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NetBSD Presentations

The following list shows presentations about or related to NetBSD. A list of older events (until ca. mid-2004) is kept here.


AsiaBSDcon 2016

  • Jörg Sonnenberger - P01C: How to break long-term compatibility in NetBSD [paper (PDF)]
  • Alistair G. Crooks - P04C: New Security Models for NetBSD
  • Hiroyuki Bessho - P05C: Peripheral-side USB support for NetBSD [paper (PDF)] [slides (PDF)]
  • Ryota Ozaki and Kengo Nakahara - Current status of NetBSD MP-safe network stack project [slides (PDF)]
  • Kengo Nakahara and Taylor R. Campbell - Introduction of passive reference [slides (PDF)]
  • Ryo Shimizu - ipgen: Interactive Packet Generator for performance measurement [slides (PDF)]
  • SAITOH Masanobu - Wireless LAN service in AsiaBSDCon 2016 by SA-W2 [slides (PDF)]
  • Ryo ONODERA - NetBSD on Google Compute Engine -- step by step guide -- [slides (PDF)]
  • Jörg Sonnenberger - Clang on SPARC [slides (html)]