About NetBSD/zaurus

NetBSD/zaurus is a port of NetBSD to the ARM processor based PDAs by Sharp.

Its current status is that of an experimental port.

NetBSD/zaurus News

2012-01-29: SL-C7x0/860 support
PXA25x based Zaurus SL-C700/750/760/860 support, ported by TOYOKURA Atsushi, has been committed.
2012-01-18: zboot improvement
zboot loader now can load a NetBSD kernel from Linux local file system.
2006-11-19: NetBSD goes multiuser on Zaurus
NONAKA Kimihiro sent this message, explaining he had ported NetBSD to the Zaurus.

Supported System Models

Supported Peripherals

  • Serial and infrared ports (com(4))
  • LCD display panel (lcd,w100lcd)
  • Native keyboard (zkbd)
  • PCMCIA port (pxapcic)
  • On-board microdrive (wd(4))
  • Remote control (zrc)
  • Sound chip (zaudio)
  • Touch panel (ztp)
  • MMC/SD/SDHC card (sdmmc(4), ld(4))
  • USB Controller (ohci(4))

Not Yet Supported

Models / Devices / Functions:

  • Power management and suspend
  • Sound on SL-C7x0/860