What's PSIM

PSIM is a program written in extended ANSI-C that emulates the Instruction Set Architecture of the PowerPC microprocessor family. It is freely available in source code form under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later).

PSIM homepage: PSIM - Model of the PowerPC(tm) Architecture

How to get PSIM

Integrated into gdb-4.17(sim/ppc) and NetBSD-current source tree(src/gnu/dist/sim/ppc).

Install PSIM

  1. Get gdb-4.17.tar.gz from gnu sites.
  2. Patch and Config,Make.
    % tar xzvf gdb-4.17.tar.gz
    % cd gdb-4.17; gzcat gdb-4.17-diffs.gz | patch
    % ./configure --prefix=/usr/pkg --target=powerpc-netbsd
    % gmake
    # gmake install

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