NetBSD/hppa: Configuring the Boot ROM

(c) Copyright.  Hewlett-Packard Company.  1992.
All rights reserved.

PDC ROM rev. 1.1
IODC ROM rev. 1.0
240 MB of memory configured and tested.

Selecting a system to boot.
To stop selection process, press and hold the ESCAPE key.
Booting from:     scsi.6.0     SEAGATE ST3600N

Selection process stopped.

Searching for Potential Boot Devices.
To terminate search, press and hold the ESCAPE key.

Device Selection      Device Path              Device Type

P0                    scsi.6.0                 SEAGATE ST3600N
Search terminated.

b)    Boot from specified device
s)    Search for bootable devices
a)    Enter Boot Administration mode
x)    Exit and continue boot sequence
?)    Help

Select from menu: a

The following commands are available:

 AUTOSELECT           Display/Set state of AUTOSELECT flag
 BOOT                 Boot from Primary/Alternate path or Specified Device
 DATE                 Read/Set the Real-Time Clock
 EXIT                 Return to previous menu
 FASTBOOT             Display/Set state of FASTBOOT flag
 FASTSIZE             Display/Set FASTSIZE memory parameter
 FDDI_ADDR            Display FDDI Station Address
 HELP <item>          Display Help information for <item>
 INFO                 Display boot/revision information
 LAN_ADDR             Display LAN Station Address
 OS                   Display/Select Operating System
 PATH                 Display/Modify Path Information
 PIM_INFO             Display Processor Internal Memory Information
 RESET                Reset the System
 SEARCH               Search for boot device
 SECURE               Display/set secure boot mode
 SHOW                 Display the results of the previous search

BOOT_ADMIN> help autoselect

AUTOSELECT/AUTO       Display the state of the AUTOSELECT flag

AUTOSELECT ON         Enable  AUTOSELECT at next boot
AUTOSELECT OFF        Disable AUTOSELECT at next boot

AUTOSELECT enables the automatic search and selection of
a boot device.  The autoselection search process for boot
devices is ordered:
    - primary boot device (as defined in Stable Storage)
    - SCSI at address 6
    - SCSI at address 5
    - FWSCSI at address 6
    - FWSCSI at address 5
    - LAN
    - Other devices connected to SCSI
    - Other devices connected to FWSCSI
    - EISA

BOOT_ADMIN> autoselect
BOOT_ADMIN> autoselect off
BOOT_ADMIN> lan_addr
LAN Station Address:  080009-488879
BOOT_ADMIN> help path

Set named path in Stable Storage:        PATH <path_type> <device>[.<options>]
Display named path:                      PATH <path_type>
Display all paths in Stable Storage:     PATH

   <path_type>              primary, alternate, console, keyboard
   <device>[.<options>]     may be one of the following:

         eisa.<options>      (EISA adapter)
         fwscsi.<options>    (On-board FASTWIDE SCSI interface)
         lan.<options>       (Slider-card LAN interface)
         scsi.<options>      (On-board SCSI interface)

         graphics            (Graphics Slot)
         hil                 (HP-HIL Module)
         parallel            (On-board Parallel Port)
         rs232_a.<options>   (Serial Port A)
         rs232_b.<options>   (Serial Port B)

For more information on device options, type  HELP <device>
where <device> = eisa, lan, rs232, etc ...

Primary boot path   = scsi.6.0
Alternate boot path = lan.080009-6265a6.0.0
Console path        = graphics
Keyboard path       = hil

BOOT_ADMIN> help lan

LAN (IEEE 802.3/Ethernet LAN) Path Specification


    <lan_server_address>      12 digit (hex) LAN server address
    <init_retry>              max number of times to try a boot request
                               (0 = default, 255 = infinite)
    <io_retry>                max number of times to try a read request
                               (0 = default, 255 = infinite)

Example: to specify LAN address 123456-78ABCD with infinite
initialization retries and default I/O retries,


If one or more parameters are not specified, the following
defaults will be used:    <lan_server_address> = 000000-000000
                          <init_retry>   = 3 tries
                          <io_retry>     = 6 tries

Resetting ...

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