About NetBSD/pmax

NetBSD/pmax is the port of NetBSD to Digital Equipment Corporation's MIPS based computers. NetBSD/pmax runs on wide range of DECstation and DECsystem family. NetBSD/pmax is the first port which can run on either MIPS R3000 processors or MIPS R4400 processors; single kernel can run common set of user programs.

Development activity on NetBSD/pmax continues at a speed depending of people's spare time. NetBSD/pmax developers are making efforts on extending hardware supports to models which NetBSD/pmax does not support this moment.

NetBSD/pmax News

2002-08-13: X server for unsupported option cards
Andrew Doran made available an experimental wscons X server and kernel for NetBSD/pmax. This is useful for owners of PX, PXG or TX option cards who wish to use X11 on their DECstation.
2001-08-26: NetBSD/pmax switched to MI SCSI
Simon Burge has switched NetBSD/pmax -current from the old pmax MD SCSI support to MI SCSI.
2001-08-24: Support for noncontinguous memory
Michael L. Hitch has committed changes to NetBSD/pmax so that it uses the PROM bitmap, if available, to determine available memory. Also added was support of multiple memory segments so machines that allow mixed memory sizes can utilitize all available memory.
2001-08-22: NetBSD/pmax now has GENERIC_SOFT_INTERRUPTS
Thanks to Tohru Nishimura, NetBSD/pmax -current now provides the generic software interrupt mechanism.

Archive of NetBSD/pmax news items

Supported System Models

  • DECstation and DECsystem 2100 and 3100 systems
  • DECsystem 5100 systems
  • Personal DECstation 5000/20, /25, /33 and /50 systems
  • DECstation and DECsystem 5000/120, /125, /133 and /150 systems
  • DECstation and DECsystem 5000/200 systems
  • DECstation and DECsystem 5000/240 and /260 systems
  • DECsystem 5900 and 5900-260 systems