg-server fails to compile on FreeBSD 7.1
43316 pkg/hpux net/tnftp on HP-UX broken
45771 pkg/hpux lang/gcc44-4.4.6nb1 in pkgsrc 11q-3 not building on HP-UX 11.31 itanium
32333 pkg/interix devel/g-wrap: builtin libffi won't compile on Interix3
42447 pkg/interix devel/gettext-tools fails to link on SUA 6.1 (Interix)
42379 pkg/interix devel/libtool-base fails patching, SUA6.1 patch is incompatible
36584 pkg/interix multimedia/libdvdread does not compile under Interix
33963 pkg/irix archivers/gzip build/dependancy problem
37420 pkg/irix audio/flac-1.2.1 fails to build on IRIX
29174 pkg/irix audio/sox on IRIX compiles without play support
37253 pkg/irix audio/vorbis-tools no longer builds on pkgsrc/IRIX
38447 pkg/irix chat/bitlbee-1.2: patches to build on IRIX/MIPSpro
26800 pkg/irix comms/kermit does not compile on IRIX 5.3 (and maybe others?)
38645 pkg/irix devel/check requires USE_FEATURES=nbcompat (on IRIX?)
38639 pkg/irix devel/glib2: Patches to build on IRIX
37564 pkg/irix devel/gmp-4.4.2 clashes with pkgsrc ABI variable
38364 pkg/irix devel/gmp build patches for IRIX
36301 pkg/irix devel/pcre-7.1: CXXFLAGS incorrectly filtered, build fails
39129 pkg/irix devel/scmcvs does not work correctly on IRIX
35291 pkg/irix graphics/netpbm fails to build on Irix with MIPSPro
28551 pkg/irix mail/deliver: problems on IRIX 5.3
28632 pkg/irix mail/mutt header file conflict on IRIX 5.3
32814 pkg/irix misc/pinfo build problems
40084 pkg/irix net/ORBit2 fails to build on IRIX
39341 pkg/irix net/synergy: Multiple build problems on IRIX
37380 pkg/irix pkgtools/p5-pkgsrc-Dewey fails due to missing err function on IRIX
38656 pkg/irix pkgtools/rc.subr: Changes to allow rc.subr-20080423 to work on IRIX
39876 pkg/irix pkgtools/xpkgwedge fails to patch on IRIX
29690 pkg/irix security/cyrus-sasl2 fails to compile IRIX 5
38870 pkg/irix security/openssl 0.9.8gnb1 fails to configure on IRIX if CFLAGS set
32833 pkg/irix shells/ast-ksh (prequired for pkgsrc scripts such as pkg_chk) fails to build on IRIX: files missing
45949 pkg/irix shells/bash build on IRIX fails due to missing -c99 flag in builtins
30950 pkg/irix shells/pdksh fails to build on IRIX
28598 pkg/irix sysutils/psmisc: some problems on IRIX 5.3
38641 pkg/irix sysutils/py-dbus fails to configure on IRIX: buildlink/Wrapper problem?
35289 pkg/irix x11/libXpm <- graphics/xpm build fails on Irix with MIPSPro
Irix multi-package
39877 pkg/irix X11 packages not working on IRIX
40096 pkg/irix perl module dependency-checking broken
37077 pkg/linux archivers/dar: undefined references on Slackware Lunix 10.2
37078 pkg/linux archivers/unshield: libgetopt not referenced on Slackware Lunix 10.2
46242 pkg/linux audio/mpc fails to build on Linux from pkgsrc-2011Q4
43978 pkg/linux chat/finch does not compile on linux
46556 pkg/linux databases/db4 fails to build on Linux ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
42404 pkg/linux databases/openldap-server's slapd fails to start on Linux with the SASL option enabled in the package
38368 pkg/linux devel/ldapsdk build hangs on Linux
29439 pkg/linux games/quake build fails on linux
46093 pkg/linux lang/clisp fails to build on linux, "-R for gcc" and "test -nt" problems
43213 pkg/linux lang/g95 wrong install filenames on Linux
44966 pkg/linux lang/gcc44: java compiler broken on NetBSD and Linux
46621 pkg/linux lang/gcc46 @ linux amd64 fails to build as it thinks it's a 32bit system
40302 pkg/linux lang/perl5: Compiling pkgsrc perl on linux-amd64 with support for threads
46010 pkg/linux lang/python26 fails to install on linux
46011 pkg/linux lang/python27 fails to install, can be a linux3 problem
35249 pkg/linux mail/sendmail fails to find libraries in /usr/pkg/lib on Linux.
46179 pkg/linux math/octave fails to install on linux because of MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM in PLIST
40663 pkg/linux math/py-numpy seems to miss the f2c requirement (at least when building under Linux)
42373 pkg/linux misc/rpm does not interoperate with native rpm on Linux
40280 pkg/linux net/citrix_ica: Building hangs up on Linux
42788 pkg/linux pkgtools/libkver update to add dummy libkver for linux emulation
36518 pkg/linux pkgtools/pkg_select compile error on Linux
37166 pkg/linux followup to pkgsrc/36518
36419 pkg/linux pkgtools/xpkgwedge: pkgxmkmf and XAPPLOADDIR=/etc/X11/app-defaults on Debian Linux
46091 pkg/linux print/ghostscript fails to build on linux because of location of time.h
31547 pkg/linux security/gnupg needs setuid-bit on Linux
34956 pkg/linux security/heimdal: problems building kdeadmin on Linux (heimdal glob.h interaction)
37728 pkg/linux sysutils/dvd+rw-tools compile problem on Linux
40766 pkg/linux sysutils/mtree fails to build on Linux (with patch?)
43923 pkg/linux textproc/py-4Suite build error on Linux (CentOS)
44244 pkg/linux www/crawl does not compile using GNU/Linux (pkgsrc 20010Q3)
Linux multi-package
39512 pkg/linux X11_TYPE=native doesn't work on Ubuntu 8.04
40168 pkg/macos archivers/par2: Bus error (MacOS 10.5.5)
34878 pkg/macos audio/xfce4-mixer doesn't build
37970 pkg/macos cad/gwave build failure, OSX 10.4.11; as of 2008Q1
33800 pkg/macos cad/qcad build failure on MacOS 10.4.6
46644 pkg/macos cad/xcircuit fails to build Darwin (Mac OS X 10.7.4)
37855 pkg/macos comms/jpilot does not compile on MacOS 10.5.1
34009 pkg/macos comms/minicom configure fails on MacOS X 10.4.7
43991 pkg/macos converters/help2man build fails on MacOS X 10.4.11
47210 pkg/macos databases/sqlite3: link error on MacOSX 10.4
40597 pkg/macos devel/boost-libs: build problem on PowerPC Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 (with fix) (2008Q4)
46888 pkg/macos devel/doxygen 1.8.2 fails to build Darwin Mac OS X 10.7.4
36568 pkg/macos devel/glib2 linker error on MacOS X with certain linker flags
36975 pkg/macos devel/guile-lib fails to build on MacOS 10.4
46074 pkg/macos devel/jam 2011Q4 null pointer dereference at hash.c:108 on MacOS-10.8/x86_64 (Snow Leopard)
42040 pkg/macos devel/ldapsdk doesn't build on MacOS X 10.4.11
42198 pkg/macos devel/libidn fails to build on MacOS X 10.5
45298 pkg/macos devel/netbsd-iscsi-lib needs stdint.h on MacOS X
40564 pkg/macos devel/p5-SDL doesn't build on MacOS 10.5
46746 pkg/macos devel/pango fails to link on Darwin Mac OS X 10.7.x
46299 pkg/macos devel/pcre multiple symbol definition on MacOS X 10.4.11 (PPC)
29195 pkg/macos editors/abiword crashes on MacOS X 10.2.8
34039 pkg/macos editors/abiword build incomplete on MacOS X 10.4.7
40613 pkg/macos editors/vim-lang installs language files to a wrong place on MacOS X 10.5.6
30172 pkg/macos games/xjewel build, install failures on MacOS X 10.2.8
43006 pkg/macos games/xtris post-build failure on MacOS X 10.4.11
46145 pkg/macos graphics/cairo doesn't build on Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)
46337 pkg/macos graphics/php-gd undefined symbol Mac OS X
46125 pkg/macos lang/erlang doesn't build on OS X 10.6.8
40028 pkg/macos lang/gcc34 doesn't build on MacOS X (10.4)
39146 pkg/macos lang/ghc for Darwin-*-powerpc (MacOS 10.4)
46682 pkg/macos lang/guile fails to build on Darwin Mac OS X 10.7.4
38652 pkg/macos mail/postfix doesn't install on MacOS X (10.4.11)
33356 pkg/macos mail/thunderbird attempts to install .so files even though they're compiled as .dylib on MacOS 10.4
43902 pkg/macos math/pari link failure on MacOS X 10.4.11 (ppc)
29209 pkg/macos math/sc build fails on MacOS X 10.{1,2}.x ...and 10.6
37513 pkg/macos misc/root doesn't build on MacOS X 10.5 (powerpc)
43987 pkg/macos multimedia/mplayer build failure on MacOS X 10.4.11
42220 pkg/macos net/Filezilla not build on MacOSX 10.6.1
39062 pkg/macos security/dsniff-nox11 build fails on MacOS 10.4.11
22362 pkg/macos security/tripwire lacks macos-specific config files
43989 pkg/macos textproc/libxslt and/or libxml broken on MacOS X 10.4.11 (PPC)
46747 pkg/macos x11/fltk fails to build on Darwin Mac OS X 10.7.x
35593 pkg/macos x11/kdebase3 fails to build on MacOS X 10.4.8
41908 pkg/macos x11/qt3-lib fails to build on MacOS X 10.5.7
43988 pkg/macos x11/qt4-libs compile fails on MacOS X 10.4.11
41163 pkg/macos x11/tk: Problem building 2008Q4 tk8.4 on PowerPC MacOS X Tiger 10.4 (with fix)
47949 pkg/macos devel/ncurses fails to build on Darwin with a non-Xcode compiler
49051 pkg/macos Unbreak devel/git-base on Mac OS X Tiger
MacOS multi-package
38357 pkg/macos geda components (gschem, gattrib, gsymcheck, gshlag, gnetlist, libgeda) runtime failure on MacOS X 10.4.11
45065 pkg archivers/pax minix support
44379 pkg/solaris archivers/star broken on sun4v
32840 pkg/solaris archivers/upx does not compile correctly on Solaris
45270 pkg/solaris archivers/xz does not link on Solaris with GCC 4.6
42117 pkg/solaris audio/faad2 fails to build on Sparc Solaris with Sun compilers
32965 pkg/solaris audio/id3lib fails to build on Solaris with SunStudio 11 compilers
43947 pkg/solaris audio/libaudiofile-0.2.7 fails to build with sun c compiler
33000 pkg/solaris audio/libvisual fails to build on OpenSolaris with SunStudio and GCC compilers
40024 pkg/solaris audio/rhythmbox-0.11.6 fails to compile on solaris 10
37180 pkg/solaris audio/vorbis-tools fails to build on SPARC Solaris with GCC-4.2.2
43948 pkg/solaris chat/telepathy-glib fails to build with sun c compiler
45102 pkg/solaris databases/db4 fails to build on Solaris10 with gcc in 64bit mode
45232 pkg/solaris devel/distcc fails on Oracle Solaris 11 Express
32832 pkg/solaris devel/gettext-asprintf doesn't build on Solaris 10
45340 pkg/solaris devel/gdb6 link failure
36205 pkg/solaris devel/imake Solaris
40692 pkg/solaris devel/imake, Solaris and GCC
44580 pkg/solaris devel/libffi: does not work with the Sun compiler
47103 pkg/solaris devel/libffi build fails on OpenIndiana 151a7 and SmartOS 20121018
36619 pkg/solaris devel/libgphoto2 fails to build on Solaris 10
44392 pkg/solaris devel/libmemcache is broken on SunOS
47359 pkg/solaris devel/libtool problems with solaris, g++ and solaris ld
33850 pkg/solaris devel/lincvs error
48158 pkg/solaris devel/mdds fail to install (on solaris)
30341 pkg/solaris devel/nbitools assumes Sun C compiler on Solaris
47260 pkg/solaris devel/nss fails to install on Solaris/sparc
45364 pkg/solaris devel/pcre fails to build on Solaris10 with gcc in 64bit mode
42695 pkg/solaris devel/xulrunner compiling error, Solaris 10 SunStudio12
33534 pkg/solaris editors/TeXmacs build error
33717 pkg/solaris finance/xfinans solaris patch-ab
34216 pkg/solaris games/gtetrinet need -lesd
36810 pkg/solaris games/xfreecell in pkgsrc 2007Q2 fails to build due to errors
46329 pkg/solaris graphics/ImageMagick: visibility on Solaris with GCC4 still broken if using native ld
48652 pkg/solaris graphics/MesaLib: patches/patch-src_glsl_ralloc.c breaks compilation on Solaris 10
34728 pkg/solaris graphics/blender: scons blender SUNPRO vs gcc ar
34729 pkg/solaris graphics/blender Solaris
34730 pkg/solaris graphics/blender solaris gcc
35928 pkg/solaris graphics/blender modern solaris 64bit gcc
43944 pkg/solaris graphics/cairo fails to compile with sun c compiler
37719 pkg/solaris graphics/gimp-refocus-it
35414 pkg/solaris graphics/glitz fails to compile on Solaris 7
36141 pkg/solaris graphics/gthumb Solaris10 amd64 gcc
37633 pkg/solaris graphics/imlib2 visibility attribute gcc4 solaris32/64
33530 pkg/solaris graphics/qiv build error
44735 pkg/solaris lang/gcc3: pkgsrc 2010Q4 Solaris 2.{8,10} build failed (libtool problem ?)
42109 pkg/solaris lang/gcc44 does not compile with Sun Studio Compiler
44236 pkg/solaris lang/gcc44 bug causing latest ImageMagick build failure on Solaris
45256 pkg/solaris lang/gcc46 not working properly on Solaris
47274 pkg/solaris lang/gcc47 problems building on solaris if skey is installed and/or if gcc-go included in options
47944 pkg/solaris lang/mono2 install fails on Solaris 10
34985 pkg/solaris lang/ocaml gcc , as wrapper 64
40410 pkg/solaris lang/perl5 5.10 nb4 fails on solaris
41496 pkg/solaris lang/tcl does not compile under Solaris 9
34442 pkg/solaris lang/tcl-expect deadlock on solaris/linux
36422 pkg/solaris mail/evolution
44216 pkg/solaris mail/postfix requires NIS which does not exist on Solaris builds over b130
40354 pkg/solaris mail/spamass-milter doesn't compile on OpenSolaris 200811
33617 pkg/solaris mail/thunderbird error
32294 pkg/solaris mail/wmmail Solaris 10 / Sun Studio 11
45271 pkg/solaris math/p5-Math-Pari does not compile on Solaris with GCC 4.6
33599 pkg/solaris math/scilab error
46191 pkg/solaris math/py-numpy can't find Fortran compiler on Solaris
36620 pkg/solaris misc/kdeutils3 fails to build on Solaris
37262 pkg/solaris misc/koffice fails to build on SPARC Solaris with gcc-4.2.2
42738 pkg/solaris misc/watch: cannot build on Solaris 10
34133 pkg/solaris multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-good Solaris10 amd64
37176 pkg/solaris multimedia/libogg fails to build on SPARC Solaris with GCC-4.2.2
44611 pkg/solaris multimedia/libvdpau fails to build on SunOS
47321 pkg/solaris multimedia/libvpx could use smarter solaris gcc options
48508 pkg/solaris multimedia/libvpx: problems building on Solaris 10
33417 pkg/solaris multimedia/mjpegtools
40297 pkg/solaris multimedia/mplayer on Solaris does strange DNS resolving
44610 pkg/solaris multimedia/x264-devel fails to build on sparc/solaris 9 with ABI=64
46268 pkg/solaris multimedia/xine-lib: build failed
43924 pkg/solaris net/host build error on Solaris 10
36877 pkg/solaris net/nload builds, but doesn't work on solaris 10 (workaround)
47866 pkg/solaris net/nmap does not compile on Solaris 10
36224 pkg/solaris net/ns
40444 pkg/solaris net/py-ORBit on Solaris
34922 pkg/solaris net/tightvnc not building on Solaris 10
45555 pkg/solaris net/unbound: compile error under OpenIndiana
32295 pkg/solaris net/wmnet Solaris 10 / Sun Studio 11
32017 pkg/solaris pkgtools/rc.subr: files/rc.d/SERVERS gets error on Solaris 10
47371 pkg/solaris pkgtools/rc.subr uses optional tools (whoami) (at least in solaris zones)
40711 pkg/solaris print/ja-vfxdvik needs LDFLAGS -lm on Solaris
44586 pkg/solaris print/poppler does not compile on solaris
44764 pkg/solaris print/poppler failed to compile on Solaris 2.8 from pkgsrc 2010Q4
45433 pkg/solaris security/cyrus-sasl does not compile on Solaris with lang/gcc34
46739 pkg/solaris security/gnutls does not build on Solaris 10
33318 pkg/solaris security/john Solaris10 x86_64
48978 pkg/solaris security/libgpg-error does not build on Solaris 10
40959 pkg/solaris security/mhash with Sun Studio Compiler
43916 pkg/solaris security/p5-Net-SSLeay build failure on Solaris 10
35994 pkg/solaris security/putty gcc412 solaris10 -m64
30575 pkg/solaris security/tripwire patches for solaris doors
39524 pkg/solaris shells/pdksh bootstrap problem on Solaris 10
46777 pkg/solaris sysutils/dbus does not compile on Solaris 10 with GCC 4
37435 pkg/solaris sysutils/fam fails on SunOS
37853 pkg/solaris sysutils/libgtop Solaris10
34120 pkg/solaris sysutils/lsof Solaris10 gcc64
36307 pkg/solaris sysutils/xfce4-xarchiver fails to build on Sparc Solaris
41648 pkg/solaris textproc/bsdgrep-devel fails to build under Solaris
32150 pkg/solaris textproc/enchant fails to build on Solaris 10
40735 pkg/solaris textproc/expat: native vs. pkgsrc on solaris
48974 pkg/solaris textproc/mdocml does not build on Solaris 10
42131 pkg/solaris textproc/xmlcatmgr has problems with Sun Studio compilers
44949 pkg/solaris textproc/xmlrpc-c: examples don't link on Solaris
32293 pkg/solaris wm/wmdrawer Build problems on Solaris
33632 pkg/solaris www/libwww solaris
43925 pkg/solaris www/neon on Solaris 10 needs BROKEN_GETTEXT_DETECTION=yes and an additional patch
43922 pkg/solaris www/wml build error on Solaris 10
32075 pkg/solaris www/zope3: Solaris' test program does not have a "-e" option
31086 pkg/solaris x11/Xfixes fails to build on Solaris 10 (see 39115)
39115 pkg/solaris x11/Xfixes: references to fixesext still exist (see 31086)
32302 pkg/solaris x11/dtx11session
38020 pkg/solaris x11/inputproto OpenSolaris
42125 pkg/solaris x11/libXfixes broken on Solaris/Sparc
42852 pkg/solaris x11/libdrm-2.4.13 fails to compile on Solaris 10
41501 pkg/solaris x11/modular-xorg-server fails to compile on solaris 10
45329 pkg/solaris x11/pixman not compiling on Solaris/sparc
45294 pkg/solaris x11/qt4-libs: webkit assumes GNU ld
47106 pkg/solaris x11/qt4-libs does not install on Solaris 10
32296 pkg/solaris x11/wmweather install error Solaris 10
33902 pkg/solaris x11/xsnow Solaris patch-aa man
Solaris multi-package
48977 pkg/solaris installation of services/daemons hangs on Solaris 10
Solaris generic-package
44597 pkg/solaris add native Kerberos support on Solaris
Tru64 (Digital Unix)
42473 pkg/tru64 devel/libffi occasionally fails to build with MAKE_JOBS >1 on Tru64
43733 pkg/tru64 devel/libidn-0.19 does not compile on Tru64
43734 pkg/tru64 lang/python26 does not compile/install correctly on Tru64
38402 pkg/tru64 shells/tcsh fails to build message catalogs with Tru64 /bin/gencat
43726 pkg/tru64 sysutils/dbus fails to compile because Tru64 is lacking vsyslog() implementation
New packages
28946 pkg new package: lang/agfl
31969 pkg new package mail/crm114 - 20041231.BlameSanAndreas - The Controllable Regex Mutilator/SPAM Filter
34123 pkg source package for sysjail-0.4.0
34225 pkg New Package: graphics/raster3d: Set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules
34473 pkg first cut at packages for netdude, libnetdude and libpcapnav
35666 pkg new package for importing to pkgsrc: xmms-skins
35668 pkg new package for importing to pkgsrc: am-utils
36217 pkg new package to import: wip/a2ps-sharatype
36366 pkg new package: games/ioquake3-pk3
36367 pkg new package: games/ioquake3-demo
37457 pkg print/acroread8: add other language versions
37614 pkg Request new package: fonts/mplus
38026 pkg New package: graphics/tk-tkimg
39088 pkg New package: cedet-1.0pre4: Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
39089 pkg New package: ecb-2.32: Emacs Code Browser
39098 pkg New package: tome-300alpha18: Troubles of Middle Earth
39118 pkg New package: mic-paren-3.7: Advanced highlighting of parenthesis
39166 pkg new package thunar-archive-plugin-0.2.4
39180 pkg new package thunar-svn-plugin-0.0.2
40363 pkg new package nautilis-open-terminal
40365 pkg new package flvmeta
40366 pkg new package finance/homebanck
40367 pkg new package time/glista
40368 pkg new package parcellite
40572 pkg Can we have meta/aspell-languages ?
41036 pkg new package php-xcache 1.2.2
41207 pkg ePix package for pkgsrc
41631 pkg pkgsrc addition of php-tclink 3.4.4
41685 pkg New pkgsrc package net/rtpbreak-1.3a
42044 pkg new package www/ap22-authz_fsacl-0.16
42431 pkg Package for ncmpcpp-0.4.1
43253 pkg slashem 0.0.7E7F3
43530 pkg new pkg : games/teeworlds games/teeworlds-server
43929 pkg Koha (Integrated Libraray System) missing from pkgsrc
44714 pkg pkgsrc submission (www): mathopd-1.6b9
45722 pkg More Net::Layer support modules missing from pkgsrc
47082 pkg Source package 'xf86-input-synaptics-1.2.2'
47254 pkg New packages: u6rd-1.4: User-space 6rd (RFC 5569) implementation
47375 pkg add pkgsrc/devel/py-pyparsing using pyparsing-1.5.7 supporting up to but not including python3
47377 pkg add pkgsrc/graphics/py-pydot using pydot-1.0.28 supporting up to but not including python3
49032 pkg Package submission to add textproc/p5-Text-Hunspell to pkgsrc
Bootstrap and OS/compiler setup issues
39064 pkg/aix Cannot bootstrap pkgsrc on AIX
43371 pkg/hpux Compiler error bootstrapping pkgsrc on HP-UX 11.11
43372 pkg/hpux "ERROR: Circular dependency detected" after initial bootstrap succeeded on HP-UX 11.11
36618 pkg/interix ./bootstrap --unprivileged failes on Interix
36498 pkg/irix IRIX: PKGSRC_COMPILER=gcc incorrectly calls /usr/bin/cc
38239 pkg/irix Warnings when building nbcompat
39795 pkg/irix install-sh fails at pax with IRIX /bin/sh
39099 pkg/irix bootstrap-mk-files still can't be updated (on IRIX?)
36826 pkg/linux There is no support for Sun Studio 12 compilers on Linux
37968 pkg/linux bootstrap-mk-files does LORDER?=echo for linux
42712 pkg/linux bootstrap pkgsrc should check for required termcap
46292 pkg/linux pkgsrc on Linux: Patches for bootstrap-mk-files (NOGCCERROR, -Wno-error)
46987 pkg/linux pkgsrc does not bootstrap under openSUSE
34503 pkg/macos pkgsrc change to use sparseimages on MacOS X 10.3+/Darwin 7+
45510 pkg/macos OS X bootstrap broken due to liblzma from /usr/local leaking into libarchive
46095 pkg/macos X11 version cannot be determined (old macos native X)
37496 pkg/solaris bmake bootstrap machine_arch
44583 pkg/solaris ABI issues on solaris when bootrapped with --abi=64
45363 pkg/solaris bootstrap must use x86_64 as machine_arch on Solaris 10 amd64
45491 pkg/solaris pkgsrc does not bootstrap under OpenIndiana
46559 pkg/solaris bootstrapping pkgsrc on solaris 10 / sparc64 fails in shells/pdksh
46825 pkg/solaris bootstrap fails on Solaris 10
40231 pkg scripts install using bootstrap shell
41130 pkg cleanup and portability patch for bootstrap script
41803 pkg ./bootstrap interruption and re-launch requires too much knowledge
42402 pkg bootstrap fails when using CXX=g++44
43191 pkg USE_LANGUAGES+=fortran breaks bootstrap
pkgmandir issues
30687 pkg /usr/pkg/man/ja_JP.EUC should be deprecated
35396 pkg/solaris IMAKE_MAN_DIR solaris
37089 pkg IMAKE_MANINSTALL isn't handled correctly
Wrappers and buildlink3
29706 pkg buildlink3 incorrectly reorders link objects
33104 pkg buildlink3 transform for DynaLoader.a causes problems
34108 pkg/linux Wrong rpath order in BUILDLINK_LDFLAGS
38001 pkg wrappers need magic to disable optimization on a per file basis
38519 pkg buildlink3 disregards quoting
43398 pkg/haiku Failed create wrapper due to missing hard link support on Haiku OS
45267 pkg buildlink machinery produced bogus CFLAGS
46797 pkg c99 flags not handled by wrappers with sunpro
Tools framework
33799 pkg ar, as, ld and similar should be integrated into the TOOLS framework
42704 pkg Adding support for bmake as a pkgsrc tool (ala gmake)
45559 pkg/solaris revert mk/tools/ to 1.34 to not use /usr/sfw
45861 pkg/solaris Remove references to /usr/sfw in pkgsrc
By phase
34974 pkg depends -- pkgsrc sometimes recompiles binary packages it doesn't need to recompile
41699 pkg fetch -- fetch-list doesn't verify checksum
44528 pkg fetch -- FETCH_USING=curl downloads 404 error message page from http:// sites
38247 pkg patch -- The list of local patches should be in BUILD_DEFS
35773 pkg install -- bumping PKGREVISION fails to rebuild automagically
42518 pkg install -- file-check sometimes does not work and displays ALL files under /usr/pkg als not in the PLIST
28761 pkg clean -- make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES cleans too much...
41732 pkg clean -- add distclean-depends and change distclean to mirror clean wrt CLEANDEPENDS
21942 pkg replace -- Suggestion for make replace : keep previous libs
34836 pkg replace -- undo-replace is nonfunctional when new PKGNAME != old PKGNAME
28812 pkg update -- make update does not rebuild all dependecies when interrupted
42002 pkg update -- make update doesn't clean fully
42266 pkg update -- (make update) if uninstalling fails, update continues
Other infrastructure problems
10835 pkg Package upgrade procedure sucks
21932 pkg pkgsrc should support CPUFLAGS from /etc/mk.conf
31153 pkg mk/scripts/mkreadme needs to handle large file lists more intelligently
32745 pkg pkgsrc mk-files use wrong include paths
33251 pkg/dfly PKGSRC_LOCKTYPE and old work directories causes loop
33339 pkg pkgsrc should not continue when directories do not exist
35281 pkg pkg-vulnerabilities can be garbage collected
37135 pkg/linux LIBABISUFFIX support incomplete
38128 pkg pkgsrc FEATURES framework doesn't support setprogname/getprogname
39271 pkg rcd_scripts don't work if names match package directory
39575 pkg ALL_ENV is used by before being defined
41397 pkg/aix pkgsrc can't find X on AIX 4.1.5 (mk/ patch)
42394 pkg build-env target and ENV
42894 pkg bogus py25-gtk2 package created
43060 pkg pkg_summary.bz2 is broken; the gnome-2.26 binary meta-pkg exists but is not included there
45079 pkg mk/pkginstall/{dirs,files} handle PKG_DESTDIR
45409 pkg/solaris pkg-config not installed in time
46231 pkg installing pkgs as unpriv. user (using su) causes errors from tset
42191 pkg CONF_FILES with spaces in names doesn't work
49025 pkg GCC_REQD+=X.Y not satisfied by newer "lang/gccMN"
Package tools and binary package problems
21095 pkg allow pkg_add to upgrade without pkg_delete first
24255 pkg pkg_delete removes meta data even if deinstall fails
29386 pkg Pkgsrc builds machine specific binary packages, not platform/architecture specific packages.
29687 pkg when pkg_add is called with -w "", pkg_view complains about its usage
30276 pkg pkg_add(1) can't add very old package.
33690 pkg Save pkg_add'ed binary packages locally
34670 pkg/linux pkg_add failed on Linux/ppc box
35012 pkg pkgsrc binary package dependancy system is broken
35340 pkg pkg_delete OWN_DIRS bug where empty directories are pruned too earnestly
37447 pkg pkg_create failure in bulk build leaves truncated .tgz file
37680 pkg pkg_add -uu deinstalls a package before checking whether the new version can be installed
37693 pkg When installing packages that require special permissions, errors are not reported
41410 pkg/aix pkg_add doesn't work on AIX
42607 pkg pkg_add hangs in ftp when there are dependencies (multiple packages)
43945 pkg pkg_add emacs (emacs22) leaves behind a trash file that stops pkg_delete
44778 pkg pkg_delete -A doesn't work
44992 pkg pkg_create -u and -g switches can't handle numeric IDs
45047 pkg pkgtools/pkg_install minix support
45077 pkg pkgtools/pkg_install catch circular dependencies in add/perform.c
45203 pkg pkg_delete segfaults with (apparently) previously partially deleted package
45289 pkg Using pkg_add command from pkgsrc on Solaris 10 zones
46308 pkg pkg_add should not display warnings for known compatible platform mismatches
46181 pkg In a newly-installed 5.1.2 (i386), pkg_add fails (pkg_install is too old)
46538 pkg audit-packages results appear in arbitrary order
46684 pkg pkgtools/pkg_install from pkgsrc-2012Q1 fails to compile on NetBSD 5.1.2
47242 pkg pkgtools/pkg_install fails to build with option "openssl"
23035 pkg Pkgsrc documentation incomplete
36371 pkg SU_CMD, sudo and cyclic dependancy
37148 pkg _CHECKSUM_CMD not defined if NO_CHECKSUM="yes"
41784 pkg pkgsrc guide 15.2 should mention INSTALL_MAKE_FLAGS
Old bulk builds (which are deprecated)
32353 pkg mk/bulk/upload lintpkgsrc upload vulnerable
36414 pkg/solaris mk/bulk/mksandbox improvements on Solaris
36415 pkg/solaris mk/bulk/do-sandbox-build fails on Solaris 9
37122 pkg mk/bulk/upload breakage on Solaris
37123 pkg mk/bulk/do-sandbox-build breakage with "sh" on Solaris
42847 pkg bulk build: add support for sending email report through postfix
25753 pkg x11/qt3-libs: make pkgview ready.
43048 pkg make mtree tarball available
45511 pkg Provide binaries for openjdk-7-fcs-src-b147-27_jun_2011
26117 pkg Sane needs to identify the make/model of scanner.
30488 pkg/solaris Latest tnftp does not work through SOCKS firewalls
30957 pkg djbdns-run rc.d script does not support multiple dnscache instances
32807 pkg tkdesk segfaults on startup
35374 pkg/irix CMU-dhcp-3.3.7+PU-9 will not build under IRIX 6.5
36189 pkg libasn1/der_put.po dies on MacOS X 10.4.9
37183 pkg cisco-mibs is out of date
37476 pkg Patch so expect lib can be loaded into tclsh/wish
37547 pkg SSL doesn't work in GNUMail/Pantomime
38651 pkg libkver won't install in pkg_comp any more
40934 pkg xfce cannot mount cdrom or usb stick
41003 pkg gated exits due to syslog to console when tracing is enabled
45610 pkg wine 1.2.3 doesn't run on NetBSD 5.0.1 or 5.1
46441 pkg Pkgsrc pam_oath fails
46939 pkg pkgsrc Quagga patch for incorrect router advertisements
47165 pkg pkgsrcing epiphany dependencies for nspr-4.9.2.tar.gz.../devel/autoconf213 does not exist
47168 pkg Does not build and/or run under NetBSD 5.x/6.x, i386/amd64
47394 pkg Mysql daemon does not in boot time
41101 pkg pkgsrc rc.d conflicting with NetBSD base
41330 pkg pre/post (de)install scripts don't have an SVR4 interface
41422 pkg 'make depends DEPENDS=do-bin-install' vs. 'pkg_add -A'
46471 pkg graphics/graphviz: latest patch does not work for me
46450 pkg misc/libreoffice3-bin unfetchable given redirect to https
46382 pkg pkgtools/lintpkgsrc may overflow /bin/sh command line length
46421 pkg pkgtools/pkg_filecheck
46425 pkg print/teTeX: bbold is broken.
46406 pkg www/ap2-subversion does not build with PREFER_PKGSRC+= iconv
46478 pkg www/curl does not compile on Solaris/sparc with compiler not configured with devel/libelf
47462 pkg net/choparp on 64-Bit will fail to parse comamnd line
47466 pkg pkg_add lacks OLDNAME support
47473 pkg mail/mutt-devel fails to build if build host lacks /var/mail &c.
47474 pkg multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-good pulls in gconf and gnome stuff
47477 pkg Please, pull up sysutils/libgksu to latest release
47479 pkg sysutils/webmin fails with USE_DESTDIR=no (+FIX)
47481 pkg devel/magit installs *.el{,c} files just under site-lisp
47488 pkg textproc/xalan-c got removed; find replacement in wip/xalan-c
47492 pkg misc/calibre doesn't install properly on DragonflyBSD
47496 pkg incomplete yajl binary package install
47501 pkg pkgin: cache has not enough space for download (symlinking)
47504 pkg fonts/harfbuzz does not build on (standard) NetBSD 5.0 (native X11)
47520 pkg Please, pull up lang/lapack to latest release
47523 pkg xdg-utils doesn't know about pkgsrc directories
47541 pkg devel/libFoundation fails to build on x86 and doesn't need gnustep-objc-lf2
47548 pkg FSViewer pkg has problems
47582 pkg major version collision w/ffmpeg vs. ffmpeg010
47585 pkg pkgsrc net/pear-Net_Socket fails to package Darwin (Mac OS X 10.8.2)
47588 pkg mira-3.9.9
47590 pkg comms/obexftp needs -liconv added to LDFLAGS to build with native libiconv
47595 pkg databases/nss_ldap configure fails to detect pthread_once()
47601 pkg pkgsrc/mail/postgrey doesn't run
47614 pkg 6.0 nvi-m17n package seems broken on NetBSD-current
47618 pkg mppe-lkm does not build on NetBSD 6.x
47620 pkg midori core
47621 pkg editors/emacs ange-ftp and shell broken.
47638 pkg security/openssl won't package (missing manpages)
47683 pkg math/py-scipy fails unit test, segfaults in
47696 pkg x11/rxvt-unicode build fails on NetBSD-5.2_STABLE/i386
47697 pkg pulseaudio fails to install on NetBSD/i386 5.2
47706 pkg devel/cpuflags fails to work
47712 pkg devel/xulrunner-19.0.2nb1: Error creating virtualenv
47727 pkg Requested 'xextproto >= 7.1.99' but XExtProto is 7.0.5
47728 pkg Requested 'xproto >= 7.0.17' but version of Xproto is 7.0.15
47736 pkg print/xetex fails to build due to icupkg failures
47741 pkg misc/openoffice3 build failure on NetBSD-5.2_STABLE/i386
47742 pkg elinks SEGFAULTs on macppc g5
47745 pkg ap-php install crash
47746 pkg math/octave 3.6.4 and glpk 4.49
47753 pkg Hugin Compliation Errors on pkgsrc-2013Q1
47754 pkg php-pear can not be installed with unprivilegied user
47759 pkg editors/mule compilation failure
47763 pkg devel/xulrunner dependency on lang/gcc45 does not count on DragonFly
47042 pkg DragonflyBSD not supported
47785 pkg rc.d/squid status failure
47787 pkg www/squid3's LDAP helpers don't build on a system with non-native LDAP
47797 pkg lang/racket is missing and also jpeg's one
47801 pkg "gnome" pkg option broken in devel/xulrunner
47802 pkg update mail/re-alpine to 2.03
47808 pkg multimedia/kmix fails to build
47829 pkg mail/dkim-milter: missing RPATH when linking agains OpenSSL from pkgsrc
47832 pkg squid-3.3.4's basic_pam_auth segfaults with libgnumalloc
47836 pkg Patch for lldpd to support options framework and xml option. Some cleaning up.
47839 pkg problems building gcc on solaris if gcc-go included in options
47854 pkg netatalk 3.0.4 from sourceforge does not build on NetBSD 6.0.x
47874 pkg devel/meld can't link because it's missing -lf95
47875 pkg graphviz won't build on Mac OS X, and doesn't support quartz
47876 pkg devel/doxygen won't build on Mac OS X because compiler doesn't understand "-Wno-invalid-source-encoding"
47897 pkg pkgsrc/net/pppd: ARP interface is outdated
47901 pkg emacs-snapshot-20130603
47936 pkg thumbpdf does not work
47942 pkg lang/python27 (2.7.5) and lang/python26 (2.6.8nb3) dump core when generating gimp-2.8's document
48024 pkg doesn't work as expected
48026 pkg devel/bison crashes on earm because of compiler bug
48051 pkg rxvt crashes when setting environment variables
48068 pkg lang/python27 fails to build with `ImportError: No module named _sysconfigdata'
48074 pkg libgdiplus fails build with the latest giflib
48075 pkg compilation of devel/gtexinfo fails
48077 pkg Add net/minissdpd (attached) to pkgsrc
48079 pkg mail/ripmime now uses libiconv
48099 pkg math/octave can not link to static lib archive undefined reference to `std::cerr'
48101 pkg vsftpd hard coded AS-limit is to small - failed to run on NetBSD 6.1
48107 pkg devel/libffi fails to build on HP-UX
48116 pkg multimedia/ffmpeg / ffplay do not build
48126 pkg pkgsrc cross-compilation broken for earm
48141 pkg Update of net/synergy to 1.4.12
48154 pkg pkgsrc/lang/gcc (gcc 2.95.3) is not built on NetBSD/i386 6.1
48157 pkg pkgsrc 2013Q2 make-system exeeds max. command line length
48159 pkg bmake index doesn't find gcc (in GCCBASE)
48168 pkg Firefox 23 segfault on NetBSD 6.1.1
48177 pkg the pkgsrc binary package installation instructions are lacking
48181 pkg parallel/gridscheduler build broken
48197 pkg frink (TCL checker/formatter) missing from pkgsrc
48204 pkg www/adzap cannot zap ads after pkgsrc install
48206 pkg Update x11/enlightenment to 0.17.4
48215 pkg pkg_add fails on recent NetBSD/evbearmv6hf-el current
48216 pkg libarchive fails to build on macos
48220 pkg xentools-4.1: xl has problems with file/vnd based disks
48227 pkg Please update devel/elftoolchain to 0.6.1
48228 pkg mit-krb5/ problems on solaris
48229 pkg pkg_add sometimes hangs in mpool_get (Linux, ARMv7, GCC 4.8.1)
48230 pkg gnome-vfs with gssapi option passes native krb5-config when pkgsrc version should be used
48232 pkg pkg_delete signal 11 when deleting large packages on small-RAM boxes
48238 pkg mail/mutt-devel needs xsltproc
48244 pkg ruby193-puppet-3.1.1 pkgin provider "versionable" not honoring ensure => version
48245 pkg znc 1.0
48246 pkg openjdk7 jrunscript fails to run
48247 pkg icedtea-web: javaws, itweb-settings scripts broken and man pages missing from package
48252 pkg x11/rxvt-unicode invalid assembly macro for sparc
48253 pkg pkgsrc: devel/ncurses/ does not build on Linux/Ubuntu/x86_64 in conjunction with libtool
48258 pkg mysql-server startup files may try to set to high fd-limit in pkgsrc-startup-file
48259 pkg and gawk 3.1.8
48266 pkg x11/xinit 'startx' broken on netbsd-5
48268 pkg update cherokee to 1.2.103
48271 pkg mysqld (5.5) startup fails during boot if console login is started
48272 pkg octave and blas fail to build
48289 pkg new packages: appmenu-qt plasma-widget-menumar libdbusmenu
48295 pkg during startup firefox (17 and 24) leave a core file behind
48301 pkg Make devel/monotone build with lua 5.2 (with patch)
48305 pkg xulrunner17 pkg has some dangling symlinks
48318 pkg devel/glib2 doesn't build with clang
48330 pkg sudo specific password prompt
48333 pkg "ffmpeg2" package installs incorrect pkg-config files
48335 pkg lintpkgsrc can't handle all the packages after a bulk-build (sh error)
48353 pkg misc/kdepim4 - kmail hangs if LANG is set
48373 pkg multimedia/phonon-backend-vlc problems with pulseaudio and audio cds
48381 pkg net/vtun had security improvements revoked
48399 pkg multimedia/ffmpeg cannot capture video from /dev/video*
48400 pkg net/kdenetwork4 - kopete does not work with webcam
48401 pkg multimedia/mplayer fixups for skiping cd audio and video capture
48402 pkg sysutils/hal - cdrom ejection fixup
48403 pkg multimedia/kscd - Cannot get track count with vlc backend nor reload disc with hal on NetBSD
48408 pkg Emacs keeps crashing with fatalerror6
48416 pkg pkgtools/pkgin's makefile reads pkgsrc mk.conf
48456 pkg www/adzap needs (removed from lang/perl5-5.16.0+)
48470 pkg mail/mpop: add libidn support
48479 pkg ghostscript-cidfonts doesn't switch correctly ghostscript-agpl and -gpl
48481 pkg fonts/fontconfig fails to compile on -CURRENT
48482 pkg lang/f2c does not build
48486 pkg apache 24 uses libs from gcc, not from gcc48-libs-4.8.2nb1
48487 pkg devel/boost-libs build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48490 pkg Opera-12.16 segfaults on NetBSD-6.99.28/i386
48505 pkg The server packages for PostgreSQL in pkgsrc do not install contrib code
48506 pkg Apache mod_security2 build fails
48516 pkg lang/perl5 build under OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks) fails when dtrace option is enabled
48522 pkg lang/mono2 fails to build on i386 NetBSD 6.1
48524 pkg emulators/wine and emulators/wine-devel don't build
48527 pkg xdvik build fails on case-insensitive filesystem
48540 pkg pkgsrc/misc/yelp3 dumps core when loading documents
48561 pkg pkgin fug: packages at same version get removed without being reinstalled
48565 pkg Fix tqsl under clang
48575 pkg xymon/xymonclient doesn't do inode test by default on NetBSD
48580 pkg www/firefox www/seamonkey
48581 pkg a2ps (or maybe apsfilter?) misunderstands directory settings
48587 pkg libffi does not build on IRIX
48591 pkg math/py-scipy: Unable to find umfpack
48595 pkg www/firefox on NetBSD/macppc
48609 pkg x11/qt5-qtwebkit does not compile on NetBSD 6.
48619 pkg security/openssl for Cygwin64
48620 pkg pkgin loses dependency information in pkg_install database
48632 pkg new pkgsrc package: Rubinius
48640 pkg Many lang/tcl man pages fail to render correctly
48641 pkg macppc qt5-qtbase build error
48672 pkg devel/ruby-atomic build fails on NetBSD/m68k and !x86 other ports
48679 pkg x11/xf86-video-wsfb build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48680 pkg gcc48 chokes on ffmpeg2 inline assembly (i386-6.99.38)
48683 pkg lang/gcc44 build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48693 pkg openjdk7 does not build with clang-3.5trunk201163 from NetBSD base
48694 pkg perllink creates and ignores package conflicts
48699 pkg graphics/openimageio build failure with gcc48 on NetBSD/i386-6.99.38
48700 pkg (net/cacti) MESSAGE contains extra '/etc' strings in its instruction
48707 pkg Third page of "Cacti Installation Guide" shows many non ${PREFIX} path
48713 pkg pkgin update does not update changes in local (file://) repository, while pkgin -f update does
48737 pkg libreoffice4 does not compile of postgresql{84,93}-client is installed
48740 pkg lang/gcc44 to gcc46 linker fails because of whitespace
48742 pkg Building fontconfig fails with undefined reference to FcDirCacheRescan
48745 pkg devel/hammer 1.0.0-rc3
48747 pkg lang/scheme48 installation fails in sed
48748 pkg Unbound does not install python module
48749 pkg www/firefox and www/seamonkey have a NetBSD specific patch
48750 pkg firefox has problems when compiled with clang
48753 pkg mdbtools-0.50
48760 pkg lang/sbcl does not build documentation
48764 pkg sysutils/memconf build broken; upgrade available
48766 pkg wine-devel from pkgsrc-2014Q1 build failure on netbsd-5/i386
48769 pkg xulrunner192 fails building with missing fontconfig symbol
48775 pkg devel/binutils: linker doesn't handle PIC properly; can't build lang/gcc-aux
48784 pkg cmake- CmakeCache defaults are missing
48791 pkg devel/libexecinfo build failure on NetBSD/arm 6.1.4
48794 pkg mail/postfix fails during build
48800 pkg Firefox on NetBSD sparc64 incorrectly displays orange and blue colours
48801 pkg lang/python34 PLIST conflict with python33 concerning lib/
48803 pkg lang/mono2 fails to build on i386
48806 pkg x11/vte doesn't process the "Alt" properly.
48809 pkg x11/xfce4-exo bug makes Thunar stops changing into directories in "detailled view" after some clicks
48819 pkg audio/cmus: update to 2.5.1
48822 pkg update: devel/astyle to 2.04
48824 pkg pbulk build failure: argument may be clobbered
48825 pkg rc.d script of pkgsrc/security/openssh not support ed25519
48830 pkg libreoffice4- build screwed by ruby211-2.1.1's tcl-8.5.15nb1 build
48839 pkg gcc48 fails to build
48842 pkg Wrong flag for macos linker to extract all symbols from static archives
48857 pkg print/ghostscript-gpl fails during build
48862 pkg Asterisk goes to 100% CPU load when dnsmgr is active
48872 pkg valid option '--libs-only-other' (and generally "*-other") not mentioned in pkg-config manpage
48878 pkg i386 gcc48 cc1plus stuck building boost-libs
48887 pkg backtrace/libexecinfo causes high system cpu and never returns when building ruby 2.1
48888 pkg FETCH_USING=curl not useful for building curl
48889 pkg Netatalk 2.2.5 incompatible with cups 1.7.x
48890 pkg avr-gcc fails to build runnable binaries for atmega2560
48994 pkg pkgsrc bootstrap broken on current OS/X (10.9 w clang compiler) when using a tarball
48912 pkg audio/alsa-lib DragonFly 3.9 maybe other OSes struct timespec, __u64, versionsort
48917 pkg fonts/harfbuzz fails to package on linux 3.14.6
48921 pkg postgresql93-plperl build fails
48931 pkg Unable to compile x11/gtk2 on NetBSD 5.2/i386
48936 pkg Fix lang/gcc47 on OS X Tiger PowerPC
48938 pkg Fix lang/gcc45 on OS X Tiger PowerPC
48961 pkg make update from lang/g95 breaks blas, lapack, numpy, etc.
48966 pkg libexecinfo does not work under Darwin 10.9 (mavericks)
48969 pkg "gcc48-libs" package doesn't build under Solaris 10 SPARC
48972 pkg p5-Storable-2.45 does not install in pkgsrc-2014Q2 ; please update to p5-Storable-2.51
48973 pkg XFCE 4.10 update
48975 pkg pkgin un-necessarily complains about conflicting packages
48976 pkg devel/physfs build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48979 pkg www/firefox build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48980 pkg cad/kicad needs newer GCC, build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48982 pkg lang/openjdk7 build fails on netbsd-5/i386
48983 pkg math/lapack does not build on NetBSD 6.0
48984 pkg ruby-jquery-rails can't find ruby-rdoc
48985 pkg graphics/openimageio needs newer GCC on netbsd-5/i386
48986 pkg graphics/blender doesn't build on netbsd-5/i386
48989 pkg x11/modular-xorg-server PKG_OPTIONS.freetype2 = png needed for X11_TYPE=modular
48424 pkg -Wp,-MD wrapper needed for MIPSPro
47416 pkg Apache segmentation faults/Apache state sokva
48111 pkg KDE install problem
48604 pkg Libreoffice 4.1 doesn't start in XFCE, probably other environments
48905 pkg MACHINE_ARCH fails to be passed to all commands during bootstrap on linux/mipseb
48328 pkg Puppet fails to start
48946 pkg QtDeclarative 5.2.1 can't be built
47440 pkg `bmake checksum' doesn't refetch even if FAILOVER_FETCH is set
48867 pkg bad rc script for isc-dhcrelay
48906 pkg bootstrap MACHINE_ARCH handling issues
48410 pkg graphics/gimp-ufraw and/or lensfun linker/loader problems on Mac OS X
47485 pkg graphics/tgif won't get 8th bit for eps print output.
47423 pkg graphviz does not list fontconfig as a dependancy
47422 pkg htop doesn't show cpu usage for processes
48865 pkg pkg qemu0 patch required to set cacheline sizes
47841 pkg pkg_add(1) fails with weird error
47418 pkg pkgin cannot identify upstream version
47424 pkg pkgsrc "make fetch" fails to fetch fotoxx-13.01.tar.gz for graphics/fotoxx
47427 pkg pkgsrc pkgtools/pkg_comp fixes / enhancements (proposing update: 1.37 -> 1.38) (patch)
47436 pkg pkgsrc/security/cyrus-sasl: add solaris doors support
47444 pkg py-libxslt is broken
48763 pkg qt4: qsound not working on NetBSD
48555 pkg security/dirmngr's rc script is broken
47714 pkg snmpd from pkgsrc 2013Q1 crashes with stack overflow
47773 pkg sysutils/hal not working even enabled in rc.conf
48678 pkg www/firefox24 fails to build
48552 pkg x11/qt5-qtbase: Not only NetBSD and sunos needs <sys/utsname.h> for uname
24771 pkg net/bpalogin: Suggested change to rc.d script
46003 pkg bootstrap failed on Linux with gcc 4.6.1 because of libutil.h location
46249 pkg Fix SDL dlopen of libGL.dylib on Mac OS X 10.6.8
46954 pkg amanda-client from 2012Q2 runtar command does not close pipe from popen()
47686 pkg Building mysql51-server causes hang/wedge
48886 pkg xulrunner192 build fails (dependency for meta-pkg gnome)

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015