Commercial Software

This is a listing of vendors who provide commercial software that works with NetBSD directly. A wide variety of commercial software runs on various NetBSD platforms in emulation mode; this page is for products that specifically support NetBSD.

There is also a page for hardware products.


File Systems


The X Window System



    Arkeia Network Backup client and MySQL plug-in

    Arkeia provides a NetBSD version of the client for their Network Backup product. They have also developed database backup clients which are also available for NetBSD.

    File Systems

    OmniTraak File System (Traakan)

    Traakan has developed a fully journaled file system called OmniTraak File System (OTFS). It is a commercial product available under commercial license. OTFS is now running on NetBSD 1.6.1 and a demo kit is available.


    Bandwidth Manager (Emerging Technologies)

    Emerging Technologies, Inc. Bandwidth Manager can be used to precisely control the traffic either for an entire intranet or selectively between any number of network segments.

    The X Window System


    arcapos® point-of-sale and infokiosk systems

    arcapos® is a commercial grade point-of-sale and infokiosk solution for ticketing and retail.

    CYCAS CAD 2D + 3D + Architecture (Verlag Anja C. Frese)

    CYCAS is a piece of architectural software for drafting and design in 2 + 3 dimensions. In addition to typical CAD functions, CYCAS offers special elements and techniques for architectural design. Therefore, you can easily design and draft your ideas.

    System requirements : NetBSD 1.4(.x)/i386, X11, Ghostscript (if no PostScript printer is available), optionally POV-Ray 3.0 or higher. Minimum hardware is x386DX, 16MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, video resolution 800*600, 8bpp. Recommended hardware: x86 PC 133MHz or higher, 32MB RAM or more, 50MB free disk space, video resolution 1024*768 or more, 16bpp or higher.

    F-Prot Antivirus

    F-Prot offers antivirus solutions for NetBSD, both for corporate and home users (which is free). More information on their site.

    Japanese input and word processor (Omron Software Co)

    Omron Software Co. produces two products for Japanese users of NetBSD. (Their pages are in Japanese only.)

    • Wnn6 for NetBSD (A Japanese input method)
    • dp/NOTE for NetBSD (A Japanese word processor)

    Perforce (Perforce Software)

    Perforce is a Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) system, providing all features of leading-edge SCM. It is built upon a client/server architecture, doesn't rely on network file access, and will work quickly from initial deployment through to mature, large-scale productivity.

    The Perforce web site offers an online demo, as well as evaluation binaries for NetBSD 1.4.x PPC and AXP systems.


    TrackSite is a comprehensive automated real-time visitor tracking and traffic analytics system for websites. A demo as well as a free edition (with reduced feature set) is available on the web site. TrackSite is cross-platform software and targets NetBSD as one of its supported platforms.

    Universal Log Profiler

    The Universal Log Profiler is a system-log analysis tool that aggregates log data from firewalls, intrusion-detection systems and other sources to alert managers about network security lapses.

    Accordingly to NetworkWorld press release (which is also mirrored on Remnant Labs, the ULP vendor), servers supported include a wide range of commercial and free operating systems, as well as NetBSD system logs.