[Powered by ARM] NetBSD/cats Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ list for the NetBSD/cats port of NetBSD.

General Information

General Information

What peripherals are supported?

You should be able to use any PCI card that NetBSD supports (except for those that have 'machine dependent' requirements). Take a look at the supported hardware pages.

How can I use the secondary com port?

On CATS, the secondary com port is connected to footbridge com port, not com1 port at ISA. You need to create a device node for it by running cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV fcom0.

How can I use a serial console?

The Cyclone firmware on CATS supports serial console by default and it uses the secondary (footbridge) com port, which is mentioned in the previous entry. NetBSD/cats also supports serial console on footbridge com. If you build a kernel without vga configuration or specify boot args at the firmware prompt like boot> boot wd0a:/netbsd console=fcom, the kernel will use footbridge com for its console.

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