About NetBSD/sandpoint

NetBSD/sandpoint is a port of NetBSD to the Motorola Sandpoint reference platform.

The Sandpoint is a reference platform designed by Motorola to help people develop hardware and software around various PowerPC processors. The basic system is an ATX form-factor motherboard with standard PC devices (IDE, floppy, serial, parallel), 4 PCI slots, and a mezzanine slot to which several different processor modules may be attached.

The main focus of this port is now on MPC824x based consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems, while the original evaluation boards are still supported.

NetBSD/sandpoint News

2012-04-24: KuroBox/T4 and TS-TGL support
The KuroBox/T4 and the TeraStation Pro TS-TGL with their special miconV2 power management controller are now supported.
2012-01-14: Another NAS family supported
Netronix NH-230/231 and compatible NAS systems (e.g. Allnet 6250/6260) are completely supported now.
2011-12-28: New NAS supported
The Iomega StorCenter G2 is supported.
2011-11-12: Altboot enhancements
Altboot V1.8 supports new IDE devices (VT6410, IT821x) and NAS hardware (Iomega). A critical bug was fixed and some new debugging features were included.
2011-04-05: QNAP support
Although already mentioned as being supported in the past, some bits were missing, which had been fixed now: RTL 8110S driver in altboot for V200 boards, s390rtc(4) driver, full support for the QNAP's microcontroller, i.e. shutdown, reboot, buttons, LEDs.
2011-03-19: New NAS supported
The D-Link DSM-G600 (Rev. B) is supported with all its devices. Note that the revision A is ARM-based and therefore not supported.
2011-03-13: Altboot enhancements
Our bootloader got an interactive mode, may be loaded as an U-Boot Linux kernel image and can replace itself in memory. This allows altboot to run on even the most restricted firmwares. Support for more 824x-based NAS boards and a new network driver for ST1023/IP-1000A gigabit ethernet (as found in the DSM-G600).
2011-01-21: New bootloader
The new bootloader is called altboot and can load the kernel via TFTP, NFS, or from the NetBSD root partition on a local disk.
2010-06-10: Changed charter to focus on NAS products
The primary hardware platform is now consumer NAS systems, running on Freescale MPC8241 and MPC8245 CPUs. Initially the KuroBox/Linkstation and the Synology product family is known to work. QNAP TS and Iomega StorCenter support is prepared, but untested. Read also the official announcement on port-sandpoint .

Archive of NetBSD/sandpoint news items

Supported System Models

  • Allnet
    • 6250
    • 6260 [1]
  • Buffalo
    • LinkStation HD-HLAN (LS1)
    • LinkStation HD-HGLAN[1]
    • Classic TeraStation HD-HTGL[1]
    • TeraStation Pro TS-TGL V1[1]
  • Conceptronic
  • D-Link
    • DSM-G600 (Rev. B)
  • Encore
  • Fujitsu-Siemens
    • AMS150[1]
    • SBLAN2
  • Iomega
    • StorCenter G2 Single Drive
    • StorCenter G2 Dual Drive[1]
    • StorCenter G2 Quad Drive[1]
  • KuroBox
    • Classic KuroBox
    • KuroBox HG[1]
    • KuroBox/T4
  • LevelOne
  • Lindy
    • NAS Personal Server Premium, IDE[1]
    • NAS Personal Server Premium, SATA[1]
  • Longshine
  • Netronix
  • Planex
  • QNAP
    • TS-100 (V1.02, Intel Gigabit)[1]
    • TS-100 (V200, Realtek Gigabit)
    • TS-101 (V1.02, Intel Gigabit)[1]
    • TS-101 (V200, Realtek Gigabit)
    • TS-201
  • SinanPower
    • GigaBit LAN NAS-349[1]
  • Synology
  • Vibe
  • The Sandpoint evaluation board. Two processor modules have been tested:
    • The "Unity" module with the MPC8240
    • The "Altimus" with MPC7400 (G4) and MPC107

[1] Support is present, but this configuration was not tested, or not reported working yet. Please tell us on the NetBSD/sandpoint mailing list about your experience with untested models.