About NetBSD/news68k

NetBSD/news68k is the port of NetBSD to SONY's m68k based NET WORK STATION series. More information on these machines is available.

NetBSD/news68k port is based on NetBSD/newsmips and NetBSD/m68k ports.

NetBSD/news68k News

2011-11-20: Preliminary PROM function based framebuffer text console support
After ~12 years since initial import, finally I've comitted working framebuffer console support using PROM functions. It was demonstrated on NetBSD booth at Open Source Conference Kansai @ Kyoto back in July, with the resurrected OMRON LUNA. See an announcement on port-news68k mailing list for details.

Archive of NetBSD/news68k news items

Supported system models

Currently only single mc68030 based models are supported in NetBSD/news68k.

  • NWS-1750
  • PWS-1560
  • NWS-1450
  • NWS-1460
  • NWS-1530
  • NWS-1580
  • PWS-1550
  • NWS-1250 (not tested for many years; needs volunteers)

Supported peripherals

  • On-board LANCE ethernet interface (le(4))
  • On-board SONY CXD1180 SCSI interface (si(4))
  • Most SCSI devices
  • keyboard (kb), mouse (ms)
  • On-board Z8530 serial interfaces (zsc(4))
  • framebuffers (romcons)

Not yet supported

Models / Devices / Functions

  • mc68020 based systems (NWS-700/800)
  • IOP based systems (NWS-800/1800)
  • CXD1185 SCSI interface on NWS-1200
  • internal floppy disk
  • framebuffer bitmap graphics (needs hardware info)