About NetBSD/ofppc

NetBSD/ofppc is the port of NetBSD to the OpenFirmware, and CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform) PowerPC machines, and original implementation of NetBSD for the PowerPC processor.

NetBSD/ofppc News

2010-12-31: RDB partitioning supported
The ofwboot boot loader and the kernel understand the RDB partitioning format, which allows a Pegasos user to run NetBSD, MorphOS and AmigaOS from the same disk.
2008-01-17: IBM 7044-270 Support added
NetBSD/ofppc has been ported to the IBM 7044-270 (POWER3-II cpu). The machine has a 64bit POWER3-II CPU, which is what the modern POWER4 and POWER5 chips were based on. Currently, NetBSD only runs on this machine in 32bit mode. See the complete details in the official announcement.
2008-01-09: New ofppc portmaster
Tim Rightnour has taken over the role of portmaster for NetBSD/ofppc. More details are available in the official announcement.
2007-12-10: Rebirth of NetBSD/ofppc
NetBSD/ofppc has been rewritten from the ground up, and is now once again a viable, and supported port of NetBSD. The port now boots into single user mode on a bplan/Genesi Pegasos II. More information, as well as dmesg of the first boot, are available in the announcement to port-ofppc.

Archive of NetBSD/ofppc news items

Supported System Models

Currently the following models are supported by NetBSD/ofppc:

  • Genesi/bplan Pegasos II
  • IBM 7044 Model 270
  • IBM 7046 Model B50