About NetBSD/pdp10

NetBSD/pdp10 is a suggested port of NetBSD to DEC PDP-10 computers, their clones, and PDP-10 software emulators. Currently the effort is one that is mainly investigative; it involves discussions on the and some early development work. The NetBSD/pdp10 port specifically targets those PDP-10 processor implementations that support the extended addressing mode. Systems in this category include the DECSYSTEM-2060 and the DECSYSTEM-2065. Additionally, there are a number of PDP-10 clones supporting extended addressing including machines made by Foonly, SC Group, and XKL.

Due to a number of factors, mostly the impracticality of obtaining and running one of the capable PDP-10 systems, the NetBSD/pdp10 efforts will, at least initially, be concentrated on porting to Ken Harrenstien's KLH10 PDP-10 software emulator. The primary reason being that, of the several freely available emulators, it is the only one which emulates PDP-10 extended addressing.

NetBSD/pdp10 News

2002-06-07: NetBSD/pdp10 mailing list created
The NetBSD/pdp10 mailing list has been created for the discussion of topics related to the NetBSD/pdp10 porting effort.
2002-04-26: PDP-10 port for GCC undergoes trials
Lars Brinkhoff's PDP-10 port of GCC begins trials at XKL.

Intended Supported System Models

Systems for which support exist only in current are marked (current)

  • KLH10 PDP-10 Emulator systems

  • DECSYSTEM-2060 model B systems

  • DECSYSTEM-2065 model B systems

  • XKL TOAD-1 systems

  • XKL TOAD-2 systems

Intended Supported Peripherals

  • DTE20 - console

  • RH20 disk controller with RP06 or RP07 drives

  • TM02/03 tape formatters with TU45/TU77 drives

  • NI20 ethernet interface

NetBSD/pdp10 Information

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