About NetBSD/hppa

NetBSD/hppa is the port of NetBSD to the Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 700 and 800 workstations, which are based on HP's Precision Architecture RISC (PA-RISC) CPUs. These machines superseded the HP 9000 Series 300 and 400 workstations, which are supported by NetBSD as NetBSD/hp300.

Nick Hudson is the maintainer of NetBSD/hppa.

This port is derived from Michael Shalayeff's OpenBSD/hppa port, and owes much to his effort.

For frequently asked questions and links to HP hardware information, see the NetBSD/hppa FAQ.

NetBSD/hppa News

2011-02-15: HIL keyboard and mouse support
HIL keyboard and mouse support for old PCXT based machines has been added. These are ported from OpenBSD as a part of hp300 wscons support.
2006-10-30: boot-from-disk fixed
The boot-from-disk memory corruption bug has been found and fixed in -current. Installing to and booting from disk is now reliable.
2005-05-18: boot-from-disk, installation tools
Booting from disk now works (via a work-around for the underlying memory corruption bug). Release builds now include a sysinst-based installation LIF image.

Archive of NetBSD/hppa news items

Supported System Models

NetBSD/hppa is known to support the following system models (more may work, but additional models have not been tested yet):

  • Machines based on the PA7100/PA7150 (PCXT, PA-RISC 1.1b) CPU

    • HP 9000 715/33, 715/50, 715/75
    • HP 9000 725/50, 725/75
    • HP 9000 735/99, 735/125, 755/99, and 755/125
    • HP 9000 742i
    • HP 9000 745i/50, 745i/100, 747i/50, and 747i/100
  • Machines based on the PA7100LC (PCXL, PA-RISC 1.1c) CPU: (see serial console notes for 712/* models)

    • HP 9000 712/60, 712/80, and 712/100
    • HP 9000 715/64, 715/80, 715/100, and 715/100XC
    • HP 9000 725/64, and 725/100
    • HP 9000 743ii, and 748i
    • HP 9000 D200, and D210
    • HP 9000 D300, and D310
    • HP 9000 SAIC Galaxy 1000, and SAIC Galaxy 1100
    • HP 9000 E25, E35, E45, and E55 (no SCSI) (serial console only)
  • Machines based on the PA7200 (PCXT', PA-RSC 1.1d) CPU:

    • HP9000 C100, and C110
    • HP9000 J200, J210, and J210CX
    • HP9000 Kx00, Kx10, and Kx20
  • Machines based on the PA7300LC (PCXL2, PA-RISC 1.1e) CPU:

    • HP 9000 A180, and A180C
    • HP 9000 B132L, B132L+, B160L, and B180L+
    • HP 9000 C132L, C160L
    • HP 9000 D220, D230
    • HP 9000 D320, D330
    • RDI PrecisionBook
  • Machines based on the PA8000 (PCXU, PA-RISC 2.0) CPU (in 32-bit mode):

    • HP9000 C160, and C180
    • HP9000 J280, and J282
  • Machines based on the PA8200 (PCXU+, PA-RISC 2.0) CPU (in 32-bit mode):

    • HP9000 C200, C230 and C240
    • HP9000 J2240
  • Machines based on the PA8500 (PCXW, PA-RISC 2.0) CPU (in 32-bit mode):

    • HP9000 C360
    • HP9000 B1000, and B2000
    • HP9000 C3000
    • HP9000 J5000
    • HP9000 J7000
  • Machines based on the PA8600 (PCXW+, PA-RISC 2.0) CPU (in 32-bit mode):

    • HP9000 B2600
    • HP9000 C3600
    • HP9000 J5600
    • HP9000 J6000
    • HP9000 J7600
  • Machines based on the PA8700 (PCXW2, PA-RISC 2.0) CPU (in 32-bit mode):

    • HP9000 C3650
    • HP9000 C3700 and C3750
    • HP9000 J6700 and J6750

Supported Hardware

NetBSD/hppa currently supports the following hardware:

  • Intel 82596 ethernet (iee)
  • NCR 53C700 SCSI controller (oosiop)
  • NCR 53C710 SCSI controller (osiop)
  • NCR 53C720 SCSI controller (siop)
  • NCR/Symbios Logic 53c810, 53c810A, 53c815, 53c820, 53c825, 53c825A, 53c860, 53c875, 53c875J, 53c885, 53c895, and 53c896 (siop/esiop)
  • Qlogic ISP-1020, ISP-1040, ISP-1080 (LVD), and ISP-2100 (FibreChannel) (isp)
  • Digital 21x4x and compatible Ethernet (tlp)
  • Intel EtherExpress Pro family Ethernet (fxp)
  • NE2000 and compatible Ethernet (ne)
  • RealTek RTL8129/8139 based Ethernet (rtk)
  • National Semiconductor DP83815 based Ethernet (sip)
  • ns16550a serial controller (com)
  • SGC Framebuffers which are configured via the Boot ROM (sti)
  • PS/2 style keyboard (pckbd)
  • PS/2 style mouse (pms)
  • Parallel port (lpt)
  • CS4215 audio (harmony)
  • VIA and ALI USB 2.0 host controllers (ohci/ehci)
  • USB mass storage devices (umass)
  • Realtek RTL8150L USB Ethernet (url)
  • Dino and Cujo Host/PCI bridges (dino)
  • Lasi I/O subsystem (lasi)
  • HIL keyboard (hilkbd)
  • HIL mouse (hilms)

System Models Not Supported

NetBSD/hppa does not currently support the following hardware:

  • All other hppa machines.