About NetBSD/hp300

NetBSD/hp300 is the port of NetBSD to Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 300 and 400 workstations. It runs on almost all workstations from this generation. Series 700 and 800 workstations are supported by NetBSD/hppa.

NetBSD/hp300 is based on work done by David P. Davis at the University of California, Berkeley and the Systems Programming Group at the University of Utah Department of Computer Science, beginning in the mid-80's. It was imported into the NetBSD source tree on May 13, 1993. Special thanks are extended to David and the Systems Programming Group for their work. Without it, the port would not exist.

NetBSD/hp300 News

2011-02-12: 362/382 framebuffer support
Support for on-board framebuffers on 362 and 382 controllers has been added. Currently no hardware acceleration or colormap support.
2011-02-06: NetBSD/hp300 switched to wscons
Finally NetBSD/hp300 has been switched to wscons. Note all drivers for framebuffers and HIL devices are ported from OpenBSD/hp300. See annoucement on port-hp300 mailing list for details.

Archive of NetBSD/hp300 news items

Supported system models

All systems with a FPU are supported in NetBSD/hp300 (this excludes the 310 and 332). Systems marked with a * do not support the built-in framebuffer. You will need to set up a serial console on these machines.

  • 320
  • 318, 319, 330
  • 340
  • 350
  • 360
  • 362
  • 370
  • 345, 375
  • 380
  • 382
  • 385
  • 400s, 400t, 400dl
  • 425s, 425t, 425dl
  • 425e *
  • 433s, 433t, 433dl


Series 400 machines must be configured in HP-UX Compatible Boot Mode. Follow these instructions in the FAQ.

Some specific configurations of the above models don't support a local console. The 425e (and some rare 4XXt and 4XXdl machines) have their graphics device on the SGC bus, which is currently unsupported. Also, to use local console on a Series 400 workstation, you must currently use a HP-HIL keyboard/mouse (instead of Domain keyboard/mouse).

Unsupported HP models

The following HP workstations are not and will never be supported under NetBSD/hp300 due to extremely different architectures:

9000 Series 100, 9000 Series 200, 9000 Series 500, 9000 Series 600, 9000 Series 700, 9000 Series 800, 9000 Series 900, 3000 Series, Apollo DNXXXXX

Here are a few links that might be of interest to anyone with HP hardware not supported by NetBSD/hp300: