About NetBSD/newsmips

NetBSD/newsmips is the port of NetBSD to SONY's MIPS based "NET WORK STATION" series. More information on these machines is available.

NetBSD/newsmips port is based on NetBSD/{mips,pmax} and 4.4BSD Lite2.

m68k based NEWS machines are supported by NetBSD/news68k port.

NetBSD/newsmips News

Archive of NetBSD/newsmips news items

Supported System Models

Currently only single CPU models are supported in NetBSD/newsmips.

  • R3000 and hyper-bus based models:
    • NWS-3470D
    • NWS-3410
    • NWS-3460
    • NWS-3710
    • NWS-3720
  • R4000/4400 and apbus based models:
    • NWS-5000

Supported Peripherals

  • On-board LANCE ethernet interface (le)
  • On-board SONIC ethernet interface (sn)
  • On-board SONY CXD1185 SCSI interface (sc)
  • On-board HP SPIFI3-SE SCSI interface (spifi)
  • Most SCSI devices
  • On-board Z8530 serial interface (zsc)
  • keyboard (kb) and mouse (ms)
  • NWB-253 framebuffer (fb) (text only)
  • "XA" framebuffer on news5000 (xafb) (text only)
  • NWB-5852A 100BaseTX ethernet interface (tlp)

Not Yet Supported

Models / Devices / Functions:

  • IOP based systems (NWS-3800 series)
  • R4600 based systems (NWS-4000 series; on going)
  • internal floppy disk
  • other framebuffers not listed above
  • etc. etc.