MCA Hardware Supported by NetBSD

Machine-independent MCA drivers

The following devices (driver name in parentheses) are supported by machine-independent MCA drivers. If you do not see your device listed here, check your platform's page; there may not yet be a machine-independent driver for your device.

Alternatively, it may be the case that your device is compatible with one listed here, or your device may not be listed due to an oversight. If you are unsure, please boot a -current kernel or send mail to .

Please note that these pages reflect the state of NetBSD-current. To check the supported hardware list for a specific release of NetBSD, check that release's installation notes.

Supported MCA devices

  • SCSI host adapters (supported SCSI target devices).
  • Network interfaces
    • IBM shared RAM Token-Ring controllers (tr(4))
    • Allied-Telesis AT1720 cards (ate(4))
    • WD/SMC 80x3x cards and clones (we(4))
    • 3Com EtherLink/MC (3c523) Ethernet controller (elmc(4))
    • 3Com EtherLink III (3c529) Ethernet controller (ep(4))
    • Novell NE/2 Ethernet adapter and clones (ne(4))
    • SKNET Personal and MC2+ Ethernet adapters (le(4))
    • Tiara LANCard (tra(4))
  • Communication controllers
    • 8250/16450/16550 and compatible UARTs, including internal modem cards (com(4))
  • Disk controllers
    • IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (edc(4))

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