Developers and Development Funding

As with the rest of NetBSD, development on sparc64 issues involves a world-wide team of people using internet-based source code control systems, as well as contributors who have sent us code to better support particular platforms and devices.

Eduardo Horvath was the initial developer of NetBSD/sparc64, and the current portmaster is Martin Husemann. Thank you for all your support, and continual bug fixes and enhancements!

Matthew Green wrote the 32bit compatibility module for 64bit platforms, added support to the toolchain and compiler and other miscellaneous tasks. He also provided support for the UltraSPARC IIi PCI-based systems (with much help from Eduardo Horvath), and initial support for the UltraSPARC I & II (U2P) PCI-based systems.

Paul Kranenburg, the SPARC portmaster, updated many SBUS drivers to be sharable between both the sparc and sparc64 ports. He also completed the UltraSPARC I & II (U2P) PCI-based system port, initially on an Enterprise 250.

Chuck Cranor provided support for Virtual Memory issues.

Jason Thorpe helped with driver interface issues.

Chris Demetriou provided miscellaneous good suggestions.

Charles Hannum has helped with and provided fixes for many bugs, from compiler work, userland and the kernel.

Darren Reed loaned an Ultra5 system to Matthew Green for many months to help the UltraSPARC IIi port.

Red Back Networks donated a UltraSPARC Netra-1 system to Matthew Green.

There is no current funding for the NetBSD/sparc64 port.

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