NetBSD/mvmeppc: Notes on Supported Boards


These are the Motorola Single Board Computers that NetBSD/mvmeppc supports.

These are the other supported VMEbus boards that NetBSD/mvmeppc supports.

MVME160x family

CPU-specific support for the MVME160x family of Single Board Computers was based on the existing PReP port.

Supported Hardware

The MVME160x is based around an PPC603 or PPC604 cpu at up to 200MHz and up to 256MB of RAM. It has an onboard PCI and ISA bus together with a bridge to the VMEbus via the VMEChip2 found in later MVME68K boards. There are numerous variants in the family, with some having onboard VGA compatible graphics and keyboard/mouse interfaces. All boards have at least two ns16550-compatible serial ports, 10MBit/S ethernet and either fast or wide SCSI. The I/O pinout on VMEbus P2 is compatible with the MVME712 industry standard.

NetBSD/mvmeppc runs on Motorola MVME160x board with as little as 8MB of RAM, though 16MB or more is recommended. The following on-board MVME160x hardware is supported:

  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Network interfaces
    • DEC 21040 Ethernet using the tlp(4) driver. Note that there is currently a problem which prevents the AUI port on MVME712 from working. Until a fix is found, use the front-panel RJ45. Boards with the AM79C970 Ethernet chip are not yet supported due to lack of hardware to test with.
  • Parallel port
    • on-board Centronics style printer port
  • SCSI (most disks, tapes, CD-ROMs, etc)
    • on-board Symbios Logic 53c810 SCSI bus interface chip
  • Serial ports (RS232)
    • on-board ns16550-compatible serial controllers
    • built-in console and tty01, with speeds up to 115200 baud

No other on-board hardware is supported at this time.

MVME712 Transition Board

These transition boards are compatible with almost all the MVME68K and MVMEPPC family of single board computers.

  • MVME712A
  • MVME712B
  • MVME712-012
  • MVME712AM
  • MVME712M
  • MVME712-013

General Comments

These are some general comments that apply to NetBSD/mvmeppc.

  • Application code for any powerpc-based NetBSD platform will run on all the mvmeppc single-board computers without change.
  • If necessary, a single kernel image can be built which will boot on all the MVME models (as support for other boards is added).

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