NetBSD/mac68k Todo List

NetBSD/mac68k To-Do List

There are a number of things that need to be done. To work on just about any of them, you'll need to have a working NetBSD/mac68k system or at least a cross-compilation system (see the NetBSD/mac68k cross-compiler HOWTO for information on setting this up).

Note: The items on these lists can (and will) be tackled in any order. The system is basically usable on several platforms and the people working on it are doing so because they want to. If you see something you want done, do it!

There are several categories of items here:

  1. Basic -- stuff that should be done to make NetBSD/mac68k more of a full system.
  2. Interesting -- Reasonable enhancements.
  3. "Fun" -- Further out. Lots of work.

This list is by no means complete. If you have anything to add, or would like to find out if something is being worked on, please contact Scott Reynolds. If you'd like to see support for some specific hardware or platform, but don't have the expertise to do it yourself, keep in mind that a loan or donation might help interest someone else in doing it.


These should probably be accomplished before the next formal release, although some probably will not be finished by then.

  • Documentation, including at least:
    • man4/man8 man page writes/re-writes.
    • low-level documentation should be written to document why things work the way they do (i.e. man9 pages).
  • '040-based Mac support.
    • 68040 debugging.
    • More efficient interrupt handling for Quadras.
    • 68LC040 Floating Point Emulation support.
  • Better installation tools.
  • Bugs.


  • Robust graphics support.
    • Color X support.
    • Switch video modes.
  • CS and LC Slot-based Ethernet support.
  • Audio and other "auxiliary" device support.
  • Support for other Macs (i.e. PowerBooks).
  • Performance measurement and enhancement.
  • Improvements in SCSI performance.
  • HFS read-only vfs support.


  • Macintosh emulation.
  • Floppy drivers (IWM & SWIM).
  • LocalTalk drivers.
  • Power management support.
  • Utilize accelerated functions of some graphics boards.
  • IIfx support.
  • Full DMA support on AV Macs.

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