About NetBSD/shark

NetBSD/shark is a port of NetBSD to StrongARM based Digital DNARD ("Shark") machines.

Up until the release of NetBSD 1.6, this port used to be part of the NetBSD/arm32 port.

NetBSD/shark News

2009-11-26: Accelerated X support
As announced by Michael Lorenz on the NetBSD blog, the shark port recently grew better support for X. Among other things, this means it is now possible to generate an X config file by running X -configure. For full details, see Michael's blog entry.
2007-01-06: XFree86 support
Support for XFree86 is back. Sharks with IGS 2010 graphics controller can now use XFree86 with the wsfb driver on kernels that use the igsfb driver. Those with a C&T 65550 should work with the chips driver but this is untested. See also the announcement on the port-arm mailing list. An example XF86Config can be found here.