Other old PRs we would like to finally get fixed

37726 time 32-bit overflow in adjtime(2)
19774 ddb ddb can be entered twice and then you can't get out
2512 kern fuword() definition problem
36227 vfs TRYEMULROOT-related doc issues about absolute symlinks
44658 vfs spurious chroot escape warning
32367 vfs umount -f deadlock
38760 vfs umount -f /usr panics the system
38889 vfs Crash on open/mmap/close of block device
12189 vnd(4) vnd-caused deadlock in buffer cache
12404 ffs panic: ffs_alloccg: map corrupted
40562 ffs busy loop in ffs_sync when unmounting a file system
19110 nfs,nullfs nullfs mounts over NFS cause lock manager problems
22725 nfs kernel panic while attempting mkfifo on (localhost, userlevel) NFS volume
41874 nfsd in-kernel NFS server hates network interface aliases
13861 nullfs nullfs can't be remounted ro/rw
25810 ipf ipf4 ftp proxy has problems with long 221- lines
9725 hp300 GNU autoconf mmap() test causes panic in hp300-based m68k pmap code
34822 libossaudio libossaudio ignores mixer class
20272 daily(5) No daily checks for disk quotas
8156 gdb/arm32 step/next in gdb do not work on arm32
30771 calendar(1) patch to add -m option to calendar(1)
20663 cron(8) temporary system errors can cause cron jobs to hang forever
30295 getty(8) getty accepts too few letters after username prompt
4617 inetd inetd -l option is too broad a brush
34890 ldd(1) ldd(1) receives SIGSEGV when called for certain files
30420 named(8) chrooted named does not work out of the box.
29719 passwd(1) confusing passwd(1) warning w/ short password and PAM
11223 ps(1) POSIX.2: ps -G <grouplist> not supported (committable patch)
12266 ps(1) ps on a dump prints command line from live system
23847 route(8) route add 10.10.10/21 dest results in 10/21 to dest
37876 rpcbind(8) rpcbind(8) and related services should be able to bind(2) to a specific interface
6832 savecore(8) savecore could be better
37288 su(8) su fails if home on nfs without root privileges
18936 syslogd(8) syslogd should call initgroups()
38066 tar(1) tar doesn't dearchive correctly long symlinks
19722 uncompress fix for 3 uncompress(1) bugs that delete/truncate the wrong file
5034 xserver the num lock light doesn't change when switching to X (also, 9127)
9127 xserver CapsLock not properly handled between virtual consoles with X (also, 5034)
42569 xserver Please import xf86-input-usbtablet driver from OpenBSD xenocara
9900 install sysinst only uses 1 drive
17593 install suggestions to improve sysinst wrt disk handling
17801 install sysinst doesn't correctly handle changing mount points or conflicting mount points

Last updated Sun Feb 08 18:21:43 UTC 2015