About NetBSD/evbppc

NetBSD/evbppc is intended to be a port of NetBSD to various PowerPC-based evaluation boards and appliances.

NetBSD/evbppc News

2007-10-17: NetBSD/pmppc merged with NetBSD/evbppc
Tim Rightnour has merged the ppcoea-renovation branch. Part of the work done on this branch was to remove pmppc as a port and provide support for it in evbppc. As of NetBSD 5.0, pmppc is part of evbppc.
2006-04-27: NetBSD/evbppc ported to Xilinx Virtex
Jachym Holecek has ported NetBSD/evbppc to the ibm405 core embedded in Xilinx Virtex {2-Pro, 4 FX} series FPGAs. See his email to the port-powerpc mailing list.

Supported System Models

  • Artesyn's PM/PPC board

    Supported hardware:
    • Network
    • Serial ports
    • PCI bridge
    • Real time clock
    Unsupported hardware:
    • Flash
    • IIC
    • ROM
  • IBM PowerPC 405GP based Walnut evaluation board

  • Marvell PowerPC 750 based EV-64260 evaluation board

  • NCD Explora451 NC

  • Plat'Home OpenBlockS266 microserver