NetBSD/hp300 Known Problems/Wishlist

Known problems with this port (aside from the missing/poor drivers listed below):

  • Items in the NetBSD/hp300 Problem Reports database
  • bootloader problems:
    • turns screen black if the graphics device is unsupported (e.g. 425e, 382, 362, 98705, or 98702 console)
    • is very slow when connecting to some linux nfs servers, due to mismatched block size. See fix in the Diskless HOW-TO
  • SYS_INST (installer) problems:
    • Doesn't do error checking on disklabel entries
    • very slow nfs transfers of miniroot (particularly from linux)
    • doesn't support streaming from ct devices (such as the 9145)
    • hangs if filename of miniroot on server is wrong

Items that already have support, but need to be rewritten.

  • standalone bootstrap drivers
  • ppi (printer/plotter on HP-IB driver)
  • dcl driver in 4.3BSD but not NetBSD

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